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  1. Dreamy


  2. Earl Dominic Cristobal

    I’m kind of disappointed for the Finale to be honest. They said that a MAJOR cameo will appear on par with “Luke Skywalker” but then on the last episode, NONE. Also, fan theories hypes up “Ralph” only to be the Fietro whom Evan Peters played. No mutant. No Reed Richards as Aerospace Engineer and also, not Pietro from Fox X-Men 😩

  3. Exbee the guy

    My world fell apart when I realized Erik was green screened onto the blue dungeon

  4. Jonathan Mendelsohn

    Wanda kicked Agatha’s ass. All that was missing was The Fury/Wilder neck lick, and Wanda singing American Pie. Wanda should have taken Agatha’s amulet.

  5. Dhodee Malagayo

    What's disappointing is what the hell is the Sorcerer Supreme doing all this time? We should get answers with the Multiverse of Madness or No way Home on what Dr. Strange is doing all this time with the emergence of the fabled 'Scarlet Witch', Agatha says the Scarlet Witch is more powerful than the sorcerer supreme

  6. Ejay420


  7. •Mr Cloudz•

    I love how there were 2 credit scenes Lmaoo

  8. Marko Nikolic

    The final episode was trash! Phase 4 off to a bad start. Don't care at all about Monica & Captain Marvel 2. Casting Evan Peters was pointless. Terrible conclusion.

  9. Nick Saldana

    I believe Señor Scratchy is going to “wake” Agatha up like vision did

  10. west Side

    Also agatha says you have no idea what you unleashed which goes aline with dr strange 2 premise plot which says an unspeakable evil has been unleashed mafiesto!!

  11. Angelo Gonzales

    And the Luke Skywalker cameo was none other than Wanda herself doing the astral projection hahahaha

  12. Zack Waters

    Is no one gonna talk about how white vision just dipped when he got his memory’s back

  13. Sweet Suga

    Big L for u voss

  14. Biz Griff

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  15. DragonN PG3D

    Nobody: Literally Nobody: Pietro: *Boner*

  16. KaiKai 200

    *January 2021

  17. Dylan Chen

    Vision defeating Vision with Philosophy is the most Vision thing they could have done

  18. Mahamed Hassan

    I'm really satisfied with the ending, no cliffhanger or weird ending it was just good ending

  19. DragonN PG3D

    Monica: you're Ralph Bohner?! Nobody: Literally Nobody: Pietro: *Boner*

  20. Edgar Garcia

    So who was the cameo that was going to beat the Luke Skywalker from mandalorian

  21. Alayna Jones

    This series was way too short...can someone blow the whistle if they agree..

  22. JamesCharlesBBC

    im going to miss wandavision


    People. Bohner is the witness protection person missing.

  24. marcus garcia

    stop embarrassing yourself and get some sleep.

  25. Curly Eli

    dang no doctor strange or mephesto 😢

  26. Rohan 2004ju27

    can u explain what happened to white vision??

  27. Ron Jayson Morales

    so... fail prediction.

  28. James Sheppard

    Eric can u go over the Evan Peter's Ralph character, is it just Ralph bohner or do you think he could be more?

  29. Nick Payne

    Did anyone else notice that the last end credits scene was a direct visual callback to the ending of The Incredible Hulk? Jog to Cabin? Check. Stove kettle boiling? Check. Meditating/Exploration of powers followed by transformation? Check. Can't help thinking that was deliberate.

  30. One Eye Willy

    I'm not sure how i feel about the finale I think I need a few days to process my feelings

  31. You Neva Been This High

    I pray MCU doesn't retroactively ruin the wonderful things they did. Like saying Tony was a Skrull and really didn't die during the Endgame snap, or some jazz like dat.

  32. Derek Ladd

    The Scarlet witchis controlled by the devil

  33. Toymon 2468

    Why didn’t vision tell Wanda about white vision ?

  34. Biz Griff

    The rural pet traditionally count because geranium hemodynamically exercise out a dead bait. neat, ugliest passbook

  35. Brandon Rogers

    Anybody see the skull and crossbones hanging from the ceiling at? I hope that mean Punisher is going to be in this.

  36. 123B GAMING

    were the hell is senor scratchy

  37. Flipps !

    Lesgoo i needed this

  38. Adrian Blair

    I cried for the last 16 minutes

  39. Willyum

    So wanda was making an astral projection right like when strange was reading the book while sleeping

  40. OOB TheNoob

    Big red was actually the working title

  41. Sneha Samanta

    Good video ! Chos maaa

  42. Shavonnetay Carpenter

    Hey Voss!!!!! I think Pietro/Ralph shape shifted.....remember when Monica pointed out that that was his house!!!! Not Agnes house he's been living in that house/dungeon all along. And also wtf happened to Spectral Vision???? Do you think he'll come back? We never seen Hex Vision Destroy white Vision....I think Agnes will get out of westview and meet up with Ralph whomever he may be and try to get revenge on Wanda

  43. ahmad sharif

    The problem with over analyzing & over speculating, it takes away from the enjoyment of the series when it didn't live up to our expectations. Nothing will live up to our own super high expectations/hype.

  44. Evan Quaintance

    Was i the only one who didn’t like this episode ?

  45. Disney Gal

    I was completely disappointed! ☹

  46. Fuzzygori11a

    This video is just Voss defending himself lmao

  47. Steve Cow

    I never expected that no one could be a "Luke in the Mandalorian" level cameo.

  48. Team Slacker

    Vision: I've given you memories, so where are you going, Vision? White Vision: getting more contracts from Disney for upcoming movies, of course.

  49. Pritesh V

    Nick Fury from Skrull's spaceship: Ah nice, one more superhero As long as Fury lives, there will always be a job opening at Avengers

  50. J JHK

    I think the theories wouldn’t have gone into overdrive had they not cast Evan Peters. IMO Disney-Marvel missed an opportunity here.

  51. Matthew Sampson

    You didn’t explain the ending just went on about Mophisto 😳😳

  52. Richard Nelso

    When everything is said and done, will Wanda be charged with mass false imprisonment?

  53. Pat Flores

    If someone doesn't like the ending...it's their own fault for having their own head canon...

  54. MUSE Riko

    Eric why the hell are using a shay locomotive

  55. Keller Harrison

    When Monica first woke up Ralph was playing a guitar and on it there was a mustache sticker. Unsure if it was intentional but it was the last hint at Nick Scratch before they announced he is just Ralph!

  56. GOGETA The strongest fusion

    I thought episode 10 was gonna be the finale

  57. Thomas Ramadhan

    Don't ,, don't give me hope

  58. Cojo Johnson

    I wish they could just release doctor strange

  59. TheShnitzel


  60. Streamer Btw

    I’m actually a bit disappointed I still have questions and it doesn’t seem like they will be answered anytime soon

  61. Naveen Paraparan

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  62. Keith Atwater

    Choo choo

  63. Jonathan Y.

    Anyone else here to wash away their *_WandaVlues_* following the finale?

  64. RNDM Plays

    So where's Agatha now that the ruins is gone?

  65. MARV MON

    This is what MARVEL do 👏👏👏👏👏

  66. Daniel Hay

    Voss looks so tired.

  67. Paraskevas Kar


  68. Pritesh V

    The most emotionally unique ending of a love story

  69. Anthony Canty

    Why did no body get the Mountain reference?

  70. CyberSmidge

    Why does white vision just leave like bye 😂🤣

  71. Chris Brutyan

    My theory on the second side of Wanda stays intact

  72. ATS

    whats after this

  73. Jasmine Grimes

    Vision's greatest adversary.....logic

  74. Sonic spin

    Paul Bettany trolling us all along

  75. Perla Vazquez

    What is a Dv cuper all about ?

  76. Anxious Aardvark

    Was I the only one that thought that mountain behind Wanda was maybe Wundagore??

  77. prinzejr628

    Failed to talk about the post credits and talked about a theory instead . Ok Erik. Why didn't you talk about monica and the set up for caption marvel 2?

  78. Alberto Macias

    I feel betrayed by you SEpromrs.

  79. Joel Akoto

    he didn't even explain the end credit, he just tried to prove us he might still be right

  80. Greg's Game Room

    Who said there was a "Luke Skywalker calibur cameo?" White Vision is great, but he's no Luke Skywalker.