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    What if Captain America Steve Rogers was big and muscular BEFORE receiving the supersoldier serum? How big would he be after that transformation? #CaptainAmerica #SteveRogers #Supersoldier Thanks to #BangEnergy for sponsoring this video! Use my code NEWROCKSTARS25 for 25% OFF of your order at #EnergyDrink
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    Welcome back to another episode of BQ BITES, in which we revisit smaller, bite-sized -- yet still significant -- questions buried deep in our past episodes of The Big Question and pop them out as truly consumable smaller episodes for your enjoyment! Filup Molina and Erik Voss (recorded back in April 2020) discuss how big Cap would grow if he received the supersoldier serum if he started big, with a body structure similar to Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Does supersoldier serum only work if your inner morality is deserving? Or would Cap have grown to be the size of the Hulk? And speaking of Hulk, Erik also answers how hard he'd have to throw a bowling ball to break the moon. You know, the important stuff.
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    Karen Wang
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    Rick Denmon
    Producer: Erik Voss eavoss
    Producer: Zach Huddleston
    Written by: Erik Voss
    Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina filupmolina
    Post Production Supervisor: John Costa
    Staff Editor: Joshua Steven Hurd

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    1. Daniel

      Didn't Bucky become a super soldier? He's not that big compared to his post-transformation form

    2. Bunyon Snipe

      STUPID question.

    3. Daniel Mitchell

      Eric, do you watch anime? Because I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. I feel like it’s right up your alley.

    4. Abhi

      Nobody: Literally Nobody: Eric the whole video : *Flexes in Physics*

    5. Nikkie J.

      I also think that if he was like the Rock, he wouldn't grow as much. He would still be the same.

    6. wilson torres

      Why did war machine n nebula took the jump ship if they were just quantum jumping out...

    7. GamingforFun

      If he started huge then he wouldn't have taken the super soldier serum

    8. Nacho Santillan

      🇷🇺🇷🇺Hey Eric Voss with NewsRockstar . I have a bite size question. We are never told that Bucky is healed from mind control. In Black Panther ,Shuri says fixed. Is he still able to become the mind controlled Winter Soldier?

    9. Donna Rohdy

      He looked very delicious the way he was after the serum. No need for further discussion

    10. Laukik Phondba

      The blue screen at 3:46

    11. Wet Nightmare

      I wouldn't wear that shirt in public... Out of context that letter is not a good look these days.

    12. Purplex_Purple 77

      So fighting scenes change in FAF based on Dwayne’s ego...... wow. Imagine the amount of movie plots ruined based on his ego lnao

    13. NedBark

      Maybe is doesn’t increase existing attributes but just buffs to a set ability level. if you were big you would still be big but just as only as strong as capt.

    14. Yus Camins

      I think the super soldier serum wouldn't make the rock bigger. Maybe stronger and more aggressive.

    15. reallue

      Why are you guys talking like they actually went to the moon in the 60's? In fact, I would actually love for you guys to do all the research proving they didn't actually go to the moon & do a video about that.

    16. reallue

      Wait, is Eric that kid from Jerry McGuire?

    17. Carlos Kilicious

      Body double? I thought it was cgi lol

    18. Hassan

      He would just be like bucky

    19. Jaeger Kharjudio

      Clearly Eric didn’t watch the Mummy 2 where Rock was the Villian and “lost”. But ok 😂

    20. CriticalPower 17

      Did anyone see the blue square go over Erik's head Pause at 3:46

    21. Samuel Tate

      He will become the ever loving blue eye Thing who has a big heart

    22. Gabriel 1805

      BEEG Steve.

    23. Michael Holden

      This is old shit

    24. Brock Samsonite

      Yes hulk can hit the moon with a bowling ball. But he has to be really super pissed to do it. Good luck getting him to focus enough to throw in a straight line for that far. Also the fastest object on earth is a manhole cover that was shot into orbit by an underground nuclear explosion. It made it out of earth's orbit so I think a bowling ball might make it.

    25. Amilcar Schettini

      The rock is from Pennsylvania and went to UM Hurricanes

    26. OGee Kush

      I don’t think he’s from Miami

    27. Unlikely Suspect

      Thats not how the serum works

    28. Hieu La

      Erik has the reverse Vision going on @ 3:29

    29. Quang Tran Thanh

      Erm didn’t u guys posted this ages ago?

    30. Joe Smyrnos

      Gorilla warfare!!! I used to love that game

    31. Chunk Malone

      Hulk serum derivative

    32. Carlos Berkel

      The Rock lost a fight in the movie Doom.

    33. Eric Graalfs

      What a wonderful DOS program game....

    34. SHYLOO7

      1:25 soo... Groot?

    35. Blue Eyed Tech

      Didn’t Dwane Johnson get his ass kicked and then hung up in the jungle with Sean William Scott in the movie the Rundown?

    36. Tasty_ Mango

      They did not just put Pocoyo in there just to get punched! >:(

    37. circuitgamer77

      um, did anyone realize that the moon is within the Earth's sphere of influence, so requires less force to get to than escaping Earth's SOI? Great video, by the way. I always love math and movies and physics and everything else :)

    38. Kyle Mitchell

      “The Rock refuses to lose a fight” *John Cena walks in* “ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT”

    39. General Durandal

      If Hulk can destroy a UNIVERSE by CLAPPING, then the Moon is dusted from that Bowling Ball. If it doesn't get destroyed from the friction of the throw and travel speed.

    40. James Hamilton

      What if captain got the same powers as the hulk what will happen

    41. collierette

      I totally remember the banana/gorilla game.

    42. Arin Jäger

      what if Erik took the serum, hmmm? ;)

    43. t t

      Can mcu capt beat hulk in a fight? Capt gave thanos more of a fight but hulk seems stronger. What do you think?

    44. Keegan Shreve

      I predict that if Chris Evans received the serum he would turn into the size of Brock Lesnar.

    45. Christian Luczejko

      Lol why were his numbers so off on before and after cap. Also, why the rock? Why no just buff cap himself.

    46. Cameron Tait

      This Video should be on More Plates More Dates channel

    47. Alex

      Before: cap After: same cap just with more spray tan

    48. Name of the Rose

      How come Dr Strange and the magi who creating wormholes to get people to the Endgame fight didn't just wormhole Thanos and his army into the Sun?

    49. Gia Ray


    50. Pontus Welin

      But when Hulk throws the bowling ball, what happens to the Earth‽ Newton's third law is “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

      1. 12A Aditya Rana

        @Pontus Welin hmmm right

      2. Pontus Welin

        @12A Aditya Rana that only works assuming this arm and joints can withstand all that force. But the kinetic force still has to go somewhere. Either into the ground or by being changed into another force. Hulk doesn’t have force absorption powers, so breaking bones and muscles or friction are really the options. But the amount of force is so incredibly huge that the more reasonable effect would be that it affects the earth. 4.2 trillion Newton’s of force on a small area like his feet. That’s like a small nuclear bomb focused on the (relatively) tiny area of his feet. He would shoot straight down into the earth and cause something akin to an earthquake.

      3. 12A Aditya Rana

        Well all the force is applied by Hulk's the opposite reaction will directly act on arm...but considering he's *throwing* the ball...I don't think there'll be a recoil

    51. Meezie Prime

      The rock lost some fights in fast and furious...

    52. Scottie Braden

      If batman can do anything given enough prep time! Why can't hulk do anything given enough anger?

    53. Kristin Morales

      Love you all 😙🌺

    54. Rich98

      I don't think you'd have to reach nearly escape velocity to hit the moon since the moon is still within the earth's gravitational influence (ie, the moon itself has not reached escaped velocity)

    55. Nicholas Ferrara

      I also thought the serum Only pushed his body to peak physical human limits so the ceiling is still the ceiling regardless of where he started from

    56. Dey Von

      I believe that if Steve started out at the physique he was post serum, nothing would change physically, I believe all that would change is his metabolism, his stamina, his speed, his reflexes, much like what happens when T'Challa takes the heart-shaped herb, he doesn't change physically, however he does gain super human abilities

      1. Samuel Burton

        Exactly +1

    57. Matt Maddock

      Gorilla.bat baby

    58. Jorge Carbajal

      As far as I know, the Rock has lost to Brendan Fraser in The Mummy Returns, Karl Urban in Doom, and Steve Carell in Get Smart.

    59. Jvggy Ft

      If you fart and sneeze at the same time you will astral project

    60. John Qiu?

      Worst people to advertise for that energy drink

    61. David Crader

      If he started out big, they wouldn't have given him the serum in the first place... The whole point of the experiment was to, basically, take a 90-pound weakling and turn him into Captain America!!!

    62. ReacT Firery

      If they introduce Green Goblin this is an idea on how to introduce him: He’s a scientist who discovers the super soldier cerium and he takes it. He has a side effect which makes him Green Goblin

      1. 12A Aditya Rana

        Nice creativity

    63. Avie

      Once in space and out of earth’s atmosphere and gravitational pull (at least to the point it’s negligible) a constant external force is not needed to continue propelling something forward in space, there is no air resistance, it will continue moving until acted upon by an external force, when a rocket is continuously firing, it is perpetually speeding up

    64. everyone

      He'd be Master Chief.

    65. Joseph Bartholomew

      Philip I loved that game. Thanks for the AMAZING nostalgia hit right there.

    66. Dan_The_Noob

      the way i see it, Steve Rogers would come out exactly the same everytime he went in, if we go off the basis that the supersoldier serum pushes people to the peak of their potential.

      1. Dd

        In the comics. In the MCU it's obviously more potent

    67. Shahid Thaj

      Rock getting super soldier serum and becoming black adam.....

    68. Emmanuel Okine

      The rock lost a fight in fast 5 against vincent 😁

    69. Emmanuel Okine

      Can u smell wat de rock is cooking...

    70. Fdmm 15

      I mean in agents of shield, quake quakes graviton into space

    71. Kevin MacDonald

      Team Miami Cola, here. Top 3 1. Miami Cola 2. Caramel Apple Crisp 3. Rainbow Unicorn

    72. Shen Grant

      Dam!! Cap can run 🏃 50mhp sprint weights 240 hus punches must feel like a moving car 🚗

    73. David Chism

      0:44. 5'4.

    74. The boi

      I actually read the title as “SHARTED”. Should I be worried?

      1. leonardo lopez

        U shart not be worried at all

    75. JRL

      1:56 it's pronounced ER-skin, not er-skine

    76. Luke Miralle

      If Steve started off ripped, he would look like professor hulk after the serum

    77. Ryan Haney

      I like these scientific answers.

    78. raven lord

      Can the supersoldier serum get passed on to his children by genetics? And/or could it affect Peggy Carter directly through intimate contact?

    79. matoscu

      What if Hulk threw an adamantium bowling ball size ball at the moon

    80. GamingWith_JB

      How do i send him questions?

    81. Andrew Stonerock

      Red skull took the serum and didn't grow at all. He burned... Steve wouldn't have gained anything at all.

    82. White-Dragon

      it said that Skinny Steve was 5'4", not 5'3". It also said that he became 6'2" after the serum, not 6'0.

    83. OP_Alejandro

      I don't know

    84. Isaac Valdez

      Why didn't the mind stone work on tony on avengers??????????????

    85. Claude Oliver

      WandaVision is so popular and big that, this Supersoldier explained wouldn't matter at all.

    86. Lucas Mangalon

      Well also remember that they used vita rays to grow him not the serum

    87. ארץ ההגדות

      If hulk takes the super serum, will it affect on bruce banner, or if bruce takes the serum, will it affect on hulk and will hulk get bigger?

    88. NeoMorph WTH

      If he started out big he would come out of the chamber as Master Chief himself, Spartan 117.

    89. Samurai Jack

      Today's my birthday

    90. Andrew Hosford

      So, I'm assuming those calculations mean that Hulk would have to accelerate the ball from rest, over the entire length of his throwing range while applying a force of 4.2 trillion newtons. Hulk is said to be about 4m tall (although that seems to vary) with let's assume a 2 m arm length for a total distance of 6m that he would be able to accelerate the ball over. Force = Mass * Acceleration so to accelerate an 8lb (3.629 kg) ball with 4.2T N of force, means he would need to accelerate it at 1.157 trillion m/s^2. This means that at the end of his throwing range (6m) the ball (and Hulk's hand) would be traveling at 3.7 million m/s because velocity = sqrt(acceleration * 2 * distance). For comparison, The Flash is supposed to be able to move at 2532 miles/hr which equals 1132 m/s, which is 3268 times SLOWER than Hulk would have to move to be able to throw the ball hard enough to reach escape velocity. Alternatively, Quicksilver can move around 188,000 m/s in the X-men movies, which is still almost 20 times slower than Hulks hand would need to move. So, based on what we know about Hulk's speed, I'm going with no, he couldn't throw an 8lb ball fast enough to escape earth's gravity.

    91. Random Stuff

      Didn't he lose in Doom? Does Eric need him to lose a fist fight?

    92. M P

      6:11 Is Rockstars trying to get us to buy Coors beer or drink one?

    93. Sean Cochran

      What you trying to say about the Burhama Bull Voss 🤔

    94. Charlie Talbert

      I recommend Snackwells cookies!

    95. lexi lex

      love these!!

    96. Jeff

      Rock is from Allentown , pa

    97. Fire Flames

      You guys are the best

    98. Pickle

      Expect a Snyder cut news video after the super bowl guys

    99. iOmar

      I was thinking of this yesterday when I re-watched it

    100. Darth Plagueis

      He'd stay the same, the serum was supposed to left u at peak human form.