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    The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Super Bowl 2021 Trailer! Erik Voss reacts to the latest Falcon and the Winter Soldier trailer! Get Honey for FREE today ▸ joinhoney.com/newrockstars Honey finds coupons with one click. Thanks to Honey for sponsoring!
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    The Falcon and the Winter Soldier follows Falcon Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) and Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) following Avengers Endgame, feuding over the legacy of Captain America Steve Rogers, while facing the return of Baron Zemo from Captain America Civil War (2016). Erik Voss reacts to this Falcon Winter Soldier Super Bowl trailer and shares his first thoughts before diving back in shot by shot for an in-depth breakdown (coming in the next few days). How old IS Bucky Barnes, exactly?
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    Written by: Erik Voss
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    Editor: John Costa

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    1. Abstark Ramgers

      01:18 😂

    2. Zacks On Board

      Is it just me or does anyone else think that Baron Zemos mask is gonna get a small retcon and made to be homage to the mad titans face.

    3. Mohammad Abir

      I love your hair style BTW!😅

    4. Peter Skorec

      I love these reactions. Erik looks as excited as I am. Boooooom

    5. Cabbage

      All I can say is I’m glad you guys aren’t a reaction channel

    6. Caitlin Mulligan

      This series is going to be 💥insane💥

    7. Harry Cooke


    8. Nacho Santillan

      🇷🇺🇷🇺Hey Eric Voss with NewsRockstar . I have a bite size question. We are never told that Bucky is healed from mind control. In Black Panther ,Shuri says fixed. Is he still able to become the mind controlled Winter Soldier?

    9. soccergoalie_24 simmer

      Wow bucky gets to talk

    10. Ben Henderson

      All I know for sure is I don’t wanna be near a sink with Zemo 💀

    11. Alejandro Lopez

      is covid 19 cannon in the mcu

    12. Sajeel Ghuman

      The most calm reaction ever

    13. daddydubs

      the heads on the wall looked like skrull heads for a sec

    14. Jiordi Henderson

      If there's only 6 episodes, they better be an hour long each! That's my one complaint about WandaVision, 30 minutes is too short

    15. Kevin McNulty

      The interpersonal interaction looks intense

    16. Jiovanni

      I just released that’s papa doc from 8 mile 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤯🤯

    17. Dad on the internet

      Isnt falcon a genius in the comics ?

    18. Sleepy Traveler22

      I wish there was a hear reaction on SEprom!

    19. Karla Lopez

      Just 6 episodes?!?!

    20. Random 1s

      " are u ready?" me: "is who ready?" also me: of course this is gonna be a gas.

    21. Delbert Winters

      Brothels aren’t villainy!🤬 don’t shame sex work Erik, stop being a bigot 🙄

    22. JRL

      Remember that Kevin Feige said that Falcon and The Winter Soldier will play out like a MCU movie over the course of x amount of episodes. This will be hella interesting.

    23. JediMaster

      Hopefully there will be more episodes than just six.

    24. Who Is Big Sexy

      is it just me or does the "wall of chimpanzee heads" actually look like Skrull heads?

    25. Albert Vonka

      2:40 1fps... WHY?

    26. Shoshana Loomer

      SHARON LOOKS SO BADASS!!! I can't wait to see Bucky and Sam's banter too!

    27. Tamar Brown

      Look at Ericks face at the 1:20 mark and then like the next 2 seconds. It’s funny


      I miss going to theaters and saying "Voss you sonofabitch, you did it again" whenever a theory comes true

    29. Aaron Boulanger

      Lmao just calculating Bucky's age on the spot. Showoff.

    30. Mo Money

      “How old are you” Bucky-Old enough to be your ancestor.

    31. Viper's Vids

      900th comment

    32. cosanostra3530


    33. Snubbull Trubbull

      The pipe was a baton. Sharon Carter as Mockingbird confirmed.

    34. My ZoeyGirl

      Who is John walker?

    35. Josh Weeks

      I keep getting tricked into clicking on reaction videos.

    36. Jacob Drum

      March 19 is a huge military anniversary, as it is the date the US began the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

    37. Joe strong

      Hmm. I wonder if Mordo and Zemo would almost team up, because Mordo wants to rid the world of sorccerers, and Zemo, heroes

    38. Haydin Mckelvey

      Godzilla vs. Kong - Official Japanese Trailer [HQ]

    39. Brock Jensen

      "Chimpanzee heads...or ape skulls"...not sure if its been said yet...but they kinda look like Skrull heads!

    40. RageGamer 15

      Am I the only one that is getting a laggy video? Or is the video laggy

    41. Chewbackie 7

      How long after Endgame do you think this will be set? Obviously after Wandavision probably, but what if it’s after Far From Home as well?

    42. Mr & Mrs Gold's Youtube Channel - M&MG


    43. Luk Ahmad

      Wow nice I just know that I have a fictional neighbor country xD

    44. SlickNinja

      They havin couples therapy lol

    45. The Highground Master

      1:32 Zemo watching the fight

    46. Aden RODRIGUEZ


    47. Skonail

      Your gonna break it down right, and I hope soon

    48. DigitalPrism

      i hope bucky gets the shield and becomes captain america since there basicly the same there both engineered superhumans both from the 1920's i think and they were best friends. it fits bucky more than falcon and idk why falcon would carry a shield and some wings? doesnt really seem like a good choice.

    49. Aim Demo

      Is it me or the videos always has frames dropping

    50. Chris Doonan

      those two are like brothers fighting over who get the top bunk.

    51. Eric Bravender

      could that possibly be a wall full of skrull heads?

    52. Steven Staats

      The first image of the club, looks like it could be in the back of a Truck trailer.

    53. Shyam Srinivasan

      Didn't realize Enfys nest was in this!

    54. Shaggyone789

      Falcon “I have a plan” Me “He’s been playing Red Dead Redemption 2 I see”.

    55. Trisha Gianesin

      I'm glad you brought up the hand as I said, out loud, when I saw the mask...THE HAND!...as the black and red mask, looked like the hand mask (looked like it literly had a hand on it)

    56. Artis Norman

      it’s on my birthday... ik nobody cares but I’m happy.

    57. Sir Bones

      6:32 I see what you did there

    58. Anthony Joseph

      Call me crazy but those mask kinda look like skrulls 🧐

    59. dope destiny

      March 19th my birthday😂😂🥰🥰

    60. Praveen Jain

      plzz give cc option

    61. Dominic O Meara

      I can't wait to not watch this.

    62. Joel Bessett

      “Sharon Carter is back, she’s beating people with sticks”

      1. Joel Bessett

        *pipes, my bad lol

    63. Alson Cheong

      It almost feels like hobbs and Shaw

    64. Riley Parrish

      I thought Bucky would’ve been 106 since he was 101 when he got snapped and then it’s five years after that he got unsnapped and so if this takes placed within the same year then wouldn’t it be 106?

      1. Slim Sherman 25

        no, the people that got snapped didnt age, thats why in endgame when spiderman appears at the end, he says something like " i woke up, and doctor strange said we have to go help tony and whatnot". it also explains this in far from home how peter and ned and flash, etc. are still in the same grade but people like Brad who was in middle school in infinity war are now in the same grade as peter and ned after endgame

    65. Jim Pickens

      Awesome reaction

    66. not Kellen

      really love the head shot, way more important than the trailer

    67. Tallguygamer

      I didn’t realize this comes out on my birthday!

    68. Cole Regna

      The heads kinda look like skrulls.

    69. BoomBoom

      What if Zemo is not a villain, but rather an antihero character? I wouldn't put it beyond him to wage war on Madripoor: he's a character who experienced the way in which modern formal systems resist change, he's deeply dissatisfied with the growing inequalities perpetuated in the world. Why not take down the den of scum and villainy that governments of the world turn a blind eye to?

    70. BraeGotGame

      Idk if it’s a joke or not, and yes I’m nitpicking but falcon looks a lil goofy w the crooked goggles 😂 kinda cheap

    71. Aaron Jaquez

      so the flag smashers might be connected to red skull saying I have seen the future cap and there are no flags

    72. Jack Dimmick

      I have waited for this since it was announced I’m so happy

    73. KagePhenex Joestar

      *What is Buck's age* Erik: *Quick Math*

    74. joey pringle

      Why does this look like something straight from bad boys

    75. Chiller

      WAIT, you run UP to the blue dungeon ..... that's weird.

    76. FAZ5R 245

      What if everyone in westveiw the people Wanda accidentally killed in captain America civil war and Wanda is resurrecting them because of the trams like vision.

    77. Lathika 1975

      Wanna see this connect with loki and wandavision

    78. Aaron Mauer

      I’m really excited for this series

    79. graput

      Today's video is sponsored by mr. Beast

    80. GhostGlitch

      Searching Ryan Reynolds in Google and the movies tab includes " Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness "

    81. jstnzielinsky

      When they are having the staring contest, It would have been classic if Bucky went “Yo everyone from the 313 put your motherf@$king hands up and follow me”

    82. Daniel Fontanes

      Just saying...I feel you should be in the smaller screen and the video full screen

    83. maltesh Aralikatti

      What's that track playing in the trailer?

    84. Ty Jurom

      That scene with the trucks reminded me of Gang Beasts 🤣🤣!!

    85. games437

      Ultron is coming back to the mcu universe 99.9 present sure

    86. Frankie DaSilva

      What if those are Skrull skulls on the wall?

    87. John Masingill

      At 7:20, do the “ape skulls” look like Skrull heads to anyone else?

    88. jaydon alves

      Doesn’t Hawkeye or “ronin” fight a gang in majimpur

      1. Slim Sherman 25

        no that was in tokyo

    89. mjschryver

      Interesting to see U.S. Agent with Captain America's shield. Even more interesting, and something that 99+% of people won't notice: He's just holding the shield; he's not wearing it for battle. If you've never wielded a shield (i.e. if you've never performed stage combat): The shield in the poster is upside down. U.S. Agent's arm isn't going through the strap and then gripping the handle. He's just holding the handle, from the opposite direction. The angle the shield is resting at is physically impossible if you're wearing the shield, ready for use. Of course, it could just be an artist with no grasp of anatomy, but with the MCU, I doubt it.

    90. Adam Warlock

      did you say march? i officially dont care for a month

    91. Sam Davis

      Looks good .... but don’t like the song trying to copy black panther.... which wasn’t that good anyway 😅

    92. 80eight

      just remember "ultron" and "home sweet home"

    93. Mr Dublin bus

      A character called Sarah Wilson is meant to be in it

    94. gabriella


    95. Kayden Tewari

      the heads are skrulls the skrulls were let down by captain marvel at one point 3and most of their pollution is gone and we so happen to the headds here.

    96. Memmory

      7:18 I thought those were a bunch of ultron heads.

    97. Vincent Candela

      My birthday is March 19 so Im super excited to wake up early on my birthday to watch this!!!


      Any idea of the song name from the trailer?

    99. Thunderbolt5827

      Is the framerate horrible for anyone else?

    100. Christopher Jay Richardson-Davies

      I bet NewRockstars are slightly thankful for the pandemic cinema break.. these guys would get no sleep if we had all this going at the same time. Imagine Black Widow, WandaVision, Loki, Falcon an Winter an everything else comic/hero related 🤣🤣