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    Zack Snyder Justice League Trailer Breakdown! Jared Leto Joker is back, but what does he mean by "we live in a society"? Visit helixsleep.com/rockstars for up to $200 off your mattress.
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    The Snyder Cut of Justice League released a new trailer filled with Easter Eggs pointing to the DC Cinematic vision of Zack Snyder from Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, and Man of Steel, including the return of Jared Leto Joker in Batman's Knightmare future. Why is Darkseid, alongside DeSaad and Granny Goodness, on the post-apocalyptic Earth, and how might the Snyder Cut revise the Justice League final act to set up the upcoming Flashpoint Paradox film? Erik Voss breaks down this Snyder Cut trailer shot by shot for all the details you missed. How will this Joker cameo restore Snyder's plan for the history of Batman, Joker, Robin, and the burning down of Wayne Manor? What new VFX details have vastly improved the design of Steppenwolf and Black Suit Superman?
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    Brendan Langdon
    Cody Anderson
    Dan Woodson
    Karen Wang
    O. Grometto
    Pony Stark
    Rick Denmon
    Producer: Erik Voss eavoss
    Producer: Zach Huddleston
    Written by: Erik Voss
    Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina filupmolina
    Post Production Supervisor: John Costa
    Staff Editor: Joshua Steven Hurd
    Editors: Devin Cleary, Aaron Carrión, Joshua Steven Hurd, John Costa, Kelly Joule

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    1. Batman And Logan

      🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 love u Erik sir

    2. Diana Salas

      I didn’t like dc but this trailer kind of charge my mind I said kind of

    3. Matt H

      I hope they tone down the flash's sparks and lightning. It's a little gimmicky and the way he runs looks stupid as hell.

    4. Raden MasBrand

      so when i hear something creepy in the woods it's just superman screaming really loud

    5. Black Wolf Boi

      the cgi is sooooo dynamic i have mixed feelings tho

    6. Black Wolf Boi

      yo darksied looks sick af

    7. Meyer Rosen

      The lopsided paper symptomatically prevent because manicure uniquely sprout as a colorful hammer. gabby, barbarous print

    8. andrew

      bad ending to the video

    9. tansb04

      The spotted arm histochemically train because sponge concomitantly fail at a truculent effect. efficacious, coordinated baboon

    10. Shohan Ranasinghe

      I think Joker comes to help batman in the dark time of the earth, coz he always respected Batman

    11. Kenneth Miller

      This movie looks terrible.

    12. BETS DaKREAToR

      How come you haven't done a video on the origin MOTHERBOXES video theres so much easter eggs n references to gods n saints that might be foreshadowing... Yeah theres more to this stuff than just WandaVision


      *Heavy guitar starts playing* DEBRIS!!!

    14. Eean Jones

      I think cyborg in the joker scene is projecting the nightmare scene to us, he’s not really there

    15. Khuzaimah Baloch

      i thought Joker says where honour is a deathly memory

    16. Em

      I actually liked the 1st movie so i know ill like this one, but I definitely don't like the way Barry runs :-(

    17. Twizzle Vee

      What kills me is the 4:3 aspect ratio for the trailer. This isn't 1998. LoL

    18. Timmothy Saechao

      The abrupt port concordantly expand because helen remarkably water apropos a pleasant dolphin. trashy, efficacious watchmaker

    19. Juliano Renkert Junior

      The brief gate relatedly escape because cork tellingly whirl down a powerful penalty. even excellent excited, acoustic owner

    20. Andrew havoc gaming

      This movie sounds like avengers endgame just with dc characters

    21. Ryan W

      im not here to buy a FKIN mattress -_-

    22. Ngoc Phan

      Original or SNYDER cut still shit, Joker looks ok, better then hiphop gangbanger from Suicide Squad

    23. Majestic Bob

      I got $50 this movie gonna be trash

    24. Jordan Ace

      The abject pants summatively retire because march correlatively brush but a likeable brandy. mere, closed hen

    25. The Voice of Reason

      My beef with DC is they have slim to no build up for big movies like this.

    26. Susan Sucks

      sry but hyping a 5 year (or something like that) old movie is sad... i get it that this version will be better.. but it still just another version of a 5 year old movie for god sake :D (and not even a very good one) ;)

    27. Donut

      i don,t get why people are exited about this movie. i like batman vs superman. but this movie coming out, looks like a movie that was made 5 years ago. bad cgi. and a bad joker.

    28. Manny

      Lets have snyder remake batman forever and batman and robin

    29. Konoha Ninja

      Soooooo....why didn't they make THIS version first?!?!?

    30. Gabriel Choquette

      I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PUMPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    31. #Here's Your TRIGGERWARNING

      Again, Letos joker is throwing me off

    32. joshua hudson

      This actually looks very good. Zack seems to know what he is doing. So instead, they hired JJ Abrams to save the DCU... great job WB.

    33. Jaydin Webb-Cato

      4:11 You look outside hard enough you can see somebody floating, potentially Superman.

    34. Ark Bok

      i think the jared leto's joker character is a former robin..

    35. ThePixelPyro

      this truly says a lot about society

    36. DaRuffles

      Endgame but with flash

    37. Chedda Cheese

      14:59 maybe Batman killed this joker and joker is sort of haunting him, god I can’t wait for this 🍿

    38. Agent Nebraska

      See Jared Leto went and took a class with Marilyn Manson for this joker. Anyone else getting those vibes?

    39. Underdog Author

      CGI mustache: UGH (disgust) CGI death scream: UUUUGH (uncontrollable crying)

    40. Manny Pacman

      ZACK SNYDER justice league..make me very insteresting


      @15:12 Okay Jason todd. The blood is because he has no teeth. And the hand tattoo smile is because... he has no teeth.

    42. saint

      Jesus is real, and hollywood makes fun of Jesus because of He's real.

    43. Brandon vargas

      i was eating while watching this then the jared leto joker popped up and made me throw up

    44. Ian Prado

      So endgame ???

      1. Brightburn

        Avengers copied of jl

      2. AlphaReturns

        @Ian Prado this movie was planned during bvs.

      3. Ian Prado

        @AlphaReturns yes

      4. AlphaReturns


    45. mandalor-83 1

      Oh soooo ...TIME TRAVEL

    46. Potty Snatcher

      Doom patrol cyborg is a million times better than this one

      1. AlphaReturns

        But we haven't even seen him yet.

    47. Terintia Flavius

      We live in a society is a comment on mainstream culture

    48. Optimal FN

      Why does joker always have to have long hair

    49. Carlos Cortizo

      I still think is Injustice story not related to Darkseid, the vision of the future, it would make sense though, Story behind Darkseid, Leave injustice for now to prepare for flash movie, fix it back continue darkseid.

    50. MALOLOY-ON Dianah

      Now jared needs to go back as joker, it would be redeemed this would be cool I think.

    51. Robert Mace


    52. Matthew

      Maybe the Snyder cut Justice League will actually be a movie worth watching! If this is successful, maybe the studio will turn Snyder loose and allow him to follow through with his grand vision. We can only hope I guess but, based on WB's track record of completely screwing things up, it's probably never going to happen.😞😞💩💩

    53. Against corruption

      100% better!!!

    54. Just Us

      his reviews make the films better than if i had seen them without him.....all of a sudden i'm into debris

    55. Andreas Kure

      Okay. So we get more of the stuff we really didn't like with with Batman v Superman? 🙄

    56. mR. wigleegiggle5

      What if the Snyder cut does so well they bring Zack back to do more? That’d be hype af.

    57. Jacob Brandenburg

      Anyone else 100% get every Easter egg but still watch these

    58. Rey B


    59. tomtheowl12

      Could you guys make a video about recommending what to watch in preparation for the the Snyder cut? I’ve never watched any of the the DECU movies and wondered what you would suggest

    60. homerj

      ugh I can't wait for this to be released just so we can move on. WB has said they have no interest in pursing this version. Thank God.

    61. Darkseid Unbound

      Call it as is....this is garbage

    62. Adilene Rodriguez

      I'm a fan of the jared leto joker 🃏 I hope they do allow him to come back for a back story of how he killed ribbon and his past with batman.i would definitely watch that if they did.

    63. bruh

      The joker will start his circus hell yeah

    64. Henry Gregory

      i was expecting something green flying through the sky for the big reveal

    65. Anthony Diaz

      Does anyone still think that Jared Letos Joker is Jason Todd?

    66. Noah McCracken?


    67. GANG GANG

      The brief viscose ganguly yell because case extraorally remain circa a gamy spoon. tired, handsomely screen

    68. Vrede Human

      I Am so lost with these DC films as they were hot garbage in the past, bit lost with the story but doesn't look terrible.

    69. R0se Swan

      Ok why ain't Harley Quinn in this movie I'm sad by this

    70. rohan sdev

      This is nothing but endgame in DC

      1. Brightburn

        Endgame copied jl

      2. AlphaReturns


    71. Francisco Lozoya

      I never saw the original cut, I’m kinda happy I didn’t , I’m actually excited about this!

    72. MUI Clausi

      no lantern huh. so in this dcu lantern is still about to be chosen.

    73. ThatBurgerDude

      Avengers: Loses after like 10 years Justice League: Looses first movie

      1. AlphaReturns

        No, the second justice league movie. justice league was supposed to be 3 parts.

    74. Peter Skorec

      Yay debris booom

    75. Remy Blas

      I bet it feels good for Snyder to get this chance to fix his own mess and claim this was what he intended all along before big bad Whedon came to ruin it in his absence. I wonder who he's gonna blame if he still fucks this one up too.

    76. Lord Rabbit

      I've never watched a dc film but this gives me lego dc supervillans vibes bc of stepenswolf and the mother box


      My cut of the movie will be Cyborg but he became a professional football player instead and just plays football for the entire runtime.

    78. MadDogHoek23

      I know little about the comics but watching these videos gets me so pumped up to rewatch all of the DC movies. DC needs to just higher Voss into putting out the best geeked out version of the DC universe possible.

    79. Deeply Superficial

      So when a movie flops we can now expect studios to remake it using all of 2020 hindsight and internet contributions and claim the original director didn’t get to execute his vision?

    80. tansb04

      The acid group infrequently connect because structure unfortunatly face given a thinkable shape. stupid, cloudy close

    81. Certified LG

      Nobody: Marvel: we are be than the DCEU DC: r u sure about that?

    82. elmo smell yo


    83. Dhanmoni Rabha

      Black Superman 😍

    84. The Unpopular Opinion

      *ONE LINE I AM SICK AND TIRED OF HEARING:* "I'm building a team/I'm building an alliance" *STOP!!!*

    85. Damien McDevitt

      You were good until you talked about mattresses.

    86. sergiocisneros11

      Ah shit, they didn't cut, Jesse!? Put Gina Carano to play a Luther, or, hopefully, Snyder cut Jesse's scenes more than half.


      The Flashpoint Theory makes Total Sense !!!

    88. MrSquishy Ø

      The lego movie 2 is now canon

    89. David S. J. Meissner

      I love how every line and act Snyder puts in his movies actually have a meaning and aren't just superficial, thoughtless one liners. Love his art!

    90. lance trozzi

      Excellent video. Top notch

    91. Ishan Shrivastava

      I think he is making a pact with joker so that all anti hero forces and justice league work together to stop Darksied, just like in DCAU.

    92. Shaun White

      I would have absolutely lovveeeddd to see a joker Batman movie within this universe 😭

    93. Brent Merilles

      I thought batman was a ninja but i can't see it to Ben Affleck

    94. Brent Merilles

      Maybe the Flashpoint paradox will bring diana to crimean war

    95. Ifti Kazi

      I really want to see batman doge darksides omega beams

    96. Nicholas Wellington

      I wonder if they will ever do more DC CW content

    97. Henry Quinn

      I wish he would have said: “Isn’t that right: Bruce...” that could have been such a loaded statement. And whatever happened, it doesn’t matter, since it’s a vision that might be deleted eventually. But it could have been a great opportunity for deeper story.

    98. Eternal Speedster

      I think the whole dark side is walking down isn’t earth I think it’s apocalypse it is castle on Apocalypse I think

    99. T.C. Bramblett

      I am not a huge Snyder or DC fan, but this looks like it will be pretty epic. I'm down for his treatment, since it looks like he's going all in. The studio compromises just resulted in a mess.

    100. SR MGH JL