JUSTICE LEAGUE SNYDER CUT TRAILER REACTION! Joker Jared Leto "We Live In A Society" First Thoughts!

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    Zack Snyder Justice League Jared Leto Joker Trailer Reaction! What's the deeper meaning behind Joker's "we live in a society" quote? Thanks to Magic Spoon for sponsoring today’s video! To try a variety pack, go to → magicspoon.thld.co/newrockstarsfeb and use code NEWROCKSTARS to get $5 off today!
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    The Snyder Cut of Justice League is coming March 18 to HBO Max, and Zack Snyder has released a new trailer featuring the return of Jared Leto Joker from Suicide Squad (2016) with Batman and Cyborg in the post-apocalyptic Knightmare future! Erik Voss REACTS to this trailer in a pre-breakdown reflection on the standout moments, including Jared Leto Joker, Black Suit Superman, Darkseid, Steppenwolf's redesign, and Cyborg's highlights. Why does Joker quote the "we live in a society" meme?
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    1. Ringo Cash

      Just For Education Purpose,, He Said "NO" 21 Times !!!!!!!!!!

    2. Aarij Jamil

      This trailer though... the Justice League we needed

    3. Ian Buchan

      It's true, actually. We do live in a society.

    4. Phocus

      We live in a society where we pay $40 for cereal

    5. Omega Orion

      I didnt really want a Snyder cut, but to be fair this looks more cohesive than the theatrical cut. I cant say I'm a big fan of Snyder or Whedon, but I like DC and am curious what's going to happen

    6. Peter Skorec

      I always love these reactions! I like how is Erik always excited 😂 as I am Booom

    7. John Wonder

      WB isn't in control of releasing this trailer..Its Zack...Secondly, this is an HBOMAX movie 1st not WB ...

    8. Big D

      Rewatching just to see Erik Voss reaction to Joker’s we live in a society haha

    9. Travis Crawford

      We live in a society where voter fraud is now okay. Because our socialist overlords say there was only a little bit

    10. CamD Gaming

      This stuff is still gonna be shit😂 And, I can't wait for you stans to realize.

    11. Kitsaws

      It seems Joker and Batman are going to fight together. 😂🤟

    12. Ridhul Nassar k

      No no no nooooo no no no no no no no no no no no no no

    13. BobaJango

      question. where the flip is green lantern, he is a member of the JL to.

    14. kristenisnickie

      I really wish you’d inserted the clip from “Get Out” of the housekeeper going “No, no, no, nononono, no...” lol

    15. Eddie G.

      Totally agree Eric!

    16. Luis Duarte

      DCEU bout to make a 4hr flop.Change a lil CGI no one will ever know.oh we're gonna know.

    17. Adam Black

      I love his reaction to The Joker😂😂

    18. Cringe nae nae baby

      We live in a society 😔

    19. D'Andre Smith

      So many people dogged this joker, when I thought it was refreshing. I also think that what he is in this nightmare sequence is a result of what Batman could have done to Harley. Just discard everything after this movie, Zack has no follow up so he doesn't have to hold back. Plus this is going to be rated R! Anything could've happened between the two of them.

    20. Dan Mackinnon

      We live in a society where people pay $39 for 4 boxes of cereal.

    21. Memer Gamer

      Joker is talking about Batman's honor here.

    22. Chris Williamson

      A couple things here Eric. (honestly really surprised you don't know this stuff. it's super weird that you don't). 1) We don't really know the whole plot of this movie. Whedon had 88 pages of reshoots. On the original film full of scenes Joss wrote. Synder's 4 hour film only contains 30 minutes of shots from the original film. That's 3 hours and 30 minutes of shots and scenes that were not in the original film. This is way more than "little tweaks" 2) Leto's scene is 4 minutes long as was one of the few reshoots Snyder did for this edition of the film.

    23. Lawrence Kassab

      I feel like I have a good grasp of pop culture, I've all the comic book. But this has been flying over my head for the past few days and I just don't get it.

    24. garibaldilebeau


    25. Lead Head

      Joker says "where honor is a distant memory" because Batman has to much honor to work with Joker, but now they have no choice!

    26. Lead Head


    27. Kyaw Thiha

      What people don't understand is that this is the "Joke"er. That's what he does.

    28. J F

      That "honor is a distant memory" line is probably geared towards Batman himself; welcome to the chaos, what good does your "honor" do now?

    29. Bottled Wehrmacht

      I guess you could say that this trailer is Leagues better than the film we have rn

    30. Ryan DePauw

      This looks like a dark souls trailer

    31. 21st Century Comics

      Batman: "No Tattoos when we battle Darkseid" Jared Leto's Joker: "Make me"

    32. Yuzuki 23

      Joker: “we live in a society”. Yup it’s official.

    33. Benicio Carideo

      Laughing Start: 2:39 Laughing End: 2:52

    34. Casp ian

      i like how joker said batman, almost like he's mocking bruce for being batman

    35. Jacob King

      That laugh at the end as he loses all sanity he has left thanks to the joker of all people XD

    36. it's just brandy

      I don't really follow DC movies so I'm asking honestly. Can someone explain why they did another justice league movie? I know it's a different director, but what happened here?

    37. Brandon Wilson

      I think Joker doesn’t actually say that, because his back is turned to the camera. They could of added that line in. I believe that he says something else and he could do this: ‘.....Batman?’ Like Joker is asking Batman a question.

    38. Julius Ceazar M. Mendoza

      ok with this "we live in a society" being used as real dialogue now i can't to see a "no one bats an eye" dialogue too.

    39. Cheldrine Pilarta

      "Honor is a distant memory" Joker is actually analyzing Batman when he said this. He is not referring to himself. That's what I think.

    40. Sasha0406

      Am I the only one who is unaware of this “we live in a society” meme? 🤣🤔😳

      1. Favour Oladapo

        Me too !! I would love an explanation

    41. Wxzy


    42. Wxzy

      The trailer sucks

    43. Nick

      I'm not into DC but this trailer got me hyped nonetheless! And I'll get access to HBO Max in June so maybe I'll consider getting into it :D

    44. Jhove LaLaLa

      Yo "E" dont u think they showin 2 much?

    45. SnoopHenry78

      If this Joker is Jason Todd then he may know a bit about honor. At least until Batman didn't make it to save him from the other Joker. Maybe Phoenix's version. Wouldn't that be something

    46. Davideyes.

      2:38 THAT SCARED THE LIVING CRAP OUT OF ME!!! I thought you were possessed 😱😪

    47. Sid Tucker

      I loved Jared Leto’s version of the Joker.

    48. Phillip Browning


    49. FlyingBobcat6

      Was it only me that understood what he said at 9:58? The dog chasing the car and not knowing what to do with it. Thats what Heath Ledger's Joker said to Harvey at the Hospital.

    50. Zakariyya Muneer

      I watched the Trailer on HBO max 43 minutes after you posted this video

    51. BoriquaAteo

      Darkseid war planet

    52. IzmSkizm1

      Joker: “We live in a society.....“ Agnes: “That was a GAS!!!”

    53. Syfo Diaz

      Still looks like shit!

    54. Plucky Pluckster

      It just seem like Zach Snyder's version is more of a serious dark novel where as Whedon's version was more playful execs probably wanted a marvel version, but we'll see.

    55. ExcessiveSpider

      the movie is going to be bad like the first justice league was.

    56. Comic Book Brro 602

      Lmfao 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Eric that line when you are laughing about society. you're killing me

    57. Alex Hughes

      Anyone else notice the tank from The Dark knight Returns?

    58. Jesse Cumba

      I know I'm in the minor here but I do not like this version of steppenwolf. This version of steppenwolf looks like someone crossbred a lizard with a water buffalo 🐃 and then gave it an armor. At least Josh Whedon's steppenwolf was more comic accurate. But I'm still looking forward to seeing this movie.

    59. Cancer Connoisseur

      I love that they had him say "we live in a society"

    60. CaptainBerz

      Remember, the Joker is in a dream sequence. Not real life. So we all know dreams are weird. lol

    61. Robert Ortiz

      Jared Leto's Joker Has Been VINDICATED!

    62. Fais

      The only tragic thing here is ... Their fix was using Leto as Joker ????

    63. Laz

      Only upset Jared is playing joker. He was pretty ass cheeks in suicide squad

    64. Weather Boy

      Real DC fans know why flash looks like that while he is running...*cough* Flashpoint *cough*

    65. FoxyGamer62

      Is this a sequel of some sorts or a rewrite/recut of the of the original film

    66. Rudy Ramirez

      So George Costanza is in this?

    67. Dad Songs

      Snyder worse than JJ? Neither should ever make a film again.

    68. WOO Tube

      The stephan wolf before was better

    69. The M Word

      Found your channel not too long ago and am having so much fun watching your episodes. Thank you and I will share and keep supporting your channel and all the great work that you do

    70. Ok Boomer

      Can someone explain the in a society meme to me?

    71. F B I

      We. Live. In. A. Society.

    72. Kraft_ Cheese

      Just want more flash pls and thx

    73. PeonSanders911

      Sure, this is an unscripted reaction.

    74. Maax Ross

      I heard “ you can’t expect to bring down the charging bull AND NOT wave the red cape at him,” as in, you better get Supermayne in this fight.

    75. Jan Jokinen

      Almost like "AVENGERS" 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

    76. Vũ Dương

      3:06 that black maid in Get Out

    77. Inverted Pizza

      How he says batman XD

    78. Stacy H

      What if the red around Joker's mouth is blood from trying to resuscitate Harley?

    79. fivenight

      This movie looks like garbage. I felt nothing watching it.

      1. Freak :0

        Then just don't watch if u can't appreciate other people's work and effort then atleast don't call it a garbage nobody cares abt ur opinion tho 😀

    80. Ace

      This trailer was great and the Joker looks and sounds fantastic.

    81. abotics

      gets a haircut mid video

    82. Catfinity

      You know that weird scene with The Flash time traveling in BvS? The Flash will probably do that while Superman is still dark.

    83. tiara Jaxkson

      We do live in a society though

    84. Emmanuel Okine

      This movie will be a badass

    85. Antonio Beneby

      It's nightmare joker😍

    86. Hulk Hagrid

      Honestly it looks beautiful and the cats at WB should be ashamed they didnt just let Zack do his thing.

    87. Peace Kharis

      I feel like when I'm watching the trailers I'm getting hints that the movie will be divided into sections of each of the Justice league members getting a backstory and them developing their characters one by one before they all unite in the end to fight Darkseid

    88. Noah Belkiewicz

      If Thanos removed half the pop. on Earth then why did almost every one on Titan perish?

      1. Noah Belkiewicz

        @Omega Flowaluigi are you talking about when he knocked out drax and mantis

      2. Omega Flowaluigi

        No, he killed them all without the gauntlet. He snapped, and then half of the rest of life vanished. He just killed them by himself.

    89. Brainiac Bold

      Yes he’s trying to project to Batman that he won he was right and all his fighting meant nothing but we live in a socio where honor I’d a distant memory.. in my opinion

    90. Neil Mendrico

      your thoughts on joker at the end is really spot on and I imagine that’s what led him to side with batman because it’s kinda like “what’s the point if there’s no one left to terrorize”.

    91. Masterson Agency

      Eric does the same "No No No" when I see my bank account.

    92. Noah Ortiz

      You need to make the joker look more like him

    93. PowerPuffParker

      He missed the Dark Knight Returns Bat-Tank after Steppenwolf attacks the Knightcrawler

    94. Hikigaya Zen

      Still thinks they could have made Steppenwolf more green like his comic version.... I'm not a fan of DC making all the villain monsters grey , it gets old

    95. Giorgos Zalogiannis

      What a true gamer.

    96. Cameron Skwier

      Iris west allen was in the trailer

    97. Nicholas Bergman

      I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THIS!!! Jared Leto is so cool. Not the best Joker. But very cool.

    98. Dominic Parkinson

      Ten dollars for a box of cereal?

    99. Robert Moore

      I love this trailer. The only thing I have is, I just wished that they gave the joker eyebrows

    100. KARIM LE MEC

      Actually " We live in a Masky hypochondriac Society"