MORTAL KOMBAT TRAILER REACTION! Sub-Zero vs Scorpion (Red Band Trailer)

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    Mortal Kombat (2021) has a new RED BAND TRAILER featuring Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Jax, Liu Kang, Kano, etc. Who is the newcomer Cole Young? #MortalKombat #Trailer #Reaction Thanks to #BangEnergy for sponsoring this video! Use my code NEWROCKSTARS10 for 10% OFF of your order at #EnergyDrink
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    Mortal Kombat Red Band Trailer! This new Mortal Kombat movie coming to HBO Max updates the Mortal Kombat lore, like Jax's origin tied to Sub-Zero, and introducing the newcomer Cole Young. Erik Voss reacts to the violent "finish him" moves from this trailer, including Scorpion's "GET OVER HERE," Sub-Zero's blood ice dagger, cameos by Goro and Reptile, and where is Johnny Cage?
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    Brendan Langdon
    Cody Anderson
    Dan Woodson
    Karen Wang
    O. Grometto
    Pony Stark
    Rick Denmon
    Producer: Erik Voss eavoss
    Producer: Zach Huddleston
    Written by: Erik Voss
    Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina filupmolina
    Post Production Supervisor: John Costa
    Staff Editor: Joshua Steven Hurd

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    1. carter day

      Was raiden in it?

    2. Silver Eagle Studios

      After seeing the trailer a bunch, I think Mileena, Reptile, and Kabal will die. (Maybe not Kabal)

    3. Bluemilk92


    4. Donna Lewis

      Just imagine if a little kid that doesn’t read the titles and watched this trailer.....that could be bad

    5. Phil Haddock

      Are you doing a brrakdown of the trailer?

    6. Cryptkz

      The "Get over here" definitely needs work, I get some people saying its realistic but come on they all have mystical fuckin powers, put some damn umph in that Get over here

    7. bakstroker1971

      Where's Reptile?

    8. Epic MasterLegend

      Break this down next

    9. Peter Skorec

      Looks like the coolest fan service movie ever. Couldn’t care less about the story but I’m so hyped. Subzero boooooom

    10. emma sherrard

      Where’s Kitana!?!!!!

    11. DRK_Sensei

      He missed shao Khan

    12. James Weatherborn

      It looks ok but I wish people would really take the time to do it right this could be such a good movie. So far the 90s mortal kombat looks better.

    13. Thomas Shevlin

      love the trailer & can't wait for the movie but i'm disappointed they've left out Johnny Cage.

    14. Rocket 2778

      Ya, this really sticked to the fan service

    15. ITSYEBOISteven Kennelley

      I dont think Ive ever played mortal combat, or seen a previous movie, but this movie seems interesting.

    16. Nanda Larizza

      2:42 I love this reaction

    17. anakin skywalker

      Gorro looks WAY better than he did in the 1995 movie I want to see this badly

    18. sagar sondarva

      Eric looks like if Jon Moxley was a nerd...

    19. sagar sondarva

      Cole is either Takeda, Kuai Liang or maybe descendant of the first earthrealm champion...

    20. Carson James IV


    21. Cristina Sousa

      What about Kitana????

    22. Mason Braxter

      I like the scorpion suit it likes samurai ish

    23. Reality Breakers

      This video was better than coffee this morning. All the Nostalgia!!!! I wish everyone could have that older brother.

    24. Chan Diongo

      I started playing at 8 years old

    25. Steelers 87

      I think in one of the clips you can see chameleon

    26. Nick

      *There's a Mortal Kombat movie*

    27. Jamal Williams

      Movie looks great but seriously where’s Johnny Cage

    28. Skorpion 88

      Kool I didn't know you were a MortalKombat fan

    29. all CAPS

      I have it backwards. The trailer screen should be large and your mug shot should be pnp

    30. Ana Cheah

      Sub-zero's actor is from Indonesia 🇮🇩, my country.

    31. blink182 topfan


    32. Spaceghost now

      I'm hyped. You hyped? We all hyped!

    33. MrSHIV923

      We NEED Johnny Cage

    34. iceicebuddy

      Johnny Cage 1:55? Or Cole with jeans on?

    35. Xavier McMurray

      Scorpion: get over here!!! Batman: I'm Batman!!!

      1. Hanzo Hasashi

        Do not compare Scorpion to that Dark Knight.

    36. XxProEditingMagexX

      Cole I feel like is the player, us, navigating through the game trying to win.

    37. A Gingerbread Man

      Everyone got STABBED. Like of all the ways to die in combat it's STAB.

    38. XxVanguardSkylinexX

      What if Cole Young is actually Kuai Liang I mean try saying their names like 7 times I mean it's kinda similar though but it's probably just me reaching a little far

    39. digitaldirtnap1

      This looks so much better than the old ones, which I enjoyed. This ones gonna be sick.

    40. shaolin joe

      Do more MK vids

    41. scorp77snake

      I'd expect Johnny Cage to still be in it they're probably just be keeping the actor a secret

      1. Hanzo Hasashi

        By the Elder Gods, this movie better be good. I heard Johnny made it, and my expectations are higher now that he is not fooling around. He is in Special Forces, I am just wondering how he had time to make one more movie, and who let him film a Mortal Kombat Tournament!? Did that Snake Sorcerer really allow him to film there?

    42. Vairy Ann Plum Boutwell

      Can't wait. Love mortal Kombat.

    43. FullMetal B

      When jax is in the car saying "it means you've been chosen" he doesn't have metal arms.

    44. Jason Brown

      Younger brothers unite! Also, so much was done correctly in this trailer, I coulda died happy! From the blood-to-dagger, the "born with it" cheeky one-liner, "GET OVER HERE," that nod to the theme? What could I possibly not love?

    45. PIE Files of the Paranormal

      Honesty I would love a Mortal Kombat anime, I’m a massive weeb and my dad loves games like Killer Instinct, Street Fighter (when he saw a Chun Li skin while playing Fortnite I learned something I never wanted to know) and MK so well, I’m turning him into me why not, wait, MK has lore... since I’m a lore fan I gotta go...

      1. Nik Mustaine

        They have a anime out on Netflix if you haven’t seen it, it’s great


      Sub Zero From Indonesia 🇮🇩👑🔝

    47. Deborah Pabon Cifuentes


    48. MartinMusic

      During the “finish him” point in the trailer, it happens really fast, but Sonya blows a hole in Mileena!!! ☠️☠️

    49. Jace Smith

      If it wasn't ice blood dagger, it was whatever the transformation that scorpion seemed to be going through.

    50. Jake Harris

      7:20 is erik trying to do an impression of Glenn from Superstore lol?

    51. Riley Jackson

      I started playing mortal Kombat when I was 3 years old 😂 I’m the oldest my mom just didn’t care

    52. sirslimesey

      I love how at the end of the trailer they play a slowed down version of the original Mortal Kombat theme for dramatic effect

    53. Erik Finkel


    54. The Crazy Lizard

      This trailer is great can’t wait for more footage

    55. Aldred Salugta

      I hope they break this down like the super hero trailers

    56. JaxanGaming

      Hey movie "get over here!"

    57. Aaron Reece

      That movie looks awesome and hopefully they'll have the original theme song at least for the credits.

    58. Gaby Lopez

      I will never get over the fact that Johnny Cage died in the first 30 seconds of MK:A

    59. H.D. Brown

      It was awesome. I am upset there isn’t a Johnny Cage. Maybe he will be in a end credit scene

    60. Brad Baldonado

      your dog gets the "like"

    61. Tim Hopkins

      Loved every second of this trailer. Love the designs and love that they’re going hard R. So hyped for this

    62. Dem Tingz

      lol what does this nerd know about mortal kombat, stick to movies mate

    63. Daniel Riley

      I was definitely too young to play MK, but I did play it and remember it fondly!

    64. Kirito kun


    65. Ursineharbinger

      I grew up with Mortal Kombat too Eric and loved the first movie even though it’s campy but this is the Mortal Kombat movie that we have been wanting for over 20 years now

    66. C M

      They should have used Connor McGreggor for Kano :)

    67. DA studios


    68. DA studios

      Can't fing wait.

    69. Ronald Nsokoshi

      The abnormal route aboaly crash because icebreaker expectedly consider sans a omniscient chalk. calm, aggressive cattle

    70. Joshua Barker22

      ERIK!! did you notice Mileena??

    71. AgentS8dZ

      Can’t wait to see Kitana and Sub Zero 💙

    72. Dalton Cutrer

      He don’t seem to know anything about mortal Kombat

    73. Kratos SHit

      You're reaction was the best so far. You didn't pause like every 5 second to put your thoughts and never act like you are a professional critique like some SEpromrs. Not overdramatic and you explain everything after the trailer end

    74. Rewind That Radio

      The director is a big fan of the franchise. You can see the detail he’s put into the fights and fatalities. For example, you notice Kung Lao doing one of his signature kicks (not a special just his style). I’m really looking forward to this

    75. Silverback 73

      Scorpion should have said “Get Over Here!” in Japanese. That was cringeworthy. And the tech-rehash if the song? Eewwwwww.

    76. BLAZER

      Why did everyone hear "GET OVER HERE " when i hered gwogwogwogwo

      1. Sober Scrim

        Really gonna disrespect Hiroyuki Sanada’s take on it? This is more realistic being actually muffled by the mask, even the director said he wanted to change it

      2. Indo with Bad english

        Same here. I knew it from comments

    77. Bryce Germain

      Recast guys, they gotta re shoot the whole movie... Eric Voss is now scorpion for his “get over here”

    78. Kevin Chen

      1k comment.

    79. Baevid

      I loved it when sub-zero made that Thing out of ice

    80. Kevin Mcewan

      Eric's dog is to cute

    81. pa dil

      Joe Taslim 😍

    82. James C


    83. dakota pfeiffle

      Just gonna skip over melina 😢

    84. Ralzo Walzo

      Your dog Cameo was great

    85. OneD33pTX

      A B A C A B B

    86. MAG1CMAN93

      Let's watch a red band trailer, yet still censor F*** Okay... 😂

    87. Kryptonite

      in the past two days, this movie has gone from barely on my radar to more anticipated than the snyder cut (i wasn't that hyped for the snyder cut - just curious from all the drama)

    88. Eli Park

      The person that person Lu kang was fighting looks a lot like kabal

    89. Patrick Davidson

      Has anyone else noticed that the Sub-Zero fighting Jax looks more like Noon Saibot while the one fighting against Scorpion is in the blue outfit?

      1. Hannah de Raline

        I just thought, he was quan chi in disguise

    90. Danny Mendez

      Lui Kang fights kabal in that scene. Literally right after he summoned the dragon against him. I’m excited to see kabal in this.

    91. Aldo Bobadilla

      Jack lose is arms by: Ermac, Goro, Kano, himself and now for SubZero.

    92. Gary

      Did anyone else notice Smoke and Kabal? Haven't heard anyone mention them in the trailer when reacting.

    93. Keith Woodcrest

      Still with the Bang sponsorships even after their CEO supported the insurrection and appeared at Turning Point USA rallies? Really? Sheesh.

    94. jadon playz

      That blood dager tho

    95. LAH Leslie

      What about the character Jade?

    96. I_Georgie Quest_I


    97. The_Big_Chooch TV

      When subzero says”I am Sub Zero” at the end of the trailer I got fucken chills. I’m a Diehard subzero fan

    98. Patrick Ringsmuth

      Pretty sure I saw smoke @ 2:08

    99. wrn beltran

      Cole Young kinda sounds like Kuai Liang

    100. tank wee

      Getting killed by the dragon