Most Powerful MCU Weapon? Stormbreaker vs Godslayer vs GORR'S SWORD! | BQ Bite

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    Welcome back to another episode of BQ BITES, in which we revisit smaller, bite-sized -- yet still significant -- questions buried deep in our past episodes of The Big Question and pop them out as truly consumable smaller episodes for your enjoyment! Filup Molina and Erik Voss (recorded back in April 2020) compare the lethality of Gamora's sword vs other Marvel weapons like Thor's battle-axe Stormbreaker, and the sword carried by Gorr the Godbutcher (Christian Bale) in the upcoming Thor Love and Thunder (Thor 4). Erik his you covered on this Avengers Infinity War mystery, along with questions about the Human Torch and wrestlers in the MCU!
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    Karen Wang
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    Producer: Zach Huddleston
    Written by: Erik Voss
    Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina filupmolina
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    Editor: Aaron Carrión

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    1. New Rockstars

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      1. Salahgames

        @George Michael Robert Lucas yes but if you can kill Thanos with stormbreeker that's made of Uru and Thanos is stronger than a asgaurdian that makes Uru abel to kill a asgaurdian

      2. George Michael Robert Lucas

        If you’re saying that you can kill an asgarden because Thor threatened low-key with his hammer, then I technically wouldn’t count that. Because as we all know. Loki isn’t really in as guardian. He’s actually a Child of the ice Giants.

      3. Salahgames

        @The Dragon Trainer 101 uru

      4. The Dragon Trainer 101

        I have a question which is stronger Uru or Vibranium?

      5. Salahgames

        00you should make more shorts like this one because normally I don't wachts because it's to long

    2. Kelsey Daum

      if there is ever any chance that Marvel makes a official Avengers parody Dwane "the Rock" Johnson should play Bruce "the HUUULK" Banner : )

    3. Hayden Adams

      watch The hacksmiths wolverine claws video and take the design cut it into cardboard and BOOM cardboard wolverine claws (stronger than Adamantuim

    4. Tom Shrosbree

      Why do you guys sounds extra high today

    5. Kodie Carey

      Eric what is your shirt size?

    6. Progeny of Light

      yeah, but what size shirt?

    7. Zakjac Da gamer

      It’s kinda obvious

    8. louie gallardo

      Flame on!!! Sorry i had to reverse a huge fart

    9. bowen saxe

      It didn’t kill Thanos because that wasn’t actually thanos

    10. Nick

      All the various things edited in was just hectic but I loved it!

    11. Histio

      What size shirt is Erik? I got some merch for ya

    12. carter day

      The most powerful weapon of the Mcu is America's a**

    13. Cole Bullock

      I’m living for these video edits🤣

    14. Zain Mohan

      I think that Godslayer might be formed from the same metal that Thanos' double sword is made of

    15. Vjcj Dj

      Wtf did I just watch.....? Asking a nerd if a short sword can be used to kill a person the size of a skyscraper...? Wtf

    16. DummyGaming


    17. Dante F

      FILUP 🥰👍👍👍👍

    18. Hamza Ali

      Good job making these videos, appreciate it!

    19. huzi ali

      hello yall

    20. Freebird

      Brock leasner playing the Thing😂😂😂

    21. Big Cazza

      gunna send a shirt that says marvel sucks gotta wear it now lmao

    22. Bobby Washington

      The rock lost in Scorpion 👑!

    23. Leroy Fraser

      Gamora did mention Cotati metal when describing Thors muscles in Infinity war

    24. Itchy Boto

      6:05 The Rock was kind of a villain in the Doom movie.

    25. FuZe_T0X1C

      If we send you stuff can you make a fan wall

    26. Miilak

      They have to have the Rock play the thing

    27. Kory Briggs

      Triple H as sabertooth BROTHERHOOD of EVIL MUTANTS

    28. Joe Brabo

      filup on that chronic

    29. RealBaconMaster

      Are we not going to talk about what's in the bottom left 1:57

    30. James McCartney

      Talking about elements that exist in mcu does anyone one know more about gravatonium or the carbyne (an allotrope of carbon found in stardust 3 times harder than diamond and can store energy) both appear in agents of shield

    31. Austin Nwachukwu

      Been a while, but when did Filup get hot?

    32. James McCartney

      Can ghost rider burn Jonny storm? What would happen if they had a fight?

    33. Rikky Moller

      What song was that trumpet break?

    34. Mike Wilson

      Eric salty this time around dangggg

    35. Airzoneeagle

      godslayer is probably made out of yaka

    36. Shivansh Mishra

      I think Ricardo would make a great the thing

    37. Sid__

      MAKE A DISCORD ❗️❗️❗️❗️

    38. Bradley Baughman

      Wait I've seen this video before like months ago

    39. Christoph Star

      Hulks pants 🩲

    40. Xdconnar70

      Erik i might be getting stereo

    41. Tony Moya

      This man Filup looks SHHHHMACKED!!! 🤣🔥🤔

    42. Frozen Eucalyptus


    43. Lennon Rasche

      Can you do a video on the little things please.

    44. Zachary Benton

      I’m so glad to see my two favorite bois

    45. TRAZ 3:16

      Of all the things to talk about?

    46. Guerrilla Grodd

      "The first of the race your kind calls symbiotes began life as a blade. I pulled its shape from my own and cast its living edge in the fire of the first creator I felled." - _Knull monologuing the origin of All-Black._ "All-Black the Necrosword. The blade that slew a billion gods. The black weapon of Gorr the God Butcher. The last hope for planet Earth." - _King Thor_ Boom... Here's your winner, folks.

    47. Lyndon Tia

      Bro who edits these videos? I honestly love it!

    48. Ben Henderson

      Dat cheeks picture.

    49. Melkofficial

      Erik said: ************************************************

    50. Devanshu Kushte

      So if I walked up to Thor with my kitchen knife. I wound not have been able to kill him ? Even if I attacked like Thor.

    51. Drishal Ballaney

      3:36 BRUH you just killed that "Please Stand By"

    52. Samuel Nightingale

      Nice shout out to greggs in the vid

    53. DeepBlueRiver

      I'm pretty confident I'm in the minority here, but in the year that I've been watching this channel, I definitely think that individual Erik is a much better dynamic than letting anyone else in on the video.

    54. Wan Amir

      Randy Orton will be a great villian

    55. Mansour A. Ahmed

      The rock can play Blue Marvel

    56. Alasdair Bell

      Better idea, Jon Moxley as Ghost Rider!

    57. Greg Monk

      Infinity hammer coming soon :)

    58. Mohammed Khaja Moin Uddin

      Roman Reigns can play any villain or any hero. BELIEVE THAT

    59. Marcus Roberts

      Thanos tryed to make sure his children had some decent weapons.

    60. Domri 420

      Flame on! Is more of a war cry.

    61. Aiden Junkman

      The head of the celestial I looked that up and it say it was killed by god emperor doom

    62. E Kennedy

      Strongest: Thor Most powerful: Wanda Hardest to beat: Dr Strange💯

      1. _.SBeatle _.


    63. Poultry Pals


    64. Chase Poulin

      Erik turned on my Alexa

    65. Chunko Mustache

      Christoph Waltz as Galactus Jason Statham as Noran Rad / Silver Surfer

    66. dave sargent

      Flame on!

    67. Mr_Fiji

      How is it the god slayer one of the most powerful weapons thanos snapped it like a twig

    68. TheOneBored

      pretty sure Hela had all black the necrosword, wasn't stated but seemed like it.

    69. MJ

      Ok but can I just say the guy with the black hair is just so attractive

    70. Moby t.

      Johnny Storm does NOT have to say "flame on" in order to ignite himself. thats sloppy work, fellas, I expect better research from such a prestigious title. its Captain Marvel that has to say a thing to use his powers. thats like saying "Ben Grim can only smack the crapout of someone if he yells 'its clobberin' time!'" 5 demerits, now go train in the danger room!

    71. John Santos

      Gungnir: am i a joke to you?

    72. WildEJWest

      1:02 I'm pretty sure that Cap's/Falcon's shield is half Vibranium half Adamantium even thought they didn't say it on scene.

    73. Tyler Maule

      Wrestler: bogeyman as nightmare

    74. Justine Harper

      I feel stupid because I never knew Gamoras sword had a name and was special

    75. Cedar Fee

      This video is made better by the new rockstars editor

    76. Mohamed MX

      if uru is what thor's hammer (mjolner) is made.of then it's weak his sister stopped it and crushed it with one hand without any infinity stones

    77. Shemisslos

      Is this even a question

    78. More Hope

      Do most powerful avengers/marvel superheroes or villains

    79. Ross Jones

      Galactus' ultimate nullifyer.

    80. Cringe Horse

      Why were the edits and memes so good today?

      1. X X

        Do you know what song is at 1:13 ??? Please help

    81. Barney Stonehouse

      For the Wanda vision posters of Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis, they seem to have a TV screen showing another section of their clothing. The price that they where seems to represent the clothing of the 90s and is not what they wore in episiode 4. This could mean that eventuallly the two of them enter the warped town of westview

    82. Crafty Sea Pickle

      Wait, have I watched this video before?

    83. Daniel Salem

      Can you do a big question about how nova could be introduced to the mcu? He’s my favorite character and I can’t wait to see him in love action!

    84. Walter Roux

      Necrosword wins, it's not even close.

    85. masato_magik

      How dare you take Namor from Donnie Yen

    86. X

      Johnny Storm could just do ninja signs to flame on

    87. X

      The best weapon is *Avengers Assemble*

    88. Sports Mag

      Didn't the Rock lose as the boss villain in Doom?

    89. Angel C

      the editors of new rockstars always have me dying

    90. tapman1212

      Eric what’s your shirt size?

    91. Chris AnWatchMeWork

      Give me the Space stone in the Scepter!!!!! Damn a sword, give me the Loki weapon of choice!!

    92. Deakon Lindquist

      If Shazam was not able to talk would he not be able to use his powers?

    93. Madness Arcade

      Triple H as X-Treme let’s make it happen @NewRockStars

    94. Cosmik 714

      Brock Lesnar as the Rhino

    95. The Enigma

      I feel like that scene on Knowhere *proved* that the god slayer could kill Thanos as we practically see it kill the illusion of him, the only reason he was alive after that is *because* it was an illusion

    96. Uncle Fudge Vapes

      I feel like Arnold Schwarzenegger should join the MCU since his friendly rival Sylvester Stallone was in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. I don't know who he should play though.. 🤔

    97. Phily TheKid

      My name is Phillip and I have never met another Phillip who spells his nam filup

    98. FunkEmonK

      Send me any shirt and I'll wear it.. Game on Erik.

    99. A Gamer

      Who ever edited this I just want to say good job

    100. Gareth Andrew

      Legion of Doom old school wrestlers