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    Is WandaVision setting up Wanda Maximoff as the villain of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness? If so, what will that wizard duel look like? Make sure to enter to win a brand new PlayStation 5 by visiting epicheroshop.com/giveaway. Download the free Stereo App and follow us at stereo.com/NEWROCKSTARS so you can join in on our brand new weekly live shows on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
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    How does magic work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as practiced by characters like Scarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff, Doctor Strange, the Asgardians, and Ebony Maw? In this episode of Big Question, Erik Voss and Joshua Ovenshire / JOVEN explain the rules of magic in the MCU, the origin of each kind of magic, and which magic practitioner is the most powerful. If we do see a battle between Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch in Multiverse of Madness, who would win?
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    Brendan Langdon
    Cody Anderson
    Dan Woodson
    Karen Wang
    O. Grometto
    Pony Stark
    Rick Denmon
    Producer: Erik Voss eavoss
    Producer: Zach Huddleston
    Written by: Erik Voss
    Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina filupmolina
    Post Production Supervisor: John Costa
    Staff Editor: Joshua Steven Hurd
    Editors: Devin Cleary, Aaron Carrión, Kelly Joule, Jeremy Alvarez

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    1. Xavier Torres

      I'm going with Wanda.

    2. Dylan Rinker

      This aged well

    3. Arturo Romo

      What magic does Scott Lang have? That card trick ain't natural ;)

    4. Arturo Romo

      Didn't Loki learn magic from his mother?

    5. Biz Griff

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    6. Algezon

      When you're in a fight, people who thinks when and how to hit where it hurts would win over someone on a rampage. Beside, Doctor Strange can dissect and escape any reality warping magic that comes his way.

    7. Kadasia Walker

      Funny how WandaVision directory answered this question!

    8. Christian Castro

      I think Dr. Strange would take the win because of all that was mentioned in this video. I also think that when he fought Thanos, he was just making time, in a scene stalling, to think about what future he would take part in. In the end, he willingly gave the stone away knowing that the future and an in-moment decision would play off in a good way. Alsoooooo, when he fought Thanos, it was a one on one, yes, but Thanos had infinity stones. Wanda fought him when he had none. I'm just excited to see how this all ties into the MCU and future movies and shows. Haven't missed a NR video because of it lol.

    9. Alasfour Oday

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    10. Jarrod Uland

      Why is everyone saying that wanda fought thanos with 0 stones and lost? None of that is relevant as wanda fended off 5 stones while DESTROYING one

      1. undying ghoul

        Dr strange is the reason why they won when he used the time stone.

    11. Henk Mastenbroek

      The mind stone is doing all this It s manipulating Wanda ,Agatha and Hayward

    12. Danielle

      Ever since the pandemi lavato happened I’m living in the MCU in my head 😂🤣

    13. Danielle

      Omg can someone make a mortal kombat vs. MCU?!?! They have MK vs DC and I loved that. Need a marvel one! On the Nintendo switch please! Lol

    14. Levi Tafoya

      Yes! Shout out the John Crist cameo lol

    15. princemark

      Did Thor not call their abilities on Asgard as “space magic?”

    16. Jon Hicks

      "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Arthur C. Clarke


      o btw - ThaNOs vs SW? was MINUS the stones ;)


      nothing 'comes from science' - SCIENCE is a process of applied theory. catch UP humans!!

    19. Tobi c:

      20:23 Yes, they both fight Thanos. Dr. strange with no stones fights a 4 stones wielder Thanos and puts up really god fight, Scarlet Witch fights a young stoneless Thanos. My money is in that if Thanos didn't have the stones when he fought Strange, he would've won.

    20. Andy Branco

      Lmao damn that high school story. Rip

    21. Noel Horvath

      There's no air in space, so the x-wing fighter's wing position should have no effect unless in atmosphere.

    22. STANNED UP for NERDS

      Why can’t magic be science? In that world, it absolutely is science, that doesn’t take anything away from it.

    23. Jake Thomas


    24. Wade Eastman

      Everything said in the first 10 minutes is Wandavision.

    25. Imanol Lorenzo

      And he was right.

    26. Henry Suber

      When wanda fought Thanos, he didn't have any infinity stones. When strange fought him he had the power stone.

    27. Minaj Myles

      Tonight’s episode confirmed Wanda is a natural born witch who has the strongest type of magic , chaos magic. so this discussion ends here on who’s better

    28. Patrick Kjelgaard

      20:26 but didnt Doctor Strange look into the future for probabilities. maybe he intended to loose from the start. and also couldnt there be a difference. one of them were younger then the other. like i understand what hes saying but theres a lot of different things you need to take into factor

    29. Remy-J Knott

      When Strange fought thanos...he had stones... When Wanda fought him...he had none... can't really make a true comparison....

    30. These White Pigeons

      Ds went up against thanos with an almost complete guantlet. Sw did nothing against him.

    31. William Bender

      Tell me something, just how many "Possibly the most powerful character in the MCU are there in total"? LOL

      1. Deanna Henry

        Which sentry was in mcu he is OP . He can beat all of them

    32. Rocky Palacios

      The most powerful majik welder iz majik Johnson curing himself from H.I.V

    33. Rich Stephens

      Wanda's power isn't magic. It's from the mind stone. Just like Captain Marvel's power isn't magic. It's from the space stone.

    34. Matthew Sarver

      He actually beat sw with the stones when he went for vision.

    35. Edward Burgos

      That eldritch blast reference got a like out of me. 😂

    36. C3 origin

      I remeber watching joven on smash games as a kid and seeing him just gave me a flood of memories. Seems forever ago since I last watched a video with him in

    37. Sergio Diaz

      20:24 Terrible example, because both fights are on a completely different level, the Thanos that Wanda put on a pinch and force him to rain fire had no infinity stones, while the Thanos with infinity stones had a hard time with Dr. Strange, while Thanos with Infinity stones had an easy time with Wanda.

    38. Sergio Diaz

      Ebony Maw is like Marvel's Voldemort

    39. Sergio Diaz

      Eldrige Magic is a reference back to Lovecraftian Horror.

    40. PRIVACY Two

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    41. jakoby jurajda

      Everyone can learn math but not everyone becomes a mathematician

    42. None of your Business

      To be fair thanos fought Dr. Strange with 4 infinity stones and wanda with just a sword. I think A great one is that when wanda held thanos with 5 stones with him. Or When the avengers fighting all together including doctor strange, excluding wanda, with 4 stones being with thanos. Against wanda fighting thanos with a sword and strength that can break through vibranium.

    43. Braden Pierce

      Thanos had the infinity gauntlet when strange fought him tho

    44. charles mcdowell

      I don't think it would be a fight , but more like Strange helping Wanda come to grip with reality.


      I am with dr strange.. Cuz he knows to use an infinity stone along with.. He is tge master of mhstic arts and the supreme sorcer...

    46. yash garg

      19:00 but doctor strange fought thanos with 6 infinity stone but wanda fought him without any

    47. Aiden Finney

      20:00 Thanos had the stones against strange and none against wanda

    48. Zachary Lin

      An all out battle among doctor strange, wanda, agatha and wiccan. TATS WAT I WANNA SEE

    49. valeree

      18:42 the mean girls quote lmaoo I died

    50. Miha Helbl

      It's an interesting comparison how both Wanda and Strange fought Thanos, but it is also important to consider that they fought two different Thanoses. The one that Strange fought was the older/wiser one in the sense that he had a clear goal and perspective to bring balance to the universe. The one that Wanda fought against was the younger one with the sole purpose of destroying the avengers (at the point when they fought). Wouldn't that in a sense make the first Thanos a greater threat? A stronger enemy?

    51. Sandeep Srinivas

      People here commenting that Wanda was able to hold Thanos with 5 stones in Infinity war are missing the fact that Thanos wasn't using the full power of the 5 stones. Thanos could've killed Wanda in a milli second but he just knocks down Wanda including all the Avengers present there. He killed no one there. His only goal was to get the stones and erase half the population.

    52. Charles lustina

      Doctor strange fought thanos without time stone and thanos used 2 stones to defeat doctor strange and this is why i think doctor stranges magic is more superior to wandas magic

    53. Evandro Lima

      Agents of shield's inhumans' genes were activated by the monolith stones.

    54. Lee

      Wonder maximum Magic or chaos magic

    55. Tom Shrosbree

      I felt pain when Eric told that story

    56. Mars Jenkins

      Scarlett Witch is Omega level, Doctor Strange isn't. Argument over.

      1. Mr Beam

        Yes, he is way more than just omega level. *period*

    57. Paul Friebe

      immediate like for Joven

    58. xabu

      Two things: ebony maw didn't create those needles, he explains they're for micro surgery. Also Dr strange flight Thanos with 4 Infinity stones and Wanda fought him with 0

    59. Alex Rogoff

      20:45, when Wanda fought Thanos he didn't have the infinity stones, but when he fought Dr. Strange he had an advantage wielding 4 stones over Dr .Strange's 1stone

    60. RELAXcowboy

      Im calling it now. Wanda will House of M the whole planet leading into Dr. Strange. It will end and the people who were dusted SPECIFICALLY will find that they have powerful abilities. This will give rise to mutants. This will probably be in the end credits scene. Something like a child doing his thing then out of no where his his eye start hurting and he falls to his knees, covering his eyes, then yells out and shoots optic blasts into the sky. Cut to black. The power stone was also on earth for a long time so you can still have back story for people like Logan being a mutant who’s older then the rest.

    61. Walter Denney

      Thanos had the Infinity Stones when he fought Doctor Strange he did not have them when he fought Scarlet Witch

    62. Kavionte Blems

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    63. Trupent AKA: Martian

      Let me stop reading the comments bc it’s all “Wanda fought Thanos WITHOUT THE STONES”

    64. Greatest Airbender

      If Dr Strange does not have the stone why doesn’t he through a clock at doormomu

    65. Ratzinger Monteiro

      Strange would win

    66. Samil Battenfeld

      you can't compare both thanos's fights cuz in one he had 4 infinity stones. if he had none, doctor stance would've recked him instantly

    67. Kavionte Blems

      The deranged support feraly note because wednesday uncommonly choke inside a psychotic glove. skillful, quack jail

      1. Mr Beam


    68. R3M1ND

      Strange lost to thanos cuz he had 3 or 4 stones.. wanda won against a younger thanos that ddnt have lots of experience but also litteraly no stones at all.. so yea.. that comparison is actualy shit

    69. Kamalesh

      Notice onething, when Joshua said that Wanda went nearly killing Thanos, which Strange couldn't do; Thanos used 4 Infinity Stones 😲 against Strange, and in ENDGAME, Thanos fought Wanda with only his double-bladed sword 😏(WITHOUT INFINITY STONES); So, what I'm saying is YOU CAN'T JUDGE THE POWERFUL BETWEEN THEM, YET! 🔥😎

      1. Mr Beam

        Oxford university?

    70. T.Vision

      Wanda vs Dr Strange: no matter who wins, I want this fight! I am more on Wanda's site here about winning, tho, but I think Strange will win anyway since the fight is very likely to happen in his second movie. And the hero most likely wins in his own movie. The fight itself would be sick however :D

    71. Troy Thompson

      There is no friction in space so the X-Wing needing to be closed to warp for that reason doesn't mesh.

    72. emsaturated


    73. marco051576

      While Doctor Strange was battling THANOS he had to lose because he saw the future while scanning 14 million possibilities. So he couldn't use his full potential.

    74. guerilla360gam r

      Dr strange definitely lost on purpose

    75. Jordan GamerBoy08

      I give the edge to Scarlett Witch just cuz Strange doesn't have the stone anymore

    76. Michael Gudger

      What about the wielder of the ten rings

    77. sam pittman


    78. UFOHawk 1

      Couldn’t Doctor Strange just send himself and Wanda to the mirror realm then just dip out? I don’t know if I’m right but don’t you need a sling ring to get out of it?

      1. UFOHawk 1

        @Javi Awesomer what

    79. Elisha Goldberg

      I think Wanda is more powerful, but Strange is better trained!

    80. broisfunny

      I mean if we’re talking about vs Thanos he had 4 stones against strange and no stones against Wanda

    81. Eric Banach

      He didn’t have their stones when he faced off with Wanda

    82. Red Carter

      Dr Strange didn’t fix everything with his own power, he used the time stone to rewind time selectively like Thanos did to Vision in Infinity War. Wanda’s effort against Thanos outdid Cap, Thor, and Ironman’s combined effort.

      1. veniel bretaña

        lol infinity war thor ? The thor that overpowered all full power blast from the stones and would have killed him in 1 hit if he had gone for the head ?? . while wanda couldn't even over power one stone use from thanos ?? Not to mention the point of who did better thor/cap/ironman or wanda. is totally pointless in an argument with Wanda vs Dr Strange.

    83. Chris Anderson

      Correction: the answer to the question about an x wing flying in hyperspace with the x foils open you said "based on friction alone"....there's No friction in space buddy since there is no atmosphere.

    84. Sean Dowd

      Based on what was explained, the next Doctor Strange movie could be an equivalent of Hulk vs Hulkbuster in AoU, which in effect Hulkbuster (Dr Strange) would win. Also, Dr Strange predicted the future before his encounter with Thanos, which means he might’ve lost his battle on purpose

    85. M. V. Gonzalez

      1:30 Why not puppets? Hello puppets!

    86. Glosci Retep

      Strange flighted against Thanos when he had 4 infinity stones during Wanda flighted against Thanos when the gauntlet was grappled by the avengers so you can't compare these battles cause strange could destroy Thanos without the stones

    87. Elvin Mateo

      awww my god LOL that drool story D:

    88. Jaylen Machacon

      It’s also important to remember that Thanos had no stones when he Fought Wanda.

    89. Jesse Rya

      Why is this video longer than any episode of the season?

    90. Ling Kitty

      I see alot of people using the argument that in IW wanda held off Thanos with a 5 stoned gauntlet while destroying the mind stone, whereas Strange fought Thanos with 4 stones and lost. Watch again, Strange knew what he was doing. He had to lose to Thanos to win in the future (Endgame). Also, Wanda held off Thanos with 5 stones, but Thanos was only using ONE stone against Wanda. U can clearly see the space stone lighting up, that is the ONLY stone he was using. In both scenes, Thanos' goal was different. Against Strange, he wanted to defeat Strange so that he can get the stone. Against Wanda, he was just throwing everybody out of the way to get to the stone. Its not really a fair comparision. The other argument is that in Endgame Wanda almost killed Thanos, but Strange didnt in IW. Thanos didnt have the stones in Endgame unlike in IW, but had his sword. His drive was also alot different. In IW he wanted to just get the stones to 'save' the universe, didnt feel the need to hurt anybody except Stark; In Endgame he wanted to kill everybody, get the stones and wipe the universe. Also given the different experiences against the Avengers the two different Thanos had, it really is NOT A FAIR COMPARISION AT ALL. So PLEASE STOP fighting over their power levels based on these fight scenes in the movies where what the both of them were facing off were all very very different Thanos. Its like fighting over either Melatonin or an Apple is better for your overall health. One helps with sleep and another provides vitamins. ITS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!

    91. Wojownik Rzeki San

      I'd put my money on strange, mainly because it's his movie, and it's 2nd one, so they will probably make 3rd as well

    92. Terry Worrall

      Wanda would end Strange easily if not for the most powerful of armors, that is of course Plot Armor.

    93. R0B0_Gamer

      The thing about comparing the thanos fights is you have to remember that doctor strange had to fight thanos with 4 of the infinity stones and did pretty good. Scarlet witch didn't so it was easier to win. I think strange would win just because he knows more about magic and how to use it. For example when thanos throws an energy beam and a black hole at strange he can block it pretty easily but I'm not sure scarlet witch would've been able to block those.

    94. Quinton Jackson

      The comment about scarlet beating thanos and strange not is not comparable. Scarlet fought him when he had a sword and strange fought him when he had the gauntlet and 4 infinity stones which are the only things that kept him alive

    95. Al Bro


    96. Andre Strahan

      The letter pattern in your Epic Hero Labs give away looks like a 16S Ribosomal DNA Sequence.

    97. Abe Baker

      Have they done Matilda vs Eleven?

    98. Talon Richardson

      although wanda almost did destroy thanos doctor strange was fighting him with 4 infinity stones while wanda fought him with none and doctor strange put up a good fight but wanda also is on a reality warping scale with a type of magic that in the comics doctor strange didn’t even think was real

    99. Cameron Moriarty

      Wanda vs Thanos vs Strange vs Thanos doesn't really work. Strange had to face Thanos with 3 Infinity Stones, he had none vs Wanda. That is a SIGNIFICANTLY different Thanos.

    100. Wing Kwok

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