WandaVision AGNES SECRET PLAN! Is She Lying? | RT 207

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    WandaVision Agnes' Deeper Secret: Is Kathryn Hahn's character, believed to be the witch Agatha Harkness, actually the one manipulating Wanda? Go to bluechew.com and use the code ROGUE. Go to stereo.com/NewRockstars to catch us live on Stereo! Visit HelloFresh.com/10rogue and use the code 10ROGUE for 10 free meals, including free
    What is Agnes' secret in Westview? WandaVision Episode 6 features her in a bizarre encounter with Vision near the border of Westview. Is Agnes lying, who is her husband Ralph, and what will we learn about her in WandaVision Episode 7? In this episode of Rogue Theory, Erik Voss, Tommy Bechtold, Marina Mastros, and Brandon Barrick explore the mystery of Wanda's nosy neighbor Agnes. Is Agnes working alone, or could she be partnering with a unseen demonic entity like Nightmare or Mephisto? Is she a true victim of the Westview hex, or does she actually want to be trapped?
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    Brendan Langdon
    Cody Anderson
    Dan Woodson
    Karen Wang
    O. Grometto
    Pony Stark
    Rick Denmon
    Producer: Erik Voss eavoss
    Producer: Zach Huddleston
    Written by: Erik Voss
    Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina filupmolina
    Post Production Supervisor: John Costa
    Staff Editor: Joshua Steven Hurd

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    1. Michael Tang

      The gamy metal puzzlingly trick because gum philosophically share modulo a rough mother-in-law. ten, red honey

    2. deadpan_does_stuff

      hi im from the future and to put it simply in response to the title yea lol

    3. Vfx Star

      I thought Disney+ launched in Europe before the US, or was that just in a couple of countries.

    4. Iron Man

      In avengers Endgame: Who was NOOBMASTER69?? It was... Agatha all along 😂😂

    5. Matt Walker

      i think Ralph will end up being a skeleton in the corner because he died in the 17th century

    6. Mariejules Jiy

      Hello everyone good to seeing you guy's

    7. David Olden

      Nobody’s asking the obvious question: How is it that Vision even has the power to wake people from trances????

      1. David Olden

        @Matt Walker Enjoy when you do :-) Note there is a bonus scene

      2. Matt Walker

        @David Olden wasnt gonna watch it till later but im curious now gonna have to watch it

      3. David Olden

        @Matt Walker I won’t say nothin’ more. But you’’l see what i mean when you see it. :-)

      4. Matt Walker

        @David Olden ive not seen it yet

      5. David Olden

        @Matt Walker Wow! After episode 8, now we gotta start our convo from scratch...

    8. Game City Savior

      I thought bluchu was a pokemon

    9. playarabbit

      Why not the Juggernaut 😭

    10. Ashley Blackstock

      Love the fact I'm in England (Europe) and watched this on a train 🤣🤣

    11. BluJD

      Now that the episode has posted I want to see some of these theories pan out with the big revealed

    12. Herson Valle

      I can’t believe no one notice the witch 🧙🏻‍♀️ costume

    13. tallib facey

      I think director Hayward is Ultron And Him And Agatha Were Secretly Planning To Use Vision body for ultron threw dark or chaos magic but Agatha as another agenda which that includes Ralph Ava Mephissss I don’t know 😂

    14. Sujit Prasad

      For some reason this discussion turned from comic nerds nerding out to gender equality torch thingy/male bashing. I get it but you don't necessarily have to shove that shit


      32:08 - 32:30 😭😭

    16. steven argenzio

      I’m in love with Marina’s theory of the coven

    17. steven argenzio

      Idk what Brandon is thinking, why would they have someone be two big Marvel villains. It’s like “Oh Loki, he’s actually Thanos.” Like tf no

    18. Immanuel Comer

      I think Agnes really wants "Ralph" to disappear as opposed to simply not be on screen (truth in every joke)

    19. The Tech Industry

      hahahaha it's Agatha all along

    20. 9some

      that mutants keep their origin of powers, i only ask

    21. Budgie Cat

      It was Agatha all alonnnnnnng

    22. Andrew Forte

      It was Agatha all along.

    23. Kenneth Raymond

      These guys don't even know how hard Agatha's sitcom theme about to slap.

    24. Reality Breakers

      Wonder if Ultron returns? SWORD could of inadvertently released Ultron from Vision while dissecting him. Remember he is made up of Tony, Bruce, Jarvis and Ultron. This is why Vision is different. He doesn't have the Ultron part.

    25. Damian K

      I think It was Agatha alll along!😉

    26. blaccnblu

      Signed up for hello fresh through you hope it helps you in some way!

    27. Mobie Dyche

      Eric is like that friend you lift with who won't lay off the soy protein. I love him tho.

    28. Alfredo Ramos

      Has anyone asked about Marina’s walker and crutches? lol

    29. Jose Ramos

      Watching spiderman far from home right now an when there trip gets cancelled one of the teachers says something bout there are" 2 witches tryin to destroy the world welcome to the dark ages " no bs

    30. Brian K

      Crazy how you guys made this right before the episode yesterday. Kind of suspicious. I think you know someone inside the production that has been telling you things. Which is cool but you should give your source some credit 😉

      1. Aman Poddar


    31. Trevor Simon-Spooner

      Has any mentioned the comment 'thank you for your loyalty' is that a skull reference?

    32. GrmMott

      Did else anyone notice the broach that Agnes wears disappeared after the twins were born and then returned only after Wanda noticed they were missing from Agnes' house? What is the connection of the broach to the twins?

    33. Rekirsch 1


    34. Nathan Boebel


    35. RICK NICK

      I'll tell you what it's going to be left field when Loki shows up to save the day

      1. Ned Flanders

        I also think Loki might be involved. He used the mindstone (staff) to control people in avengers 1, now possesses the tesseract (Endgame) and knows witchcraft and can change appearance.

    36. Freddy Vorhees-Myers Jr.


    37. LightSkinGordon

      who’s here after it was revealed that he was right about agnes

    38. solvseus

      Illuminated? Laminated? Live shows, whatareyougonnado...

    39. Ray Garay


    40. NY Charm

      Also how strong is Agnes when it compares to the kids because couldn’t one of them run away with his speed and couldn’t the other hear or speak to vision and or Wanda when Agnes disposed of them

    41. Daniel Grad

      When they say "for the children", I think the twins are a red herring you should really look into the Salem 7 and "Mr. Scratch". Not going to go into a full explanation here, but it does help to mesh together both of the theories that seem to be discussed in this video.

    42. NY Charm

      But also kids have a significance first there wasn’t any now there are and now wandas kids are gone 🤔

    43. lj j

      Guess i was right who knew lol

    44. kevin c

      Still no kids in westview.... Wanda reversed time on a few adults (aka chicken turned into eggs)

    45. Zachary Payne


    46. Pure Electron

      Brandon's mic sounds pretty good for inline mic with earphones.What is he using?

    47. BadVideo Man

      It was Agatha all along!

    48. Jan Wouter

      Mad props to this chick's 2nd prediction. Nexus👀

    49. Lau Bra


    50. jonathon martinez

      AG -atha hark - NESS , it’s been there all along !! 😭🤦🏻‍♂️😩😂

    51. Christopher Michael

      5:00-8:00 Aftering freshly watching episode 7 (and episode 8 isn't out yet), I know that this video will age very well.

    52. Obama bin garden


    53. Andy Johnson

      Wanda tha F*** Can't wait to watch the episode 7 review in a few hours! 🙄😬

    54. Weedy Bongzales Show

      wow marinas a b

    55. Joshua Hipp


    56. JuicedSage1409

      We have never seen agnes try to come to the house since pietro started moving on the house besides in the opening when they were both added

    57. Jan Wouter

      In the comics don't most evil sorcerers have some sort of demonlord?

    58. Sara Johnson

      i just re-watched age of ultron and i figured out pietro's death. sure there were legal issues, but pietro didnt mean to take the bullet, instead he actually pushed a car in front of hawkeye. but didnt expect the bullets to get through and the bullets did and it hit him. damn, idk how i noticed it but why hasn't anyone else noticed it before.

    59. MK1 Vlogs

      Ep 7 thouh

    60. Steven Ayala

      Who’s here aft episode 7 😳

    61. Paradox

      lol the timing on this

    62. Shayde Woodard

      I am ready for the review of last nights episode lol

    63. Mr C

      After this past episode please for the love of god release a reaction or Easter eggs please!!!

    64. Psyifinotic

      So if Agatha is the Quarterback calling audibles, who is the coach?

    65. homerj

      Well, we know whats' up with Agnes now. Or should I saw Agatha Harkness

    66. Windx Cleaner

      I come from the future, it was Agatha all along

      1. Elena S

        That song was catchy

    67. copyl3ft

      the idea brandon had for bringing it to europe sounded a lot like would i lie to you? 🤔🤔🤔

    68. Riley Dallaire

      I’ve heard blue chew is is strictly for mastication, Herb: “oh no I don’t do that”

    69. Jo Bursch

      Im starting to wonder is this a dream or a nightmare....

    70. Max O Brien

      When your here after episode 7 😳😳

    71. Henrygaming

      Listen here I think Ralph is the mailman

    72. Olivele

      This hits different after watching the next episode

    73. Emily Roach

      Me watching this video after episode 7: 😬😬😬

    74. K Broadridge

      I am watching this after seeing Episode 7. It was fun to watch the theories.

    75. First World Problems

      Well well well, this was perfectly timed

    76. King IvI

      You was right

    77. simplydoz

      It's totally the Salen Seven story line.

    78. Aden RODRIGUEZ

      U where correct about everything

    79. Jonas Brauer

      Welp, I guess *🎶'it's been Agatha all along'🎶*

    80. VibeSounds

      More like agatha

    81. Xae

      Pls, I'm waiting for the episode 7 reaction!!!!

    82. Ka O

      Episode 7 was awesome because Agatha was actually agnes

    83. lifeordeath13

      the thing is will they follow what is on the comics or make their own storyline without ruining the continuation...

    84. Cassie Krueger

      What if Agnes is actually 2012 Loki...

    85. I'm WahWah

      I like the Mephista theory

    86. Joey Toepfer

      Hmmm he was right

    87. Samsun Lol

      U are late

    88. Sage Forsaken

      The kids could just sleep walk to eat / use bathroom.

    89. podcastbard

      Westview is a magical honey pot created by Mordo to take the magicians' power because he thinks the world has too much magicians. A magical Nexus

      1. M Spark


    90. Bluega Billy

      Sparks be flying and sparky be dying

    91. Hayden Rood

      She’s Agnes harkness

    92. Bluega Billy

      Hark here the bells light purple bells all here or there telling their tail

    93. The Basement Games

      OMG u got it right

    94. Bluega Billy

      What are photons?

    95. cassi opeia

      Dottie is a witch and part of the coven too? Maybe the mailman too?

    96. Alon Abadi

      It was Agatha all along

    97. Abbyy Marie


    98. Parker Lucas

      After watching episode 7 PLS EXPLAIN PEITRO WHY THE XMAN? How

      1. Brian Jeronimo

        Did you see the post credit scene

    99. Gypsy Rye

      There are actually lots of frogs and amphibians that can do that. Some frogs even freeze solid and thaw once it warms up! They have a type of natural antifreeze in their blood stream.

    100. Rapolas RA

      I'm suprised and not suprised that this was true