WANDAVISION COMMERCIALS Deeper Meaning & Final Reveal! (Episode 7, 8 & 9)

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    WandaVision "YoMagic" yogurt commercial explained! What will be the next (and presumably final) creepy commercial in WandaVision Episode 7? Check out KiwiCo.com/NewRockstars for 50% off your first month of any crate!
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    The WandaVision commercials for Marvel-themed products like a Stark Industries toaster, a Strucker watch, HYDRA soap, Lagos paper towels, and the latest YoMagic yogurt, all point to a deeper secret narrative, confirmed by the series creator, to connect to Wanda's mysterious condition. What do these commercials mean, and in what direction will they head for the sixth and presumably final commercial in WandaVision Episode 7? Erik Voss explains the deeper meaning of these commercials, along with the various other theories out there about them possibly connecting to the Infinity Stones. Is the Westview "hex" a manifestation of Wanda Maximoff undergoing therapy?
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    Brendan Langdon
    Cody Anderson
    Dan Woodson
    Karen Wang
    O. Grometto
    Pony Stark
    Rick Denmon
    Producer: Erik Voss eavoss
    Producer: Zach Huddleston
    Written by: Erik Voss
    Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina filupmolina
    Post Production Supervisor: John Costa
    Staff Editor: Joshua Steven Hurd
    Editors: Aaron Carrión, Devin Cleary, Joshua Steven Hurd

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    1. Jeff Ramsaur

      I use kiwi co, and it is great!

    2. Gamingwith James

      Ha you called it the hex

    3. Tilly Comedy

      wow eric voss has an old friend who's in wandavision! that's so cool!!

    4. James Hourihane

      Would be interesting since the script of the two i in striicker also looks like a u... could the mcu make strucker and striicker related🤔

    5. Ty Love

      After episode 8, we now know "Hydra Soak" is about Wanda soaking in the power of the Mind stone. That means some of these were foreshadowing future events. Yo-Magic may be referring to a bigger reveal that hasn't happened yet.

    6. James Pond

      Boy was he on the noes with this prediction!

    7. Bailey Mcleod

      charles boyle

    8. Jasper Maij

      But the teseract is not a cube, it's a.. teseract.

    9. Grey Jedi Boba Fett

      The Lagos advert also says at the end, 'when you make a mess, you didn't, mean to'. This also links to the facts that Wanda didn't mean to kill all those people and it was a mistake.

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    12. Melissa Argudo

      Dgfhgghjnnm video shop coming to me now Mommy Peter Pan Diana me mommy come here puppy Shama

    13. Mikeman 88

      The THANOS stone one can be solved, instead of scepter it’s Head, and S would them be sacrifice for soul stone

    14. Harper Vick

      "Medication for depression or anxiety" Nexus... Face your feelings Me: Holy crud.

    15. Carmen Turner

      Also the symbol on the watch is the symbol for red skull in captain America: the first avenger

    16. andrew williams

      Wow he nailed that guess on Agatha harkess

    17. Zelinkondorf

      Or toaster(stark was involved with creating Ultron) Watch(Strucker who found the robots in the chitauri Leviathan) Soap(Hydra obviously) Towels(?) Yogurt(?) And now the medicine from Nexus(Nexus was where Tony went in AoU to find Ultron) They could all be connected to AoU and we better see Ultrons big return

    18. Shupriyo Sattar

      I have figured out what the H in thanos stands for. it stands for hydra because the leader of hydra kept/gave thanos the soul stone

    19. Oliver Werner

      Wow you were spot on good job

    20. BrickFilmStudio

      I just thought maybe the "H" in the Thanos infinity stone chart could stand for hydra since red skull was guarding it

    21. MrSquishy Ø

      I have 2 of kiwico’s products so far, they make awesome stuff

    22. Tonton Jeannot

      Nailed it!

    23. Jack S

      You called it tho 😮😮😮😮😮

    24. Johnosland

      This aged well ... lmao

    25. Gamer’s Gamestorm

      With the nexus pills now I have no clue

    26. Sahil Shukla

      You predicted the future

    27. Elijah Maher

      Me, watching this after episode 7 came out was absolutely shocked when they gave their prediction

    28. Preston Walters

      Does nobody realise that 'The Nexus" was mentioned since 1994 in Star Trek Generations?

    29. Got Got

      Wandavisation wandas vision

    30. Hugo Vera

      He nailed it. Nexus!

    31. Aris Spenjian

      Just discovered this channel. Damn, you are good!

    32. Derek K. Kahalekai

      Holy shirt he called it

    33. Ceici Du'moi

      How did wanda know where agness basement was...that's the question..


      Why is the notifications only telling me these videos exist days layer

    35. x-wing maker p

      He was right

    36. bjd1980

      Congrats on the anti depressant prediction! Amazing!

    37. Nicholas Jones

      When you're right, you're right

    38. Scott Devine

      Pharmacutical? you hit the nail on the head, as i waatching this after i saw ep 7

    39. Geeks Enjoy Nerdrotica

      Lagos was the power stone

    40. Maxxim Wissman

      How did u know it would medicine?!!!

    41. vegar dyrnes

      Hmmm... Is it time for meg to re-binge all episodes, so far??? Hmmm.. jepp! 😄😄🥰👍👍

    42. Eli Hernandez

      Wow he got it spot on

    43. Justine Harper

      Who's here after Episode 7. Voss always has the answers lol

    44. RCPotatoSoup

      holy shit he was right

    45. PJ

      Yoooo Erik Voss this has been the best theory

    46. კალდუნა

      This aged well.

    47. Noam Oren

      Spot on

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    49. agnel tj

      I fcking love it when u are correct😆

    50. Achzo!

      The accuracy though.

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      Bruh this is crazy!

    53. Mr Zombo

      Nexus : a joint of realities

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      Wow spot on about medication!

    55. p keel

      Your are actually a trash

    56. John Chiaro Ramirez

      Wow best prediction I've seen on this channel so far.

    57. Jeff McCulley

      Umm...yeah. It’s pretty obvious now that Yo-Magic was about Wanda’s magic being eaten.

    58. TallboiSus

      The fact that this Erik actually predicted something like this is really impressive

    59. Jasmyn Pillay

      The fact he got ep 7 right....

    60. Chris RJ

      7:39 - just because you called it, doesn't mean the world revolves around you... ...or DOES it???

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      Good video

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      We're focusing too much on hexagons and not enough on circles

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      Dang Eric was correct, sooo freaking correct

    68. Mason y Studios

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    69. 22AirJordan

      wow you called it perfectly 7:30 !!

    70. معراج


    71. Kitan Bankole

      wtf it's "lay-gus"

    72. your friendly neighbour

      "He chose poorly" 😏

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      8:50 "Are you looking for this?"

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      Gets it right before episode 7 comes out this is why eric is the true equal to stan lee watcher role

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      Episode 7 is based off the office

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      Coming here after episode 7 just like... he was right... he was right about it all

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