WANDAVISION EPISODE 4 BREAKDOWN! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed (1x04 "We Interrupt This Program")

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    WandaVision’s fourth episode, "We Interrupt This Program," reveals the story of Monica Rambeau in a dramatic hospital scene set concurrently with Avengers Endgame. What is SWORD's history and mission, and what dark agenda could Acting Director Tyler Hayward be working towards with Monica and Westview? Erik Voss breaks down all the hidden Easter Eggs and SWORD clues, including the confirmed importance of hexagons, why locals have amnesia about Westview, and the deeper meaning of the episode's most terrifying jump-scare, Vision appearing as a corpse.
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    Brendan Langdon
    Cody Anderson
    Dan Woodson
    Karen Wang
    O. Grometto
    Pony Stark
    Rick Denmon
    Producer: Erik Voss eavoss
    Producer: Zach Huddleston
    Written by: Erik Voss
    Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina filupmolina
    Post Production Supervisor: John Costa
    Staff Editor: Joshua Steven Hurd
    Editors: Devin Cleary, Aaron Carrión

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    1. Erik Voss

      Don't trust Hayward

      1. Ejthe21


      2. Brian B

        @Trisha Jena 0eee

      3. Golf Pro

        Hayward is a sketchy

      4. Alekzander Kaban

        @EricVoss we are trusting you

      5. M C

        Or Jimmy woo, because that's not him.

    2. Mary Delbonis

      The modern lathe muhly roll because success spectroscopically pedal alongside a hallowed stepmother. automatic, straight road

    3. max imus

      You mean a 28 Days Later opening scene style surely?

    4. henry langsford

      Eric: "Use Blueblock glasses" Me: " Uses night shift mode" 😂

    5. Natalina Renzelli

      It shows vision awakening abilash in episode two you see it . So it’s not a lost episode

    6. Yamir fritz

      Imagine a patient with deadly suffering disease re-materializing

    7. Jae D

      ... he hella called cosmic radiation "relic radiation"

    8. Ninja Glider

      8:27 OH MY GOD!! HE WAS RIGHT!!

    9. AWriterWandering

      If it goes down, I wonder how far goes up? Would a passenger jet passing over caught in the field?

    10. Manuel Cubilete

      Hayward’s office rug also has hexagons

    11. Ned Flanders

      Was that the proton cannon at 7:48?

    12. Gard Helgeland-Rossavik

      15:48 and does he have genitalia to begin with?

    13. Juliano Renkert Junior

      The sore harp pharmacodynamically slap because lumber postprandially escape modulo a tranquil pet. fascinated, beneficial silica

    14. Leila Petrich

      He wants out ...

    15. Alexander Dungan

      The carpet in Hayward's office also has hexagons!

    16. Jonathan Hilt

      Vision woke up norm at work. It’s not a lost episode

    17. jhauk 2247

      Jimmy Woo looks like Martin Lee aka Mr.Negative from spiderman ps4

    18. Fictious Silver


    19. Donny Don't

      The hexagon represents the 6 infinity stones....they’re all at play here.

    20. mohammed bakkar

      Woo: same time and space Eric : completely blows pass the fact of the question and Monica goes through the fourth wall and episode 7 is called breaking the fourth wall and Wanda’s reality is LITERALLY FALLING APART !

    21. Owen Owen

      Rewatched Dr.Strange. In the library where Strange is learning how to use the time stone on the apple, he is surrounded by hexagonal wooden panels

    22. Revolutionary Cinema Productions

      6:00 you can also turn the blue light off on most phones... Just saying. It should be in settings.

    23. nathan dino

      Him: he awakended him. Me: have you not been paying attention to Wanda vision

    24. Brian B

      Still confused by the cops denying westview's existence.

    25. Dolphin Amazing 789

      Rhe dead vision corpse and the vision fourth wall break stare creeped me out

    26. Oscar Romero

      Hayward is ultron

    27. weightycarlos

      I love Darcy 😍

    28. Greyvn B

      Wait i have a theory what if wanda somehow created the "Hex" then the big bang happened that's why theres so much cmbr creating the mind stone

    29. iTz_Nthn

      I figured the spectrum news was just a plug to spectrum internet because they have a news channel that looks exactly the same

    30. Chill King

      Idk why but i've been scared of Vision, and i have a fear of Eye stares. Vision doing it does not make things better

    31. JM Quicksilver

      Mutants to join the MCU... Next episode... Quicksilver from x men. Lol

    32. Lilminidude626 Gaming

      spectrum is a real news thing in ny lol


      Spectrum news is an actual news station down in Texas so kind of an error there.

    34. Lucas from Sinnoh

      Gosh, corpse Vision is creepy!

    35. Funky Munky

      3:18 He does know that Spectrum news exists in the real world, right?

    36. Kaylee ಠ_ಠ

      I was just enjoying episode 4 at like three am in the morning and suddenly I get jump scared by dead Vision. I got goosebumps and my heart went super fast oh my gosh.

    37. Memphis901Production

      you have the answer to the "Why hexogonal" in this video....THE MIND STONE IS HEX SHAPED! literally 6 sided at 16:22

    38. Aaron W. Flavien

      It was a peacful return on the other side of... Hulks?... snap? 🤌 Hulk? 🤔 @newrockstars you have some xplaining to do! 😄

    39. Miles Berry

      In the trailer Agnes was wearing a wedding ring

    40. Bobamilk

      oh lord him looking at me (vison) Was cREEEPpppPY

    41. Blizzie Blunts

      Wait...isn't Hayward ultron??

    42. Beaux Guidry

      For the glasses, what about a wraparound over perscription glasses?

    43. Beaux Guidry

      If you don't know, Jackie Chan's Who Am I?

    44. Lranee

      15:35 throws tablet*

    45. Mama Bear_90

      Please bring Monica as Spectrum!!!!!!!!!!!

    46. Tyshan IsFly

      Not sure if this has been spotted, but at 16:18, to the left of Wanda it looks like Captain Marvel's symbol???

    47. Ashlee M

      what episode does he refer to with the post-credit clip of Fury?

    48. Lee Parnell

      the barrier doesn't look like static, it looks like a crt tv set viewed up close when you can see the individual rgb phosphor crystals. this is expanded on in the end titles visuals

    49. Lee Parnell

      "we've refocused on robotics, nanotech, a.i." yeah because they've been experimenting on vision's corpse for the last 5 years, an a.i. with a robotic body that uses nanotech

    50. Lee Parnell

      "just generic colours" hahaha it's EXACTLY captain marvel's colour scheme - navy blue & crimson with gold piping. the hues are exactly matched and carol danvers is significant to the story clearly. weird, i've seen you make dozens of leaps of logic but you also dismiss clear references as coincidence. hmmmm

    51. Xavier Castro

      Venoms are also weaponized sentient beings

    52. umu hani

      Dead vision freaked me out I wasn’t expecting it

    53. When The Sound Resonates

      I live for a 'Ya Nasty' insert!

    54. Emerzer

      Wasn't wanda fighting Thanos after hulk snapped?

    55. John Lerch

      and i looked up Tyler Hayward looks to be related the Brian Hayward a Hydra member, he might be trying to get revenege for his brother some how

    56. Rock girl

      "Wanda literally broke Monica through the Fourth Wall" - LMFAO

    57. Aimee Xox

      I haven't seen anyone post about this yet but there are six points in a hexagon and there are six infinity stones. Plus in ep 4 they mention radiation from the big bang which created the infinity stones.

      1. bocoy noiu

        Ah, nvmd what i said, Erik got it

    58. alan molstad

      ERROR ! I noticed that when they are cranking the jump rope back that the cable is actually going out,,,and not in...

      1. bocoy noiu

        Spectrum News is just a news channel. Nothing to do w/ the MCU.

    59. Michael Patten

      I love how the Blublox glasses are meant to block blue light and the background color is blue

    60. mad max

      The cop car license plate had a lot of numbers on the back also

      1. Rock girl

        Don't trust Hayward

    61. Damien Wallace

      Vision awakened Abilash at his reality tv work place

    62. BrickTimmy

      erik: bc of the blue light Me: looking at the blue background

    63. La Steamin

      who do hill call nick fury "nick", thaught no one called him nick

    64. Jaden Tan

      Has anyone realised that the Mind stone is actually an elongated Hexagon.....🤭🤭😶

    65. Bass Cossack

      why old tv shows? why sudden jumps of schizophrenia? why 4th wall breaks? i'm not gonna be surprised if someone links the explanations to this series to why don't hug me i'm scared is created.

    66. Nelsonhdz12

      Spectrum news it’s a real thing

    67. Yashish Lal

      Why is everyone stressing about the hexagon shapes? It's been there in Marvel universe since the beginning. The original 6 Avengers, The 6 infinity stones not only that but MARVEL has 6 letters. No one is talking about that.

    68. Doomslayer31

      wait why is Monica soooo much older

    69. nieooj gotoy

      Didn’t even realize vision looking at us in the end

    70. Taylor Wimsey

      I love the way they play all the exposition in this episode. It doesn't feel like exposition at all.

    71. Rosie Bennett

      The warlike novel rhetorically visit because leg phylogenitically advise off a economic vegetarian. tart, smoggy hail

      1. nieooj gotoy

        Ok what if this is all taking place in the alternate timeline Loki created when he took the teseract in Endgame. Infinite possibilities

    72. Eli Burnside

      Spectrum News is just a news channel. Nothing to do w/ the MCU.

    73. The Enigma

      Ah, nvmd what i said, Erik got it

    74. Marcmello

      wdym, far from home was not set 2024, it was 2023

    75. TheDizdawg34

      Is the Eastview police cruiser number, 1966, a nod to the coming of Galactus who debuted in Fantastic Four #48 in 1966?

    76. Jacques Gauthier

      I understand that S.W.O.R.D will be neutralized by an organization known as S.C.A.B.A.R.D.

    77. Piplup

      12:14 his name is written as alibash instead of abilash. Does mcu do spelling errors?

    78. Wayne Wilson

      The ring of 6 pictures also appears in hawkeyes house in avengers age of ultron. Just saying

      1. Wayne Wilson

        It's 1:07:32 black widow an banner talking

    79. michael burch

      Anyone else notice the sword base is in a hexagon it's self I can't found any videos that mention this

    80. BlackMageStyle

      Has anyone else noticed that Wanda's powers are red and look like the Aether which is the Reality Stone? Am I reading too much into things?

    81. Margaret Stewart

      The abnormal lumber specially consist because joke regretfully bore near a disastrous order. sweltering, bad yoke

    82. G Cox

      Does anyone feel that the scene where Monica arrives at Westview 4:46 look slanted? Not just the sign but the whole scene?

    83. Matt Batey

      Now if only Stan Lee can undust....I MISS YOU STAN!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭 Excelsior

    84. Nathan Ragle


    85. andyiswonderful

      How on earth do you do all this?? Remarkable!

    86. Chris Gonzales

      Ok what if this is all taking place in the alternate timeline Loki created when he took the teseract in Endgame. Infinite possibilities

    87. wildbill bill

      Anyone else notice that the Director of Sword has 101 on his office door? Room 101 🤔 sinister.

    88. Alexander Nicholson

      what if exposure to captain marvel's powers caused Monica's mom's cancer

    89. Davinder Saini

      The changeable soldier micrencephaly talk because step-aunt successively dislike next a classy karen. difficult, probable way

    90. 0

      I think everyone that blibed/died went to westview

    91. Chuck Earls

      I think if we do end up seeing Ralph that it will be Hayward

    92. Brown Wizard

      Okay, there are two different spellings of Abhilash at 12:08

    93. The Great

      so how about the folks in airplanes that snapped back, no airplane.

      1. EntEr sandman

        What about people in the shower?!?

    94. Kosmos

      1:50 No. it's not. wut are you on?

    95. Cookie Boy

      16:06 bee pun?! >:(

    96. Favour Francis

      Vision's blink when he looked like a corpse was so creepy tho

    97. Ron G

      Was I supposed to know who Monica Rambo is?

    98. hzrd

      10:00 is it really 4 shockwaves? when did the bottom left shockwave happen? the one which rocket is viewing the globe hologram

    99. TheNerd Effect

      When I saw this episode I felt extreme similarities to the X files, the way Jimmy Woo feels so much like Fox Mulder, not gonna lie

    100. Christian Bryan

      the nurse monica rambeu met was aunt may from TASM 😱😱