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    Who is Jimmy Woo's mystery "missing witness" in Westview, and could he be the one who goaded Wanda to warp Westview into a sitcom? Get Honey for FREE ▸ joinhoney.com/newrockstars. Go to expressvpn.com/wandavision and get an extra 3 months FREE! Join New Rockstars for our three new weekly LIVE shows on Stereo! Download the FREE Stereo app at stereo.com/newrockstars
    Spoilers ahead!
    WandaVision Episode 4 gives us our biggest reveals yet -- the story of Monica Rambeau, SWORD, the WandaVision timeline following Avengers Endgame, Jimmy Woo, Darcy Lewis, how Wanda is using cosmic radiation to warp Westview, Vision appearing in his corpse form from Avengers Infinity War, apparent amnesia about Westview's very existence in the real world, and a subtle mention of an unknown mystery man in Westview who might have been the cause of this anomaly. Welcome back to Inside Marvel, A WandaVision Aftershow, in which hosts Erik Voss and Jessica Clemons break down the biggest WTFs from each episode of WandaVision on Disney+. Does Westview exist or not? And is all this madness truly Wanda's fault?
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    Brendan Langdon
    Cody Anderson
    Dan Woodson
    Karen Wang
    O. Grometto
    Pony Stark
    Rick Denmon
    Producer: Erik Voss eavoss
    Producer: Zach Huddleston
    Written by: Erik Voss
    Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina filupmolina
    Post Production Supervisor: John Costa
    Staff Editor: Joshua Steven Hurd

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    1. Katsuo Fujita

      Wait do these switch from "Wandavision Episode #3" to "Reaction Episode #4"?

    2. Michael Tang

      The cut authorization climatologically claim because manx collaterally grab apud a staking croissant. dry, lacking kayak

    3. henry langsford

      Am I the only one having OCD over how Eric's headphones are adjusted fully shut on his right but fully open on his left 😂

    4. Renee Gordon

      anyone else notice similarities with Once upon a time. Whole concept of having a town no one can enter or has heard of and a person who has created their own reality.

    5. Michael Baker

      Hayward is Hydra!

      1. ARandomPerson

        Yeah that could be it. If shield was taken over by hydra sword could have been to. Maybe all the chaos caused by the snap and everything coulda given them a chance to grow without people realizing it.

    6. Abigail Peth

      I feel like it’s either Magneto in disguise as someone else so the FBI will protect him from some thing or so that he Can I have some sort of advantage or it is Scott Lang and he’s in witness protection because he either sold out one of the superheroes on the run or he’s just under supervision because of his part of Germany let me know what you think

    7. Fatiyah Douglas

      The missing witness is either Bill Foster, Ghost or Hank Pym.

    8. Just4 Guitar

      How could Vision DIE, if he was never truly alive? Sentience is an awareness, not proof of a soul..... or even life. Everybody is investing way too much into a lot of the misdirects, and are missing the obvious that’s right in front of their noses.! Almost like people have never watched a single episode of Buffy TVS.

    9. Collin Kisner

      Okay im sorry not the right post to share this on but I had had had to share this theory. What if fricken the Ultram thats being rebuilt in wanda vision doesn't turn out to be vision what if its stopped it has a life pulse and energy but no conscious. And bam Dr strange comes on in introduces the mutants and bam he says I was told how to fix this. And there's fuckint Reed Richard's and collosus is born formally known as ultron!!!!! Like yooooo adamantium bodies.... highly potent in strength and reason. Hmmmm multiverse of madness indeed.

    10. GoldenSparrow542

      I kinda take Jimmy Woo's board of potential causes for this, particularly with the mention of Skrulls, as a hint at Theodore "Teddy" Altman/Hulkling's introduction into the MCU, since his boyfriend, Billy Kaplan/Wiccan is in WandaVision, which also sets up the Young Avengers. The reason I say this is because in the comics, Mar-Vell was Teddy's father and Teddy's mother was a Skrull named Princess Anelle, but since MCU Mar-Vell was female and died in the 1990s, it'd probably be unlikely that MCU Teddy will be related to Mar-Vell, but perhaps he will be related to some other Kree father, because he's supposed to be half-Kree/half-Skrull, but I think Super Skrull is also Teddy's uncle, I believe, though I'm not entirely sure. If someone knows the correct history of Teddy Altman/Hulkling, I'm sure they'll correct me, but that's what I believe Jimmy Woo's mentioning of Skrulls is referring to.

    11. Charles Spencer

      This sounds like the way fantastic four origins. They were hit by cosmic rays so CMBR is a possibility for that.

    12. CG G

      jimi hendrix was not a bay area artist (coming from someone who is from the bay area) he is from seattle, ive been to his grave site

    13. tonekneeo


    14. Jeremy Francis

      Here's a theory for ya... people who got blipped back have a higher likelihood of developing superhuman abilities... boom, mutants. Maybe radiation, maybe Hulk just didn't quite know what he was doing, or maybe the buried consciousness of original Hulk tacked on a little extra... Enjoy

    15. Jason Stenson

      I’m from the Bay Area while we do love jimmy we don’t claim him as our own

    16. The Enigma

      Actually i realised that Agnes's profile doesn't actually have an identity attatched to it

    17. Shawn Fenner

      Woo's Missing person is Trevor Slattery

    18. Shawnzie Boy

      What if the hazmat/ Beekeeper was an undercover Hydra agent who is now Swarm???

    19. 101Asa

      I bet Ralph got turned into that rabbit and that's why Woo doesn't register it's him.

    20. Ryan Oneil

      My brain hurts

    21. Kadadrian Cottman

      Idea Missing person is Simon (Vision is Simon) Simon was in witness protection because of his brother Eric

    22. David Benjamin

      Is Dottie possibly Clea..neice of Dormammu?

    23. NeverDieAloneMusic

      What if Monica's mom is in "Tahiti"?

    24. Shawn Davies

      Just realized something.... Woo said to Monica when he brought Monica to town, "the missing person is a missing town.!!" He said the cops even corroborate this theory when he said they never heard of Westview. Which lines up with Woo also saying no one ever heard of this person(town). Just like White Suge to misdirection

    25. Baby_pipe 21

      Episode 5 how do I watch it the podcasts ?

    26. Chris Burton

      Literally every reviewer I listen to keep talking about Wanda yet no one talks about the fact that vision is obviously more then just dead . He has his own thoughts . He has agenecy . He’s clearly not being “puppeted “ if so then he wouldn’t have his own wants . Like his want to actually know what’s going on ..

    27. Kelly Parrish BSN, RN

      **Just finished watching the 5th episode! 🤯🤯🤯

    28. Spencer Uli

      I just binged all four episodes then came here. My brain is mush, this is so complicated lol

    29. Gaming for adults Adults only

      Has to be someone who was captured by fbi. So not the devil. Someone that would be slick to escape.

    30. Philip

      Agnes is Wanda's mother. We don't see Ralph because they don't want to commit to a Magneto actor.

    31. ernoid

      Missing person is Mordo

    32. John Doe

      Also why are they not questioning if the blip gave some people mutant powers

      1. ARandomPerson

        I think the blip either gave them powers or made it more likely for them to get powers.

    33. John Doe

      "As a writer why would you write this in the story, why would that be the thing that starts off this mystery" The Endgame writers started the entire movie because a rat decided to walk on some buttons, I don't think the why would you write this argument really works anymore

    34. K H


    35. TYGN

      An FBI witness going missing would be the only way the FBI or anyone would catch wind of the town going missing and the localized memory wipe. The only way anyone on the outside would know that the town was "gone" would be if they were keeping tabs on an individual from outside of the radius of the town.

    36. Conspiracy TruthSeeker

      I think that everyone is dead inside the town except Wanda and Monica Rambeau who didn't have a home and was easily kicked out

    37. Eva Francessca

      I feel like Thanos is involved

    38. Marsello Castellanos-Hernandez

      home of m

    39. Suzi Wolf

      The mention of Scott Lang made me think of Hank Pym...

    40. ULTIMATE Gamer


    41. B D

      So is the "witness" a Sentient Weapon??

    42. goodmiked

      @eavoss Major Revelation: The US Marshall Service handles Witness Protection Service. So why is Jimmy Woo FBI there?

    43. Marvel talk with family Fuller

      I don't think this happens in November because why would there be a Halloween episode. I think it takes place towards the end of October.

    44. Marvel talk with family Fuller

      What if Mordo has a hand in this?

    45. James Halliwell

      How does Wanda fight in the endgame final scene vs thanos when she’s stuck in a 1950s film as hulk snaps and the hospital scene happens? Can someone clear this up

    46. air.e. aragon

      Yesss washington hendrix!!! Thx jessica ❤️❤️❤️

    47. _sia_

      Pilots and cabin crew are exposed to a lot of cosmic radiation due to the nature of constant airline travel. Also those access cards that Monica uses for work automatically stop working after a certain amount of time inactive due to security, for instance if the card gets lost or the owner is a leaves the business.

    48. Charo de Wit

      I'm sorry but I think even Peter's IS CONFIRMED, look up the cast of wandavision there's only no name of who he is going to play.

      1. ExpertGaming

        Maybe he just did a u-turn

    49. Chann

      Monica's earrings are hexagons!!!!!!!! Tyler Hayward's name is 12 letters which breaks down two 6's! 25:30 the abstract art on the wall behind Monica is a hexagon Monica looks at Tyler and says, "you look old as hell"...I don't think that was strictly for comical reference

    50. arthur jackson

      Does anyone else think *Wanda* might now embody the *Reality Stone* ?

    51. Micah Dye

      Hol up. What about Mordo

    52. l002027

      Maybe the Darcy mentioning the bubble not being able to hold could blow up and create mutants??

    53. l002027

      So a timeline question... is the CMBR playing repeat episodes or is it supposed to be in real time? Some of that stuff happened before SWORD showed up and figured out how to pick up the communication waves... hmmm

    54. Joi Blalock

      Trevor Slattery could be the mystery person. 😁😂

    55. lucas vega

      The song name is daydream believer by the monkees I feel like that’s telling us something

    56. Edward CryptoCannon

      no one gonnna mention the meta of us watching them watch them watch them

    57. josh gold

      Why did Jimmy Woo travel to NJ from the Bay Area? the missing person is Ava/Ghost! he said "he" because it would be stupid to reveal the gender of the person in witness protection...

    58. Stefan Carew

      Biggest WTFs eh... sounds familiar

    59. Anthony Reynolds

      My crazy theory is the person in witness protection is zemo who is turning sides. Wanda figured it out at some level why else be afraid of sword.. and we are going to see the start of the Thunderbolts

    60. Tim Armstrong

      A hexagon has 6 sides and a Satanic star is also 6 points.

    61. Hercules Real

      If the mutants’ advent into the MCU is a result of the Infinity Snaps in 2018 and 2023, how does that explain longer-living mutants like Wolverine or Apocalypse who were mutants decades even centuries ago?

    62. Lazerman

      Since WandaVision is before Far From Home, do we think the finale will explain how J Jonah Jameson is in Far From Home?

    63. Sultanali Konyratbay

      Well, what if Hex-Magic will bring Mutants to the MCU, then those people are gonna be called Hex-Men, then it will become X-MEN🤯

    64. Chris Willis

      its the postman

    65. Titan Week

      What if Wanda's pocket reality, emitting Infinity Stone level radiation, helps to officially create Mutants? Monica can have powers because of this, and we get to see some Mutants being created. (Likely not all, but definitely some)

    66. I_Am Boom

      It's Hawkeye...

    67. M N

      Missing person, Somebody from hydra maybe??

    68. Edward Pelzman

      Did Shuri actual DO something with Vision? Copy his matrix over to another high tech system? Maybe he IS alive... but in a different fragmented form... that can exist without the mind stone?

    69. Beyond the Obvious

      I remember throughout the movies all of this chaos going on and it revolves around Hydra Shield aliens and then Infinity Stones. The snap could have easily caused a break in reality remember there were three snaps in that is a lot of cosmic energy on Earth and this is partially one of the ramifications. Also Thanos destroy all the stones another massive amount of energy. Mordo Tells Strange that breaking the natural law by using the time Stone could or most likely would have ramifications. The ancient one was dead and Doctor strange and who knows how many sorcerer were snapped away. Their Chief weapon the eye of agamotto (time stone) was not in their possession so any number of enemies in the Multiverse could have bled through this reality easily.

    70. Not Griefer-Jesus

      Ms Clemons thirst trap. X]

    71. Kyle Ashby

      wait what about mordo from docter strange cause he left and maybe he met up with mefisto somehow and that would be cool

      1. Cormac

        Yeah that would be cool

    72. Sarah Clem


      1. Cormac

        Is the person who doesn't like "Get Help"

      2. Sarah Clem

        Is the person in witness protection

    73. Justin Robinson

      So if Westview is for WandaVision, WV, was Eastview, EV, an Easter egg for something else possibly? Evil? An unknown name? 🤔

    74. Nathaniel McDonough

      I believe the missing person is one of a few people. 1. Baron Mordo 2. Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) was somehow brought back to life without Wanda knowing. 3. Quicksilver (Evan Peters) 4. Mefisto Really I have no clue lol.

    75. vcrest

      Maybe this is a shot in the dark... what if the missing person is Kang?! He’d easily be able to slip in and out of time and should have the knowledge on how to erase the thought of his existence from the timeline.

      1. oedipa maas

        Why would Kang need to be in FBI witness protection - especially if he can just time travel and erase anybody's memory of him?

    76. Doug VanDyke

      14:00 its evan peters

    77. Justin Penn

      Jessica=yum 🤤😍

    78. Zoe Alva

      I agree, with the three weeks or a month after endgame...

    79. Zoe Alva

      I live for the "Could it beeee... SATAN?!" witness protection missing person theory.

    80. Draaco Aventura

      What if the people who got bliped are now Mutants?

    81. Timothy Krebs

      Just have to wonder about those in airplanes when the blip disappeared them. Did they reappear in mid air when snapped back? Talk about your bad luck....

    82. Rose Bellandi

      The US Marshals usually manage witness protection. An FBI agent would only get involved if he needed that witness for something specific, and would have to contact the Marshals to get in touch with that witness. Woo is either not following chain of command or he's with a different agency now (or their researchers missed this info). Also, Westview definitely exists. There's a whole exit off the freeway for just that town. Pocket realities/made up places don't usually have signage directing people there.

    83. Winter Soldier

      Maybe Wanda ejecting the “bee keeper” will modify his genes 🧬 and he’ll become the hive. That’s why we weren’t shown what happened to him. He may have been underground mutating from all those forces. Could be a creative way to bring him into the MCU

    84. Winter Soldier

      I think that people are mentioning the time frame as to “Far From Home” because it would answer the question “where was Dr Strange during FFH?” Fury said he was busy. As FFH was I believe 5 weeks after the blip and Wandavision is happening 3 weeks after the blip, it would explain why he couldn’t help deal with the events in FFH

    85. Jesse Coleman

      What if the missing person is Mordo?

    86. Ciara King

      What if it's happy hogan

    87. Sigler Studios

      What if the infinity stones are being remade

    88. Joseph Anderson

      Washington in the house 😜

    89. Depression

      Wait i got a better one The Spirit Of Vengeance?

    90. Jenn Bloom

      Do you think the missing person is Nick Furry? IDK?

    91. Richard Yates

      Horror lol. I'm waiting for eisenhorn 40k adaption...

    92. Franco Ignacio Cordero Herrera

      But the CMBR is not a "type of radiation", it's the leftovers, remnants of the early stage of the universe which after travel for millions of years are very very weak to our instruments, so it would be very odd if Wanda radiates CMBR, it doesn't work like that

      1. Franco Ignacio Cordero Herrera

        @Martin Pardede yeah, we agree on that, but it doesn’t mean the stones are radiating CMBR, it doesn’t work like that, when the matter and radiation decoupled 13 billion years ago, shortly after the Big Bang, huge amounts of energy dispersed through the inflating universe, today we can detect that energy but after all those years and the expansión of the universe we can only get it as microwave radiation. Nothing is “radiating” CMBR, it’s just the faint and weak signature of that epoch and is detectable in all parts of the sky. Darcy explains the tv signal is over the CMBR, never said Wanda or something else is generating it

      2. Martin Pardede

        Infinity stones were created during the big bang and wanda's powers come from the mind stone. That's probably why, idk

    93. Jer Bear

      If the series is in November, why is there a Halloween episode that we have seen in the trailers?

    94. Spud Matix

      Missing Person = Wonderman.... just a theory

    95. 87frankson

      I'd go for Mysterio as 'the missing persion'. He dedicated his life to trick people

    96. Da PeNciL ShiNoBi

      Hello , the missing male is the missing male corps of vision . He didn’t die. I assume something happened with vision .

    97. Patty Knoll

      Herb and Agnes KNOW why they are there!! Herb almost spilled the beans to Vision in episode 3. What's up with that?

    98. Phil Robichaud

      Wandavision is so good, love hearing to you two dissect all the shows mysteries :)

    99. jamai Jamison

      If your we're blipped in a airplane... (Captain Marvel) I wonder if you would be blipped in the air...or in a plane. If that's the case the planes might be overbooked instantly which would be a another horror story. ..cue Twilightzone

    100. Jeff Tschampion

      The timeline is a little wonky. Monica unblips, and then seems to jump right into investigating Westview. Wanda was busy mourning Vision and Stark in the immediate days after Endgame and the unblipping. So this would have had to have happened almost concurrently with Endgame.

      1. oedipa maas

        WandaVision takes place around 3 weeks after everyone comes back