WANDAVISION EPISODE 5 BREAKDOWN! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed (1x05 "On a Very Special Episode")

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    WandaVision’s fifth episode, "On A Very Special Episode" set in the 1980s, Wanda's brother Pietro Maximoff aka Quicksilver returns to the MCU, but played by EVAN PETERS (Quicksilver from the alternate-universe Fox X-Men franchise), not Aaron Taylor Johnson from Avengers Age of Ultron (2015). What hidden details in Pietro's cameo begin to explain what's really going on with this apparent X-Men crossover? Erik Voss breaks down all the Easter Eggs you missed, including the mysterious red glow throughout the episode, Monica Rambeau's interesting history with Captain Marvel, a possible Fantastic Four reference, the even-darker backstory behind Sparky the dog, and what this episode tells us about other X-Men like Magneto, Professor X, Wolverine, or Deadpool appearing in the MCU.
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    Cody Anderson
    Dan Woodson
    Karen Wang
    O. Grometto
    Pony Stark
    Rick Denmon
    Producer: Erik Voss eavoss
    Producer: Zach Huddleston
    Written by: Erik Voss
    Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina filupmolina
    Post Production Supervisor: John Costa
    Staff Editor: Joshua Steven Hurd
    Editors: Devin Cleary, Jeremy Alvarez, Joshua Steven Hurd

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    1. Pix3lhunt3r

      2 PEOPLE FROM THE OFFICE ARE IN WANDAVISION (John kraginski, Evan peters)

    2. Maria Ximena Otalora Cordoba

      and the weird blurr was "Agatha All Along" seriously I am sure that blur is Agatha's magic

    3. Jeff Ramsaur

      After watching episode 8, I am crying

    4. Nadia Binitie

      Btw, it's Lay-gus I'm here in Lagos, Nigeria rn and the pronunciation hurts me😂😂

    5. Jae D

      Pretty sure it'd be Michael Fassbender's Magneto..

    6. Doom fan 2000

      It was Agatha all along

    7. Doom fan 2000

      I do not like baby vision

    8. Ghost of my Soul

      also the twins age themselves up after agnes (agatha) sprays the "lavender" on them ... interesting.

    9. Ghost of my Soul

      in this episode, wanda tells agnes she's a "life saver" ... a hint about the dark magic making vision appear alive?

    10. Daniel Fernandez

      Agatha all along😂

    11. Markus Sparkus

      it also sounds like fire crackling during the lagos comercial

    12. Kelvin Lopez

      How did Monica and Jimmy know about the battle in Endgame without being there? Like if they were in the audience watching

    13. Gard Helgeland-Rossavik

      13:26 it is shown that vision has been rewinded so it could have happened before as well

    14. Gard Helgeland-Rossavik

      13:26 it is shown that vision has been rewinded so it could have happened before as well

    15. Gard Helgeland-Rossavik

      13:26 it is shown that vision has been rewinded so it could have happened before as well

    16. Gard Helgeland-Rossavik

      13:26 it is shown that vision was rewinded so it could have happened before as well

    17. Wanda Palos

      Noticed last night while rewatching Episode 5 that on the paper that identifies the 'mailman' his name is listed as 'Dottie' and his gender is 'female'. He also has NO occupation listed.. kind of odd since he seems to be the mailman/deliveryman. Still think he might be Woo's missing person! Or some kind of villain!

    18. Isaac Hanfrey

      he called agnes being agatha harkness

    19. Ricardo Zende Kambinda

      If we watched WandaVision entirely from Vision's perspective it would've been a Horror/Thriller.

    20. Maurquan Douglas

      The glitch😭😭😭”STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT”

    21. Allblack Vader

      Just finished the episode and I was mind blown when I seen Evan peters quicksilver

    22. MCU_Spidey_2099

      Evan Peters is the best Quicksilver though 😂🔥

    23. Mr. Bongs BurgH

      You people from California are as bad as people from hard work you always have to drop it in that you're from there but the thing is you don't realize is that most people outside of California have little respect for you because of your I don't know who covered streets

    24. Jeremee Tyler

      Baby Vision looking like young Grinch 😂

    25. Karen Johnson


    26. Gavin Lallbachan

      Did he just say the 4th wall is breaking down like episode seven

    27. Fictious Silver


    28. oiuet souiu

      A cool thing to note: Wanda tries to make the credits roll around the 30 min mark, when they normally would during a half hour sitcom

    29. KeenKiyoshi

      I believe the red glow was intended to mimic halation. Which would fill out the time period & nicely fit the Scarlet Witch red motif. It’s the way highlights in an image may appear when using film!!

    30. Fonzworth BeeZer

      Rewatching and he was so spot on most of the time 🤯

    31. Savannah Stewart

      I haven't see anyone say this, but, during this episode, in the kitchen Wanda says "life moves pretty fast" and I couldn't help but think of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, which came out in the 80's (the decade of this episode)

      1. oiuet souiu

        I literally keep watching these videos right after watching an episode

    32. Jon A

      What if......... Mark Hamill. Magneto.

    33. Jack Gubala

      i’m on episode 5 and i believe the doctor is not controlled because he says that we aren’t getting out of this town any time soon in the past episodes

      1. Jack Gubala

        lmao he just mentioned the doctor as i’m watching this

    34. iamsosad

      Lol It was agnes all along

    35. Devinonline10

      I am in episode 7 and I think Agatha is the hand controlling Pietro




      Oh. And I killed Sparky too!

    38. lucas briggs

      that arm could be a surviveing thanos troop

    39. Amalia Almeida Fermin

      “Have mercy” Me: YeAh!

    40. Larry Rentz

      This aged very well

    41. photogirl1981

      trying to remember clearly but at the end of episode when they were showing Pietro, and they go back to Darcy, did the alarms go off in the background like when Monica came back through the hex? Like someone else came out or went in? but they never showed who it was?

    42. PastelNoir

      20:35 After episode 7.... We all know what happened.

      1. Henry Olabode


    43. Gamez

      Baby Vision gave me nightmares-

    44. Berto The Best

      He was right about the hand wtf

    45. God1st

      I’m sure EVERYONE just wants to see Hugh Jackman, Toby McGuire, Tom Holland, & Ryan Reynolds in the next DEADPOOL movie as Wolverine, SpiderMan, and Deadpool.🔥🔥🙏🙏

    46. FJ CG

      I literally keep watching these videos right after watching an episode

    47. Riley Dallaire

      This episode really introduced me to how talented Paul Bettany is, makes me wanna watch more of his work

    48. Spencer

      i find it so weird that we all grew up with thr Olson twins, then they disappeared coming out of the 2000s, then mid-2010s comes around and suddenly we're watching another Olson on everything

    49. Shawriya #vi4life K.

      Omg 😱 the red hand in the mirror, do u see what it looks like

    50. Arjun 100 ッ

      I’ve watched so many videos and nobody has mentions the board with Monica’s moms name and last name And middle name which was photon

    51. 007feck

      11:46 “if you look at the Spanish subtitles...” 🤯 ... like... your depth of research and knowledge is mind blowing... when you’re finished marvel you might try a few of those physics problems that Einstein couldn’t figure out before he died...? 🤓

    52. Mista Pizza

      Ok is it just me or is the reality stuff sounding a lot like don’t hug me I’m scared?

    53. darktitanx117

      You gloss over the fact MARVEL COMICS changed Wanda and Pietro's mutant origins because of their issues with FOX. Magneto is no longer their parents.


      The engineer has to be Blue Marvel. They are in love in the comics

    55. 1Off MEDIA

      That red glow around highlights is called halation. It occurred on earlier versions of color negative film due to a lack of or a poor remjet layer on the emulsion. This affect is typical of 70s/80s shows & movies. You can even still see this affect in modern films with the remjet removed for standard C41 development such as CineStill 50d & 800t. The creators of WandaVision have been dedicated to making the look of the decades incredibly accurate & the red glowing halation is another example of it.

    56. TheDuda

      Jeez these thumbnails are the worst thing to happen to SEprom

    57. Try hard Fails

      Kid vision looks like the grinch

    58. Alio Sio

      Wait were is these episodes located

    59. Ontrix Uryte

      so it could be MOJO who uses his powers to make television series of mutants...

    60. sam robinson

      You wasted cheap vodka.....

    61. Jacob Francis


    62. Ethan Smith

      it could be a skrull arm

    63. Lone_Puppy

      Nice! Love watching these Easter egg videos you make! :-)

    64. Julianno Del Papa Tascine

      1:35 or they are just trying to replicate the film look

    65. Ed James

      I was going to buy a pair of Vessi shoes until I saw Eric’s demonstration.

    66. Andrew Zabka

      The display at 1:24 is the ready screen for the Commodore 64/C64 personal computer.

      1. yasio bolo

        Just noticed that Agnes' License plate is different in episode 5 from episode 6.

    67. Lucas from Sinnoh

      Baby Vision belongs in r/TIHI

      1. yasio bolo

        Lay-gos not Lah-gos. Please, you're hurting my african ears

    68. GameZedd

      It also looks like a grey suit with a black shirt. Kinda gives me Azazel vibes lol

    69. The King of Yeet

      Maybe they just don't like Brie Larson's acting as captain marvel

    70. Telena Brookshier

      Not this Quicksilver! Nooooo...

    71. Karma Faché


    72. Matthew Garofalo

      Part of me wants to say the villain is Ultron.

    73. Perth Mobile Physio

      Is it just me or does Baby vision look like Grinch when he's a baby in their life movie

    74. Ton Graz

      Wanda isn't really in control at all...It's all Agnes, Wanda is the one playing along.

    75. Big Bertha

      Also did you know monica was the little kid from captain marvel

    76. Jedi midoryia

      14:05 that aged well

    77. Chris Richards

      What if, evans character was sent by Prof X to go in and use his super super speed to investigate? Just a thought

    78. Lauren Hart

      "They are greeted by Wanda's long lost brother, Pietro... played not by Aaron-Taylor Johnson from Age of Ultron but by Evan Peters???" "You didn't see that coming?" 😂😂😂

    79. Matilda Friesen

      Baby vision looks like baby grinch

    80. Ivesory

      Lay-gos not Lah-gos. Please, you're hurting my african ears

    81. D.J. Harris

      Just noticed that Agnes' License plate is different in episode 5 from episode 6.

    82. Abigail Stone

      11:31 😂

    83. Abigail Stone

      5:25 What the *heck* is Agnes drinking? 🩸

    84. Abigail Stone

      They could have honestly used the Growing Pains theme song and it would fit.

    85. Abigail Stone

      You can also note that Agnes is present during both “age ups” of the boys - having just doused them with “lavender” before one. It seems the kids are responsible for the second one, but maybe not.

      1. Henry Olabode

        Great point especially with whatever Agatha sprayed them with!!!

    86. C J H

      In the comics Wanda and Pietro are no longer Magneto's children, or mutants.

    87. Ruby Zindler

      Alibash / Abilash mismatch can be seen in the zoom on "Norm's" info.

    88. yasio bolo

      It would’ve been hilarious to see Aaron Taylor Johnson’s quicksilver saying “you didn’t see that coming” once Wanda opened the door.

    89. Pain Freddo

      well, it’s likely that WandaVision will age up to the decades of the 2010’s, meaning that the accidents outside of Westview will be in the papers for Vision to see. Wanda’s brother will die somehow and vision will go through the same death.

    90. Abigail Stone

      0:19 ... copper penis Jell-O mold on the kitchen wall? what?

    91. Florian Kaiser

      I think this "Kiss the Cook" is not only referring to the one old series named Familie ties, but also to the movie "Kiss the Cook" by Jon Favreau who also produced a large part of the Marvel and Disney+ films and series

    92. Sinn _y

      Lmao what’s happening at 13:11💀🤣

      1. yasio bolo

        two with this Quicksilver in that movie. Although McKellan could be in the House of M.

    93. Steve Saul

      One of Agnes' hands at the end of Ep 6 was the same as Mystery Mirror Hand in Ep 5!

    94. jeffmurnahan

      “No more big tech” 😌

    95. WUKAIpodcast Network

      Pretty sure that’s just a boom mic!

    96. Fiona Mulder

      also, resurrecting vision is not the same as sparkly since speaker is alive, and technically vision is not.

      1. Fiona Mulder

        nvm, we find out why in episodes 7&8

    97. Gote

      If I called someone a fing popsicle would anyone be mad

    98. kyle henderson

      It was well done it was great

    99. Its Angel

      And maybe when Agnes said “oh kids you can’t control them how many times you tried” probably trying to say to Wanda you can’t control the kids like you do to us.

      1. Its Angel


    100. Joshua Ivankovich

      Me in 2017: wouldnt it be wierd if Marvel finds some sort of way to bring Vision back to life? That would be confusing Me in 2021: Vision coming back to life? Thats nothing