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    WandaVision Episode 5 ends with a major cameo that reframes our understanding of the Marvel Cinematic Universe! How did [SPOILER] get to Westview, who summoned them, and who are they, really? To try Shudder free for 30 days, go to shudder.com​ and use promo code WANDAVISION. Thanks to Blue Chew for sponsoring this episode. Go to bluechew.com and use the code WANDAVISION. Catch us live on Stereo, stereo.com/NewRockstars
    SPOILERS ahead!
    WandaVision Episode 5 escalates the Westview crisis with Wanda openly hostile to SWORD and Director Hayward, confirming her theft of Vision's corpse after Avengers Endgame, and the rapid aging of her sons Billy and Tommy. But most mysteriously, the final scene reveals the return of Wanda's brother Pietro aka Quicksilver, but played by EVAN PETERS, from the Fox X-Men movies, not Aaron Taylor Johnson, who played Pietro in the MCU. WTF is going on here? Has the Marvel Multiverse crossed over the MCU with the Fox X-Men film universe? Or is this "Pietro" a disguise by a darker entity like Mephisto? In this episode of #InsideMarvel, Erik Voss and Jessica Clemons react to this game-changing episode and break down the biggest WTF questions you have. Who was the "aerospace engineer" Monica referred to, and what is her history with Captain Marvel?
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    Brendan Langdon
    Cody Anderson
    Dan Woodson
    Karen Wang
    O. Grometto
    Pony Stark
    Rick Denmon
    Producer: Erik Voss eavoss
    Producer: Zach Huddleston
    Written by: Erik Voss
    Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina filupmolina
    Post Production Supervisor: John Costa
    Staff Editor: Joshua Steven Hurd

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    4. Devon Gaming

      Want to dance for me

    5. Yumna Naweed

      Why no one's talking about kids go silent when Agnes breaks the character

    6. Corey Johnston

      Vision should be at with pepper tony created javis and ulton why doesn't he government even have him?

    7. darktitanx117

      Viv is Visions' daughter.

    8. Darius Jamar

      Lol Did they just "aunt viv" Quicksilver... Hilarious

    9. Divergent Wizdom

      Vision baby picture was too much. Lol Did wiccan bring quicksilver? Is pietro not actually pietro? Will vision who is basically jarvis at this point find out the truth? Who is agnus REALLY? so much to unpack.

    10. Lawrence Szabo

      What if there are two Wanda's. One from the main MCU and one from the X-Men universe which is evil. And what if the Wanda that exits is the evil one and the one that is playing house is the MCU wanda.

    11. Caleb Hill


    12. Aaron Easton

      Until Grogu shows up at the front door I'm not impressed by this multiverse.

    13. Kavionte Blems

      The mute rayon fifthly shelter because lightning unquestionably sniff midst a trite hood. quick, outgoing february

    14. Sergio Diaz

      no multiverse here

    15. Christina N

      I think the Hexagon shape also hints at a HIVE MIND, kind of like Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

    16. Bradley Bruvva

      I can’t believe how long this is, but I’m 100% here for it.

    17. red one

      There is an explanation for norms vision scene its not an error

    18. Ruben Villanueva

      Hugh Jackman is also a big time stage actor. So if not Ian McKellen or Patrick Stewart maybe Hugh Jackman.

    19. Ken Lamella

      The power behind Westview and Wanda is the Phoenix Force!!!!!

    20. Xae

      Erik and Jessica belong together

    21. Olly Venturi

      Banner helped create vision

    22. ok


    23. Cari Warner

      Could it be loki ..,.???

    24. C. F.

      "George Clooney just shows up." oooo, that would be a third mcu Batman.

    25. Ashe Marlow

      Sorry Jess but Azaleas are actually toxic to humans when ingested as well. They're toxic to most animals found in North America, but most of them (except cattle and horses) are smart enough to not eat them.

    26. Nathan Lott

      Jim Carrey from the Mask shows up. You solved it!

    27. Duncan Thomas

      It ain't Reed Richards.... an off screen mention is his intro? (lame) I think it's Riri Williams or the skrull daughter of Talos.

    28. Trevor Avrett

      *What's* *stopping* *SWORD* from rolling up a *massive* *tunnel* to *bridge/portal* WV to the outside world, composed of, "lead for photons, cadmium for neutrons, tantalum for seismic blasts" instead of a portable bunker? Maybe line it with some Baby Yoda blood for extra McGuffin-proofing

    29. brandee Williamson

      Maybe the next big reveal will be Wolverine.

    30. quercuz23

      I really don't think McKellan is who we will see, Fassbender would be much more capable of committing to a tenure in the MCU.

    31. Timothy Staples

      I feel like Evan Peters isn't the secret cameo that Paul Bettany was describing. In an interview he specifically said it was someone that hasn't speculated about.

    32. Bigg Bootsy

      He had to get permission from Fury, 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    33. Neetu Sharma

      What if ralf is evan peters

    34. sicsicsix

      you guys are so cute together !!!!

    35. The Red Comet

      what if one of the kids brought him back????

    36. jon miller

      What if the aerospace engineer is Sue Storm? It would make since because Disney is kind of on the woke side and this is the way the bring in the Fantastic Four. Thoughts?

    37. january1675

      The kids did the recast of Quicksilver. The reason I can say that is Wanda don't have control over the boys.

    38. ????

      What quicksilver which name is he going to use Pedro or Peter? And my question is would he remember his past experience as an X-Men or as One of the Avengers??? 👉🤯

    39. NoahV

      I think its going to be Magneto or Mephestio

    40. Thomas Johnson

      Eric what if doctor strange is going to be the big cameo and he brought quicksilver from the multiverse!?

    41. Felix Nuc

      Erik it is obvious that Evan Peters is NOT the big actor that suppose to be the huge reveal! Your right! I would be very disappointed if it was ep! If you look in the reflection in the mirror behind Wanda his hand is red!!! Yes Jessica most likely Evan Peters is mophesto!

    42. Felix Nuc

      Jessica....pietro is really swarm from AIM LOL

    43. ritvarsmārtiņš Gailis

      befor Pietro ring the door bell ther was an alarm at sword bass similar to the one when Wanda got out.

    44. Duncan Thomas

      SWORD has seen more episodes than us and who knows in what order or how many times over ****before us****? I think that the research board w Norm + Visions incident isn't a continuity error, it shows us that what we're seeing can't be entirely trusted.

    45. Nathaniel I

      I hope we hear professor x or magneto say, "Put them back Wanda" for the cameo they've been teasing

    46. Michael Perez

      Peter tipping his head to the side wasn't a confusion reaction, its a head tilt meaning like come on , or a sign of certifying its me

    47. Aram Bos

      Wen Wanda breaks through the barrier. That scene is just so bad ass😍😍

    48. Merrick Witt

      Toward the end

    49. Merrick Witt

      Would this be a way to bring Dr.Strange in as a regular Dr...

    50. Robert Benavente

      Did Billy say we're looking for YOUR dog to the mailman?

    51. Nelly C.

      I don’t think their intention was to go unnoticed, I think they just wanted to enter and see for themselves what was going on inside.

    52. Tom Dude

      Wanadavision aftershow

    53. MultiMisskitty1

      U know what happens when u want 2 know something or just simply want something.............U LOOK FOR IT

    54. Kudzai Huni

      magneto is coming

    55. Atticus1217

      Quicksilver is mystique am calling it 😂

    56. Kudzai Huni


    57. Daryl Perpignan

      3:06 Amen, I want that length of marvel movies too!


      What if the person who shows up is Nat... Just a thought. And that would break the internet as well..

    59. Dayna Codarin

      What if doctor Hayward is magneto I'm just saying

    60. Dayna Codarin

      Or the Camio could be captain Marvel

    61. Pat Machowski

      These two dum dums should be "cut" from reality

    62. Mel Gladden

      Pedro is a shape shifter maybe a skrull or mystique

    63. Tony Gonzales

      I think y'all are right about Evan Peters being a living Pietro and that's why he was used, but maybe not on the sinister part. I think he may just be a distraction so Wanda and Vis would stop arguing. The emphasis on death that he said could just be a play on the fact his character is dead in the MCU or on who sent him?

    64. ButterflyDonut

      I think the drone's missile killed the dog, and Wanda and Agnes covered it up like it was the flowers

    65. Dan Caballes

      Anothet meta joke - Evan Peters - Peter is English Pietro is Italian.

    66. Nathan428

      “I just think its better in stories when the powers are a choice” Peter who was just in the right place at the right time but is one of his favorite superheroes

    67. Nathan428

      Someone pls deepfake aaron taylor johnson as pietro Pls

    68. Nathan428

      So you could say wanda...didn’t see that coming

    69. Nathan428

      Ian mcdermid as magneto pls

    70. Nathan428

      I remember norms real name is abilash and remembering this stuff isn’t literally my job

    71. Nathan428

      Pls answer this on the big question

    72. Houston Hughes

      The aerospace engineer wasn't mentioned in connection to the drone. It was for building the tank from the trailer to break through the barrier.

    73. Supreme IO

      The plan was that the DRONE wouldn't CHANGE because it's from the eighties. SO STAY A DRONE. Because BEFORE the drone turned INTO a TOY to fit the period.

    74. Patrick Morris

      There is a Cultivar of Azalea named Satan.

    75. Tracy Schaber

      Why do they need all the "different age tvs"? Broadcast "streams" changed over time so are there multiple "fills" came out of the "hex bubble"?

    76. Ryan Spiers

      Also, ricochets can kill.

    77. Jacob Wells

      Could Mojo be messing with the multi-verses? Also what if the technology that S.W.O.R.D. was getting from the dissected Vision would lead to the creation of Sentinels.

    78. Emma Rozo

      What kind of horror story were those vision baby pictures?

    79. Michael Barlow

      They did the Daren swap, ala from the old Bewitched series, with Pietro.

    80. BookieHeretic

      Vision /ultron will have valuable stark info inside him. This I feel is why his work is all processing data. Someone is hacking into him. Stark is dead but vision holds his secrets.

    81. Debo Rich

      Bruce Bana

    82. Jonsi4721

      I am still wanting to know WHERE ARE THE REST OF THE KIDS???

    83. The-gamer-096

      time timeline was really was simple wtf disney stop messing with it

    84. Ozzy

      🤔...when Wanda answered the door for Pietro, the alarm for a breach was going off at sword. Why?

    85. Dave Dunlap

      I think the red glare on everything is just residual effect from Wanda’s powers

    86. Danielle Young

      when wanda opens the door for quicksilver u can hear the alarm for the perimeter going off in the background

    87. Larry ankenman jr

      What about Michael Fastbender

    88. Synastar

      Please stop saying Quicksilver with the emphasis on silver. You're making me die inside.

    89. John Dix

      I feel stupid but I guess it was excitment, but in the behind-the-head shot of Pietro... I immediately thought for some reason it was Old Captain America...

    90. Choocher 420

      I think since westview was breached even peters is the other quicksilver but he’s being controlled he may have been running after someone leading into westview and he was just mindwiped then been controlled

    91. Braden Kitchens

      hugh Jackman no cap

    92. Yuki Kinjiyo

      The quick silver is just like the LOKI of 2014. both original died. their from alternate reality,

    93. Mykle Lara

      I hope it’s Hugh Jackman that makes the cameo, but I’m not sure it’s going to be true :/

    94. Michael LaRoda

      At 50.04 Steve Rogers!

    95. Jeriah Eager Music

      They mentioned the aerospace engineer after talking about building that special fallout shelter type shelter to get though the barrier, not the drone thing

    96. Paradox IOS

      Kids watching: What’s viagra and seealis

    97. Predrag Dimitrijevic

      I think they didn't count on internet geeks reading what's on the blackboard.

    98. Thumperツ

      I really think Agnes is Agatha Harkness especially with this episode

    99. Stanky Danky

      Sean Penn

    100. DneilB007

      In the 1980s they wouldn’t have had “smart” air-to-surface missiles small enough to mount on the drone.