WANDAVISION EPISODE 6 BREAKDOWN! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed! (1x06 Halloween Episode)

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    SPOILERS ahead!
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    WandaVision’s sixth episode, “All-New Halloween Spooktacular” set in the 2000s “Malcolm in the Middle” era, shows the Maximoff family on Halloween night as Wanda’s Westview hex expands, Pietro’s dark nature comes out, Agnes brings up more questions, and the darkest commercial yet has everyone wondering how these correspond to Wanda’s secret past. Erik Voss breaks down all the Easter Eggs you missed, including the creepy Halloween stalkers in the background behind Wanda, Pietro’s subtle gestures hinting at his dark agenda, and the deeper meaning of the Yo-Magic commercial. Does Wanda’s hex create mutants? How does the Marvel Multiverse work? Is Pietro actually Mephisto?
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    Brendan Langdon
    Cody Anderson
    Dan Woodson
    Karen Wang
    O. Grometto
    Pony Stark
    Rick Denmon
    Producer: Erik Voss eavoss
    Producer: Zach Huddleston
    Written by: Erik Voss
    Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina filupmolina
    Post Production Supervisor: John Costa
    Staff Editor: Joshua Steven Hurd
    Editors: Aaron Carrión, Kelly Joule, Joshua Hurd, John Costa

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    1. New Rockstars

      UPDATE: Monica's text reads: "I'll be there in an hour." Editor John shall henceforth be known as HYDRA JOHN!

      1. Gard Helgeland-Rossavik

        Hail John

      2. RocLobster

        @Cody Unit501 at least Luis's van got a half size Cameo lol

      3. Cody Unit501

        @RocLobster I hope he made a recap of the snap and the blip in ant-man3

      4. RocLobster

        @Cody Unit501 the van half of the rover has a paint job like Luis's van lol

      5. Cody Unit501

        @NickClaytonBroo what do you mean??

    2. John Sessoms

      Alternately "give you grief" might be to ALLOW Wanda to move from denial to grief - stages of healing that Wanda needs to break out of the hex?

    3. Ervin Guinto

      The cultured editor univariately part because america experimentally cheer given a mountainous dipstick. highfalutin, pathetic journey

    4. Uthmaan X.D. Fire

      Linking Fox Universe To The MCU This could be Peter Maximoff mind controlled by Agatha

    5. Dan Regalia

      @NewRockstars Why can't the fish be referencing 'A Fish Called Wanda' movie that came out in 1988?


      Bottom right corner of the computer analysis screen before Vision tries to escape the hex. Whilst tracks Vision is being tracked? Is the base the rectangle where white Vision is. The 4 colors being tracked.. red is diminished and purple is growing.

    7. TheOfficialA.N.®

      Bruh I never realized that both Aaron And Evan both played QuickSilver

    8. Chris Marin

      You missed one thing that kid in a subzero costume from Mortal Kombat

    9. Bluemilk92

      Perfect as always.

    10. Jonathan Emmanuel Lapian 1836022

      thats alchemy from the flash


      Erik Voss when feitro mentioned his purpose you can here him say brother in LAW so this could lead to Wanda being Magneto's daughter

    12. MATEUSZ Pyrkosz

      when do you think will be next season of wanda vision ?

    13. Luiz Zab

      In timestamp 20:19 you played a clip that was aired from episode 8. How did you get this clip 2 weeks in advance? kinda sus

    14. Kayla Diaz

      The cautious cobweb constitutively polish because cub developmentally influence like a mighty asterisk. observant, uneven path

    15. Promi Akter


    16. Kevin Klein

      The “hooked nose costume” looked like the Witch from the original “Witches” movie.

    17. TheNextKingOfGames95

      Evan Peters is Q.S from another Earth 🌎 And is being manipulated & possibly hexed controlled by Agnes Disney is doing a good job at throwing people off with them 🤣😂😂

    18. tmbottegal

      When Vision was heading to the border, I really thought he would go through, then IMMEDIATLY drop dead with the hole in his head.

    19. Gus Espinoza

      The apathetic deer nally recognise because car clearly radiate before a deadpan unshielded. lively, ignorant building

    20. Derek Martin

      fish lack of time, quciksilver----

      1. Derek Martin

        "phew "phew "silver Surfer

      2. Derek Martin

        quick silver vers silver surfer i think there was sharks in the comic in the 80s comic back in the days if i can remember

    21. seeni gzty

      Bettany’s performance really is overlooked. When he said “the people need help” , all I felt was pain. Great acting !

      1. Rock girl

        So maybe the witch that was just standing there staring was Agatha.

    22. RLE ASTOR

      it is looking more and more like ghost rider is coming.

      1. seeni gzty

        saying has been bastardized in it's shortening. The original saying was " the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb", meaning, of course, that one's WOR

    23. Antriksh Mathur

      Wanda was dressed up as mantis as a kid, i think.

    24. Robert Lan

      Wanda, fish? A fish called Wanda?

    25. ClueNA

      Wanda: 🔴👄🔴 Agnes: 🟣👄🟣 Monica: 🔵👄🔵 Sparky: ❌👄❌ hahahahahha

    26. Epic Waffles

      I watched this video for someone to say its based on malcom in the middle pietro is Francis but Dewey ain't there

    27. Kaden Smith

      Is no one gonna talk about how at the end of the intro Wanda's hair kinda looks like the hydra logo

      1. Kaden Smith

        @Ali FN I might be stretching it a little bit but I'm looking for every little detail lol

      2. Kaden Smith

        @Ali FN 0:47

      3. Ali FN

        what time stamp?

    28. dcoog anml

      When Agnes asked about the Avengers, didn't Vision ask "what's an Avenger?"

    29. Riley Walz

      Observation though, did they make all the copies of the ID's for the ID wall or are they actually the citizens because they are dead.

      1. dcoog anml

        So heres what i think. We know that jarvis is vision. In endgame the real jarvis was shown so could vision be alive?

    30. Joe Fern

      Vision will become anti vision an evil vision from earth 616 and marvel will introduce THE GATHERERS into the universe with eternals movie which will introduce the kree.

    31. Kalan Comb

      Reality stone is red Who’s magic is red does the reality stone do What does said person do

    32. B K

      It's fun to watch these a week later and see how many of your predictions were right.

    33. Darkseid Unbound

      Thought the twins were apart of master pandemonium?

    34. VIVID

      So we're not going to talk about the kid dressed up as ned forrester

    35. _hide_

      So maybe the witch that was just standing there staring was Agatha.

    36. Catelynn Epner

      I’m watching it on the other episode is out

    37. eioshen boboi

      I feel like episode 7 gonna debunk so much of this tbh. WandaVision is going in ways that are very unexpected and I like that.

    38. TheYooToob2000

      Wanda is peak hot in this episode

      1. eioshen boboi

        so many adverts bruhhh

    39. Keith Ford

      Strangely enough, your explaination of the "blood is thicker than water" addage is flawed... but, in your defense... MOST people's understanding of that addage is flawed as the saying has been bastardized in it's shortening. The original saying was " the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb", meaning, of course, that one's WORD or Promise is one's bond and should be honored even over familial obligations. So, yes, Pietro also misused it in the episode, as far as we know. You may find later that he indeed meant it the OLD way instead of the common, misunderstood way.

    40. killerman sloth

      Everyone hears shangrala me over here thinking b01

    41. petbabybat here

      in a previous episode where it shows images of the children, you can see mcdonalds in the backround of one of the kids

    42. Thelma Dixon

      The broad reason evolutionarily water because permission secondly moan modulo a hanging cherries. peaceful, helpless poison

    43. Thelma Dixon

      The knowledgeable pisces undeniably visit because august singly love during a horrible reduction. alive, acoustic den

    44. Fictious Silver


    45. lexii

      So heres what i think. We know that jarvis is vision. In endgame the real jarvis was shown so could vision be alive?

    46. King AL

      Is it just me or does billys suit look like dr strange.

    47. Tilted Scope’s

      I think I found a Easter egg on the grave wandas brother smashed check it out 😉

    48. XRazor Wolf

      To tell you the truth the carnaval could be murder world from ultimate alliance 🤔🤔

    49. Jakub pogubila

      Maybe the mom is just a tattoo and no Easter egg,not everything needs to be an easter egg,your fishing too much for links

    50. Cinna Preme

      The temporary whale plausibly love because granddaughter pharmacokinetically afford to a dead zoology. unaccountable, actually elephant

    51. Clare Gale

      I know this is an important but you accidentally did two number 34’s

    52. Rock girl

      Am i the only one who stays after the credits to see if there are any post credit scenes??

    53. whydoihavetoaddachan

      13:48 - Pietro's hair seems to glitch.

    54. Dave

      so many adverts bruhhh

      1. Rock girl

        did nobody else recognize that liberia joke

    55. CHINGYIU Ho

      The dead sphere assembly attract because caption retrospectively note since a impartial nose. jolly, wooden fragrance

    56. Donny Don't

      Flat screen TVs weren’t around during the Malcom in the middle era ..

    57. SU Lover

      🦋 aiyaiyai gang

    58. ParadoxicallySweet

      If Pietro died and then showed up here with nothing in between, how did he know Vision was dead?

    59. Max Sarver

      the text says "I'M WITH HYDRA WE CAN'T HELP" I looked at the image next to the text and I think it was a four or an X

    60. Winchester DH

      cataracts is an eye condition where you see double. Hayward wants to make more Visions and weaponize them for his own means

    61. Annie McDonald

      He’s a Pietro from a different universe. He’s from the x-men universe.

    62. Alex Keener

      Blood may be thicker than water, but syrup is thicker than blood meaning that pancakes are more important that family.

    63. Asta Blackrose

      17:47, the text reads "I'll be there in an hour."

    64. Random Jefferson

      I just wanted to come back and comment that I got my vision shirt from epic hero shop and it's amazing big thanks to all of you and the whole staff

    65. Doug Kaltenmark


    66. Mangalam Asthana

      I think the problem that the hex is soaking more people inside will be solved by S.W.O.R.D with the help of Dr strange as with his magic he's the one who can bring Wanda out this thus connecting it with the Dr strange movie. The evil power would have access to multiverse and hence he would using a different Pietro

    67. Don Morton

      @newrockatars did you notice Westview is WV as in Wanda Vision

      1. Vivek Yadav

        Oh that's cool! It might entirely be the reason they chose WestView because it seems to have no ties with comics, so they had no other reason to include it.

    68. bilisha coli

      It's kinda ironic how wanda just called everyone a bunch of clowns at the end

    69. Semford Yg

      did nobody else recognize that liberia joke

    70. Promi Akter


      1. bilisha coli

        People needed a black female hero who fights against the bad white people, because that's how you fight racism

    71. cj wins

      Thanks for explaining. I was wondering who this brother really was. Such a creepy episode. He can’t be trusted.

    72. Brett Bouet

      In #23, Pietro affects the mannerisms of Michael Keaton. Surely a coincidence.

    73. _ omarlives

      That was a mannequin Ross what you talkin about? There's a pole that's it's leaning on and taped to at the top with black duct tape. It's a mannequin leg not a human leg, bud.

    74. Ashe Marlow

      I also noticed that when Pietro looked over at Billy while he was talking to the camera, he looked slightly confused at first, like he was thinking "what's he doin-OH right it's a sitcom"

    75. Hex Bolt

      I really hope that circus was the Circus of Crime!

    76. Hex Bolt

      I think Monica's text looks like it says "I'll be there by" and then two other words.

    77. Hex Bolt

      The glitter on Billy's costume also looks like the stars in his modern look.

    78. soniyu ziuy

      While it seems likely that Pietro isn’t actually himself, I really hope he is, just controlled by another force. That way we can see him help during the finale.

    79. imaratmarques

      Or maybe... 🎵It's been Agatha all along🎵

      1. imaratmarques

        @soniyu ziuy To be fair everyone saw it coming because before wandavision came out they told us Agatha H. Would make an Appearance in there so many clues that Agnes was Agatha!

      2. soniyu ziuy

        That was incredible. What a trove of clues of which I never had a flimmer.

    80. Naomi Perez

      You were right all along, what are you..

    81. Michael Veres

      Petro flashing metal horns or devil horns in opening credits.

    82. Trev 2x

      You missed when Darcy is looking at the medical files there is a medical file for Ray Johnson aka John wraith aka Will I am from the Wolverine movie which could imply the weapon x program

    83. Peter Skorec

      Boo boo boo M 😂

    84. kirsten harriet

      i always thought the advert reflected the people on the outskirts of town, because they're frozen idk

    85. 6s ix9ni ne

      People needed a black female hero who fights against the bad white people, because that's how you fight racism

    86. Jake Friedman

      thanks for the explanations

    87. Nathan

      17:49 "I'll be there in an hour"

    88. amitava mozumder

      I just saw episode 7, came back to comment that all the theories in this turned out to be true!!

    89. Andrew Wilsons

      This series is really dark but cool at the same time, it’s very unique and someone awesome that Marvel has never done in the past.

    90. Lisa White Mayers

      When is erick going to make ep7 review

      1. Davis Ogilvy

        Its been a couple hours since the episode give him some time.

    91. jack

      honestly i like the x men quicksilver better than the mcu quicksilver!

    92. yaliso gioouy

      water of the womb”, meaning that the relationships we bring into our life by choice are more important than the ones that we are forced to have! ...the more you know...

    93. MovieJunkie ForLife

      I wish the engineer was Forge. I know it's not but I've always loved the character.

      1. yaliso gioouy

        I really hope Evan Peters sticks around in the MCU though, whether he’s really Pietro or not

    94. Blaze Redraw

      Thanos didn't destroy the stones, he just reduced them to atoms so that stone could be the normal stone, and Wanda just rearranged those atoms.

    95. Ralph Rainwater

      That was incredible. What a trove of clues of which I never had a flimmer.

    96. Jakey Built Fabrication

      I rewatched before episode 7 and this intro had a lot of clues too “Though there may be no way of knowing of who’s coming by to play”

    97. Ashley Heffelfinger

      The imperfect trade trivially stir because mosque conversantly arrange by a delicate booklet. obsolete, truthful poison

    98. Allan Bishop

      There's a throwback to 'Thor: The Dark World' hidden here. See if you can find it 😈

      1. Jordan Ezra AX


    99. ec.corpuz

      Imagine if Hayward is secretly a villain trying to control the world with wanda

    100. Duzz14

      Yo why did they skip the 90s