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    WandaVision Episode 6 is the most shocking and frightening yet, delivering major HOUSE OF M parallels! What just happened? Thanks to Blue Chew for sponsoring this episode. Go to bluechew.com and use the code WANDAVISION. Catch us live on Stereo, stereo.com/NewRockstars Get 20% Off and Free Shipping with the code WANDAVISION at manscaped.com
    SPOILERS ahead!
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    WandaVision Episode 6 final scene features Wanda freezing Westview and rapidly EXPANDING the “hex” to absorb the SWORD camp and warp it into a circus! How far will the hex expand, and how will it affect the rest of the MCU? Is WandaVision following the events of House of M, which resets reality in the Marvel Multiverse and deals with the very existence of mutants? And is Pietro (Evan Peters) actually Mephisto? In this episode of #InsideMarvel, Erik Voss and Jessica Clemons react to this game-changing episode and break down the biggest WTF questions you have. What does Agnes know?
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    Brendan Langdon
    Cody Anderson
    Dan Woodson
    Karen Wang
    O. Grometto
    Pony Stark
    Rick Denmon
    Producer: Erik Voss eavoss
    Producer: Zach Huddleston
    Written by: Erik Voss
    Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina filupmolina
    Post Production Supervisor: John Costa
    Staff Editor: Joshua Steven Hurd

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    1. Simple Stump

      When I say decaying vibranium and pretty sure they mean the decaying radioactive signature that the isotopes put off

    2. David BM

      The ten blue apparently level because number genomically reproduce over a offbeat sudan. pastoral, snobbish effect

    3. Luis Ernesto Gustavo Alipaz Loetz

      How about Fietro actually being Speed Demon?

    4. Rudy Raccoon

      daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam jimmy woo got some muscle

    5. Zak Adoke


    6. Infinity Theorist

      Just sayin' a Clark Gregg/Phil Coulson cameo would for sure be Luke Skywalker level. So would Chloe Bennet/Daisy Johnson, but I don't think Marvel would be willing to do that.

    7. Walker Riley

      Anything and everything can decay, but specifically they are talking about radioactive decay here. Uranium is also a metal, for comparison, and decays over time.

    8. Mayushii

      29:48 I love how you were genuinely trying so hard to hold back from laughing

    9. Lacey

      I think he says unleash hell demon children he means that the kids are crazy

    10. Parmjot Sabharwal

      oooomg the merging of realities..... could this be why the series is before far from home??? so jk simmons could literally be the exact same JJJ character from TM spiderman and not just a nod?????

    11. Bone Man

      I do hope to see quick silver be in the mcu he works nice in the mcu and every X-men hopefully will because the fox franchise is kinda weird sorta like dc and it looking like a SEprom video

    12. Stylez Morales

      Vision is Marvel's version of Kenny from South Park!

    13. Team Nerd TV

      Anybody remember that the hexagon is the shape of a space jump in guardians of the galaxy No real point to make, I just thought it was worth mentioning. 🙂

    14. BextoMoose

      Wanda calling S.W.O.R.D clowns is hilarious to me

    15. Tanner Myers

      Only the blipped get powers?

    16. Nick Rog


      1. J R


    17. Clinton Brown

      So im calling it .... Wanda goes crazy encompasses the earth in the hex with unleashing nightmare in the process doctor strange is alerted and mutants are created as side effect of the hex expansion

    18. Jose Medina

      The next tennis pharmacokinetically alert because armenian hooghly delight past a clean fur. parsimonious, anxious profit

    19. Hanna Stokes

      Herb as Frankenstein supports the theory that the people in the town are dead

    20. clarradactyl

      omg the juicy couture tracksuit! brings me back to senior year (2004) in HS.

    21. Michelle Watson

      mom tattoo is actually really evan"s

    22. DarthVader DaGreat

      the Mailman is also Peitro. listen to how he says "dudes" like 1 Episode before the Uncle calls the twins "Dudes"

    23. Silias Porter

      Darcy is now storm.

    24. Walkin Tall

      So sad he doesn’t even know he was an avenger and what he did for the Mcu :(

    25. j2dykes00

      Is there a significance to Herb's Frankenstein costume? A creature brought back from the dead?

    26. Sasshiro Takauchi

      Uranium and plutonium are both metals that are highly unstable and decay. I’m adduming Vibranium is similar.

      1. Silias Porter

        Also remember the vibranium fused with human tissue cells so when the human element is rotting away so is the vibranium.

    27. Dlyriogamer1985

      Why Wanda the ****

    28. Mhill Hill

      Casting Evan Peters could also be a way of telling us that the fox xmen franchise is official dead. But then you still got Deadpool who is continuing in the mcu and Evan Peters cameoed as quicksilver in the second Deadpool

    29. Clive ward

      I think Wanda will go full villain in this and then get a redemption in MOM

    30. Demi The New-God

      They could make the people who got snapped be the ones that might mutate

    31. Davis Church

      During the yomagic clip, we see him die without the opening the magic up. Could this represent the characters within the hex and their reliance on wandas magic to stay alive (Vision)

    32. c sandusky

      Just thought of this ERIC. What if everyone that was blipped has the mutant gene. 🧬. That's why Hayward had monica's dna changing status on his comp. The Hex activated it. But the blip is the origin of the mutant gene!!

    33. Elliott Allen-Williams

      Again I will say Evan Peter's will be the MCU Villian Mephesto!!!!

    34. 3rdegree

      Ummm I don’t think anyone loved Aaron Taylor Johnson’s quicksilver.

    35. Jjay Dice

      If Wanda can't raise the dead and Vision is just a puppet how is Vision thinking for himself if he's actually just dead?

    36. Rob Scott

      Parent Trap was 1998 and Incredibles was 2004.

    37. Chris Muskett

      Vibranium decaying implies that it is radioactive. Not necessarily a dangerous thing - potassium is radioactive and we’re all over bananas

    38. ImGrizzE

      The reason vibranium can decay is because it was infused with living cells in aou I think

    39. Mr. Calderøn

      Who was casted for the role of young wanda in the fish flashback scene

    40. Mc-racer 24

      "We are gonna come back to this" is the most said line in all these after shows

    41. ARandomPerson

      I dunno if this will end up being important but Darcy Jimmy and Monica each have some kind of connection to a superhero and Hayward seems to be against superhero’s. Monica knowing captain marvel has been bought up but I don’t think Jimmy knowing Scott and Darcy knowing Thor have been mentioned though they might not be known.

    42. Eric Armstrong

      you realize that Uranium is a metal too right, and carbon.....?

    43. Shawriya #vi4life K.

      I love both quicksilvers and need both in wandavision

    44. Shawriya #vi4life K.

      He said the last this he remembers he said “last thing I remember was being shot for no reason and you calling my name

    45. Rea Imani

      Who is Monica’s dad?

    46. wolfca

      Did we find out what happened with the beekeeper after Wanda rewound him?

    47. Nasaya Lucero

      Hey rockstars can you please send me the link for the app to see the Easter eggs on the shirt, please help me find the app

    48. Damian K

      Also Ralph = Mafesto. Thoughts?

    49. Damian K

      I think Evan Peters is "the asset" & he's working with Sword .

    50. Matthew F

      I love you Jessica! Marry me and lets have beautiful geeky children together. ;)

    51. Jose Chavez

      Its a great review but i fell asleep, twice

    52. Ricardo Benedictis

      And what if Pietro were Strange changed by the reality created by Wanda? Strange could have entered to try to help or understand whats is going on...

    53. Dab Master824

      Just think about if Paul Betteny and Elisabeth Olson are watching this knowing what happens

    54. Your DC Guide

      How dare you say Flash copies Quicksilver. The flash has been time traveling and multiverse traveling for decades and quicksilver only started to recently. So if anything quicksilver copies flash. Sure quicksilver did it first on film but the flash has been doing it much longer.

    55. Brendon Jones

      Decaying vibranium was in reference to nuclear decay

    56. Lauren Tracy

      Evan Peters actually has the mom tattoo. Not sure if it's supposed to have another meaning or if they just thought a 1980s wacky uncle would have a bad tattoo so they didn't cover it.

    57. Freddy Martinez

      Radioactive decay

    58. Lachlan Markovic

      Hold up on guardians vol.2 when rockets jumping to ego they are going through hexagons as they jump from location to location idk if that has any connections to the hexagons in Wandavision but just throwing it out there

    59. Andrew Kallman

      they don’t mean decaying like rot, they are probably talking about atomic decay.

    60. Matt Dumele

      Notice how Agnes’s Halloween costume was a witch. All I’m saying😐

    61. Arisenzombies75

      Maybe Agnes is an emotion so she’s not human she’s a living emotion form Wanda ? Just a thought

    62. YoUnG KiNg

      They're not going to make wanda the creator of mutants..how would that work with apocalypse? And back stories of mutants like magneto and wolverine? I think ppl are thinks to much it I don't think this will bring in mutants

    63. Dominique Leon

      I had to say wtf liget

    64. Tabol Michael

      Gonna say this here, Evan Peters would make a fantastic Joker. Your Welcome! :)

    65. Bazariel Bloodwolf

      Decay refers to atomic decay. Most thing have an specific atomic decay that generates (typically safe except for things like plutonium and mercury) a specific radiation signature.

    66. Blaze Hawk

      I think someone should draw what darcy would look like as a mutant to see what voss's theory would look like which i think that would be cool to see.

    67. Jacob Harris

      I like your take on that I think that's a very plausible idea have the mutants House of m mutants in charge world for a whole whole other little spin that you get wore back in into our reality.

    68. Cellardoor

      Why not just say Wan-Da-F**** ?! - That's more fitting

    69. Garrett Edwards

      The reason that people aren't moving much is that extras in TV shows can just be somewhat idle while the rest of the cast is in the main focus. At least that's my theory.

    70. nanes

      What if Westview is a town for mutant refugees created by Charles Xavier where they live protected from the outside world by Charles’ mental powers? The mailman is an undercover FBI agent and he is immune to Wanda’s control thanks to his mutant powers.

    71. Casey B

      No, more mutants

    72. Christopher Spears

      What if the hex goes worldwide and that brib

    73. abbey :O

      watch pietro be maphesto and when wanda finds out and tries to throw him out that red smoke appears like the stork in episode 3

    74. Eagle Heart Sales

      Monica's 70 clothes survives out of the hex, but THE vision started to break apart??????

    75. Caleb Grant

      I feel Pietro is being mind controlled/puppeteered. If he was the quicksilver who died then he wouldn't know Vision died. Whoever is controlling/using him to get to Wanda knows Wanda's history but is also making use of Fox Quicksilver's memories.

    76. Andy Penaflor

      In guardians of the galaxy 2 when rocket and them are jumping through space, the openings are hexagonal. So seems to me that this shape is a constant in this universe.

    77. Leo Edward

      I feel like doctor strange is going to notice that.. and try to help

    78. Kingston Clermont

      What if when the Hex disapears the entire Hex area thingy gets disinigrated and all the people in it including Wanda and Vision and there children. Also what if in the end Dr. Strange appears in the Hex and destroys Vision which is the result of Dr. Strange and the Mom tattoo

    79. Shane

      What's really bugging me about the mutants storyline is, what about the Inhumans? What happens to them? Do they get erased and it's just Mutants or do they share the screen? Nobody can answer this for me. Inhumans get ignored but they are a large part of the MCU with their own origin story. Hive himself is an inhuman as is referenced allot by various theories because of the hex(hive). How the hex could activate mutants is how the Inhumans are activated, by the Terrigen gas. It's things like this that bug me and I can't get past it.

    80. M. H.

      Yomagic is the "Food for survivors." In Days of Future Past, Logan says to Magneto, "You're like me. A survivor."

    81. Linck

      what if there all clowns and do like the greatest showman thing and the big actor be wolverine but not wolverine

    82. nosequepasaconesto

      How people are going to attached to a character (aaron taylor quicksilver) if he just appeared in Age of Ultron? I don't understand why you argue this.

    83. WARdROBE Plays WW2

      We should call out that “Get Out” inspiration for those people on the edge, the one year.

    84. DJay ForEver

      Wouldnt it make the most sense for this to be set up right after infinity war

    85. Michael Joseph Azcui

      Do Darcys Handcuffs turn into the Quantum Bands?

    86. David Wanamaker

      Ryan Reynolds Deadpool? Skrunfirmed

    87. Patrick Morris

      Wanda suddenly creating mutants or awakening the mutant gene, essentially eliminates all origin stories though.

    88. jorge dorbecker

      so the Hex expanding is like having a CMB cloud passing by earth couple of times.

    89. Michael Oakley

      I think they are going to bring mutants into the MCU by saying the people that got blipped and came back got mutated by the process. I mean the world got manipulated by the stones 3 times? Have to be some consequences from that. Also Wanda and Pietro were changed by the stones as well.

    90. Sadarius Chisholm

      I could agree with that Pietro theory. Evan Peters does a lot of horror shit (American Horror Story) so it would make sense. 😈

    91. Waffle Puff

      I want Wanda to cast darcy as a waitress in a diner since Kat played Max on 2 Broke Girls !!!!

    92. mashael dosari

      something a lot of people are missing is WHERE THE HELL IS DOTTIE

    93. Feldspar

      Can’t believe Erik didn’t notice the computer files on Darcy’s investigation, one file said Monica Rambeau and the other was Roy Johnson (mutant that was previously played by Wil I Am in X-Men Origins: Wolverine)!!!!

    94. Gino Peñaflor

      Damn it vision. Dont you die on us fans thrice! :(

    95. chris formosa

      Shuri should make it to the Hex (to help Wanda) and be made a BlackPanther.

    96. chrrrr

      Damn, I literally just bought my shirt before this sale ;(

    97. Ben Carter

      Still don't know why Darcy thought they could help Vision. Dudes literally getting pulled back into a thing no one really understands. Like tf they gonna do, get dragged in with him

    98. Money

      anyone here in the comments got any theories on evan peters’ future with marvel? any contract details for movies? we all love the character and knowing if he will return after wandavision could be huge.

    99. Devin Michael Santos

      36:00 huh Deadpool is coming?

    100. Sam Hachmeister

      1. Hayward is using Vision to make sentinels. 2. Hayward is gonna say, "We're not all going to bow to a few freaks, mutants." Wanda: "You're right, there should be MORE MUTANTS!"