WandaVision Final Episode SECRET CAMEO (After Evan Peters Quicksilver)?

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    Who is the mystery cameo coming to WandaVision's final episode? The first 1000 people to use this link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership: skl.sh/newrockstars02211
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    WandaVision Episode 5 revealed Evan Peters as Pietro, Wanda's brother, an apparent crossover from the Fox X-Men franchise to the MCU. Is Peters the top-secret cameo Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany have been hinting at, an appearance on par with Luke Skywalker in The Mandalorian? Or is an even bigger name coming in the final episode of WandaVision? Erik Voss breaks down all the clues for this WandaVision finale cameo -- whether it will be another familiar face from the X-Men universe, like Ian McKellen Magneto, or Patrick Stewart Professor X, or Ryan Reynolds Deadpool. Who is the ONE Avenger from the MCU who could make a surprise appearance in WandaVision?
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    1. New Rockstars

      Paul Bettany *did* appear alongside Benedict Cumberbatch in Creation (2009)! So, while it remains very possible for Doctor Strange to appear in WandaVision, either Bettany's "someone I've always wanted to work with" refers to an actor he never had a chance work with *in the MCU* , or, there's yet *another* big cameo coming. Who do you think it is?

      1. Shreyas Naik

        It's Elon Musk 😊

      2. LAMA 2018

        Deadpool Deadpool Deadpool Deadpool Deadpool Deadpool Deadpool Deadpool

      3. Shreyas Naik

        Its Paul Bettany himself...

      4. Mas ntah ntah

        Baron mordo.

      5. Matias Ossa

        “I have always wanted to work with” doesn’t necessarily mean they haven’t worked together. I’m still betting on Sir Ian

    2. Dr. Cell

      It was paul bettany all along 🎶🎶

    3. Audrey Meadows

      Its so funny rewatching this knowing he was trolling all along.

    4. Matias Cabrera

      Sorry for disapoiting you buddy

    5. Chris Lee

      Anyone here after the cameo was actually... paul bettany himself

      1. Chris Lee

        @Blue Knight actor of vision

      2. Blue Knight

        Who is that

    6. Danielle Sisk

      here post finale hahahahahahahahaha it was Paul Bettany💀💀💀

    7. Ben Miller

      Who’s here aster the cameo was just himself and they scammed us?

    8. Obi Wan Kenobi

      When wanda open the portal and it shows tobey maguire smiling, i was like what

      1. Caleb Irizarry

        Lol good one

    9. Rickk Marks

      Maybe the Secret Cameo was the friends we made along the way...

    10. Abelle Kurayami

      Paul Bettany never works with Paul Bettany before so yeah.. he just talking about himself

    11. ANIME Funtai

      Just came watching final episode, THERE'S NO CAMEO. THEY LIED.

      1. obi wan Kenobi

        @Danielle Sisk lmao

      2. Danielle Sisk

        @obi wan Kenobi imo the cameo was white vision, ie the actor bettany always wanted to work with was himself😂

      3. obi wan Kenobi

        @Don Fresh except it was said it was gonna be a luke skywalker from the mandalorian level of hype cameo and the actual cameo was a scroll

      4. Don Fresh

        Not completely at the post credit scene while wanda was reading the darkhold, doctor strange theme played which means this is a preview of doctor strange 2. So its like a small cameo.

    12. JEAN

      he was talking about himself.

    13. Lit Jarred

      Well this aged horribly SMH AHHHHH this episode was such a letdown imo

    14. Frank Smith

      I guess the major cameo that Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany were talking about was just Evan Peters after all.

      1. Don Fresh

        No, it was the theme at the post credits scene which played the doctor strange theme. So its kinda like a small cameo.

    15. Juan Jose Constantino

      It was nobody!!!

    16. Paul Mateo

      Tobey Maguire.

    17. joe cunningham

      I can quite easily understand how Vision and professor x would have fireworks. Someone who's power is all about the mind. In professor x's position, it makes sense to be excited. An artificial mind. And Strange would be awesome, but I don't think internet breaking. They're part of the same universe. Professor X I think would be far more likely to be internet breaking.

    18. Josh Burgos


    19. Lyle Gabriel Poblete

      Spidey Tobey Maguire....

    20. MsDemonBunny

      Gah! I need a TARDIS so I can jump forward to Friday.

    21. LAMA 2018

      Deadpool Deadpool Deadpool Deadpool Deadpool Deadpool Deadpool Deadpool

    22. max imus

      Your all mad. It’s OBVIOUSLY Patrick Star

    23. Patrick Chavez

      It's Spader

    24. TheDavidish

      It’s Magneto, Michael Fassbender. It’s gotta be

    25. John Synder


    26. Ellis Williams

      Guys check the episode 9 promo Erik is right its doctor strange

    27. Daniel Davis

      I think Aaron Taylor Johnson quicksilver is the cameo the evidence is the was able to re write reality

    28. I T

      It is Patrick Stewart’s Professor X

    29. chachel

      In the comics, hank Pym works on the android to synthezoid that is vision , so that may leave us with the possibility of hank Pym aka Michael Douglas?

    30. Juliano Renkert Junior

      The cool replace joly start because brother-in-law hopefully terrify after a brief uganda. whole, observant governor

    31. Namit Malhotra

      This video did not age well😂😂😂 it was himself all along.

    32. Cosmic Orphan

      To everyone who thinks it's Ian Mckellen, it's not. Paul Bettany specifically said someone he always wanted to work with. Which means he hasn't worked with them previously. And both Paul Bettany and Ian Mckellen starred in the Da Vinci Code. So clearly he's not talking about Ian Mckellen.

    33. Gummy The gummy bear

      Imagine Wanda seeing someone walking through the border and it’s a big build up but then Deadpool just walks out and says “wow that was a rough trip”

    34. Wired Ant

      It’s not Doctor Strange, Benedict Cumberbatch and Paul Bettany have worked together in a movie before called Creation

    35. Zeeshan Ansar

      Could it be TOM HOLLAND?

    36. Jason the new universe 237

      I want to secret Cameo to be illin McKellen Magneto

    37. Floyd Chupping

      Doctor strange isn’t that surprising though, an mcu character appearing in an mcu property?, well I for one am shocked 😂

    38. Franco Rodríguez

      Nice trolling by Bettany. After watching last episode I think the secret cameo is gonna be himself

      1. Patrick Chavez

        Bet it's Spader

    39. Brandon Thompson

      Hank Pym ? I don't see that as Luke Skywalker level or anything it just feels likely because he was Vision's original creator.

    40. Fender Bender

      I may be late to the party, but why is Tom Hiddleston Loki not on this list of possible game-changing, time/space warping cameos? Has he worked with Paul bettany before?

    41. Bert T.

      I hope he wasn't talking about himself, but I'm starting to think he was

    42. lucky ME

      it's Nicolas cage ghost rider 😅

    43. Mete Oguc

      Edward Northon

    44. Ace Maxximus

      My bet in on Michael Fassbender as Magneto on this one

      1. Your Daily Myanmar Trends

        No it was himself The white vision

    45. Harsha Kiran

      Hahaha. Who is here after Episode 8 The actor he always wanted to work with is HIMSELF

      1. Your Daily Myanmar Trends

        Yea lol

    46. Phoenix Strong

      Mark hamill as Nightmare!

      1. Your Daily Myanmar Trends

        He is talking about himself White Vision LoL

    47. hoffmxn999

      keanu reeves

    48. Hapsetshut

      I'm calling Wolverine right now. or maybe magneto

      1. Your Daily Myanmar Trends

        White Vision He was talking about himself

    49. vikixq

      I really hope its going to be magneto or profesor X, really doesnt matter which actor is going to appear, I'm so hyped, I cannot-

      1. Abdullah Miankhail

        Should I tell you the leak?

    50. Jakehouse

      I think it could be Victor Von Doom. He is a big enough character to be fanservice he could be a gamechanger and a good finale it would be a cool fireworks character who we don't know about and the Bettany thing depends on casting and I think it is very possible he could get in the he via teleportation. He is also kind of a sorcerer so he will fit in well with the magic ladies

    51. koopk1


    52. ライアン

      my dream is to one day have johnny depp play a role in the mcu

    53. やや

      Didn’t he specifically say it won’t be dr strange ?

    54. crystalh733

      🤞 Please let it be Wolverine, PLEASE let it be Wolverine, PLEEEASE let it be Wolverine!!!!

    55. cesar neira

      Charles Xavier or magneto would be insane

    56. sabari ganesh

      Should we consider loki as the secret character??? But we all kno he is coming back anyway.. it's not going to that exiting..🤷🏻‍♂️

    57. TPA

      Weirdly, now, it seems like Strange is 100% SET to be in there! Well done!

    58. Panda Steph

      Weird idea..... what if its Baymax from Big Hero 6...

    59. Shaun Brown

      Its Dr Strange. There.. your welcome 😎

    60. Qull

      I think Patrick Stewart made most sense. Should be actor in older generation since Paul Bettany said he'd want to work with him since forever. As for firework, it's probably just metaphor. Or maybe they just bring the whole x-men crew along with them...

    61. Sam's Adventure 101

      i really hope its Phil Coulson

      1. Sam's Adventure 101


    62. Asmuk

      It will be Al Pacino as the Devil.

    63. Billzabub

      Paul Bentley has yet to work with Clark Gregg's Agent Phil Coulson, and with all the agents of shield easter eggs who else could it be?

    64. Shaira Dossey

      John Krasinski as Reed Richards possibly?

    65. Michael Sierra

      What about nick fury

    66. Baritone Rule

      Mark Hamil playing Nightmare

    67. NOMINOM

      It's either wolverine or deadpool.

    68. JR Persaud

      The previous Spider-Men

    69. Boneless Carrots

      For me its stan lee

    70. Elayna Torres

      Wait did I here that right Keanu Reeves? John wick in the mcu let me go pass out real quick

    71. Neve Boland

      I think it is captain marvel

    72. Shihab udeen

      What if it's Deadpool.bcause he using the time travel device in the last movie

    73. Robert Mills

      Bettany and Cumberbatch worked together in Creation. Sorry.

    74. Narkiss Zincke

      But Paul Bettany and Benedict worked together in the movie Creation, so it can't be him in the wish list

    75. Emlang Deini

      What if it's Loki himself send by the TVA to handle the Westview annomaly.

    76. Carlos Moran

      it's gotta be Hugh Jackman as Wolverine!!

    77. antwan1357

      Luke Skywalker shows up in the last episode to take the children for Jedi training .

    78. Charlie Taylor

      As much as I think it will be Dr. Strange. I want it to be Charles Xavier due to Vision having the mind stone and the possible things that could happen between Vision, Professor X, Wanda and everyone else due to the towns people being under hypnosis.

    79. Britt T

      I feel like it might be dr. strange for the mystery cameo.

      1. Muhsin Al Bayati

        No it isnt.... because thats comfirmd 😊

    80. FartingFlyingTurtle

      Morgan Freeman as himself, the god! would be awesome

      1. Sebaizen


    81. gforce365

      Why is EVERYONE ignoring Baron Mordo?!

    82. rafia


    83. Arch

      What about brie Larson aka captain marvel.

    84. calltyshon

      Now that we've seen Agnes can break the 4th wall i am starting to think that major reveal is ryan reynolds deadpool, plus the whole mutants connection

    85. fromchomleystreet

      It’s not Cumberbatch. I mean, unless Bettany’s lying it isn’t. In another interview, Bettany described the mystery actor as someone he’s “longed to work with for all of my life”. Bettany was born in 1971. Even if the word “all” is something of an exaggeration, he’s not going to be talking like that about an actor who’s five years younger than himself. To fit that description, It’s got to be somebody in their seventies, at least. Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan would certainly qualify, if not for the other reasons you mention. We should be thinking about actors over seventy who have that “actor’s actor” vibe - the sort of figure a young Paul Bettany might have grown up idolizing. Think De Niro, Pacino, etc.

    86. Mark Johnson

      IT'S gonna be Al Pachino!

    87. Dillion Munson

      Hank mccoy aka Beast has a history with sword

    88. Filip Spes podbregar

      It could be Samuel L jackson

    89. Ronin 07

      Hope u read this, The Cameo is LOKI Wanda it's a Nexus being, watched over by TVA, LOKI work for TVA

    90. Michael Davis

      It's Nicholas Cage as Ghost rider.

    91. Hillol Brahma

      i have a crazy theory of the "TOP SECRET" CAMEO...its might be 1. LOKI (Tom Hiddlestonas a TVA agent) 2. IMORTUS (Jonathan Majors KANG The Conqueror) 3. Baron Mordo(Dr Strange MoM)

    92. Jaswin Anand

      Just give us Fassbender's Magneto or Krasinski's Mr. Fantastic

    93. Hugo Fernandes

      It’s going to be captain jack sparrow

    94. Hazard Time

      Its Batman, DC vs Marvel confirmed.

    95. Iron Horse Productions

      Better be deadpool , that’s how he should enter the mcu

    96. David Goresky

      Bring Eric Magneto (Daddy) in!

    97. Jose Lucio

      Calling it right now . It's going to be Mordo. He is coming for any sorcerer.

    98. Grimthang

      I'm saying Ian Mckellen as Magneto

    99. valeree

      am i the only one who doesn't like krasinski as reed richards? ;/

    100. valeree

      i feel like they should've kept the cameo a secret and just let us be genuinely surprised by it, now we're all expecting it to be a couple of actors :s