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    WandaVision's SWORD Director Tyler Hayward seems to have a secret plan for Westview. How is he connected to the surprise cameo on par with Luke Skywalker in The Mandalorian mentioned by Elizabeth Olsen? Thanks to Keeps for sponsoring this video! Go to www.keeps.com/newrockstars to get 50% off your first order of Keeps hair loss treatment.
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    WandaVision Episode 4 and WandaVision Episode 5 expand the mysteries of Westview to the broader conspiracy of SWORD, with outside operators like SWORD Acting Director Tyler Hayward, Jimmy Woo, Monica Rambeau and Darcy Lewis. Does Hayward have a secret plan that he's trying to cover up? And is Wanda the true villain, or could the actual "big bad" be the surprise cameo coming in later episodes, whom Elizabeth Olsen compared to Luke Skywalker's cameo in The Mandalorian? Erik Voss breaks down the conspiracy by Hayward and SWORD, how it connects to the rumored Avengers Endgame post-credit scene, as well as Jimmy Woo's mysterious missing witness, and the plot to deceive Wanda Maximioff. If WandaVision is based on House of M, who is the "M" of the series -- Mephisto, Magneto, or Mysterio?
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    1. New Rockstars

      Big thanks to Keeps for supporting the channel! Here’s the site if you want to check them out! > keeps.com/newrockstars

      1. Jason Dullow

        He's a SKRULL or with Hydra and wants his tech back!!!!

      2. Lalfo

        Can we please stop saying CMBR and just call it CMB?? Microwave is a type of radiation.

      3. Jann Elliot Provido


      4. Jacob Dean

        @HR24ツ That's ok... according to what I see. Your comment is 3 days ago and the video says 2 days ago... So I guess someone is time traveling or something

      5. Coolcraft

        Could it be Norm the communist

    2. Brad Seppala

      I really think Hayward is a skrull... one of the bad ones. It's all gonna come out as we lead to secret invasion.

    3. cancel disney plus

      My theory is Hayward is a skrull

    4. benny 2e

      Just finished episode 4 atm (catching up on the videos as i didnt start in time) sounds like the cameo could be doctor strange

    5. Austin Vogt

      What if the cameo is Deadpool?

    6. Scott T

      Hayward is just a normal suit who just wants Vision back as he has been working on that project for years. Wanda and Monica are just unforeseen monkey wrenches in his plan.

    7. Peter Annis

      Cameo is Samuel L Jackson.

    8. TimeTunnelToysUK

      My money is on Killgrave

    9. NOOB MASTER 69

      I love how Scott taught Jimmy how to do the card trick when jimmy pulled it out so quick

    10. Prem Kumar

      There is a rumour that hayward may be ultron according to comics

    11. Aarcus Is Loading

      1:43 hexagons all around the hanger =O

    12. dawsyn

      I hope it’s mysterio that would be awsome but I doubt it’s gonna be him

    13. Bianca Mayo

      It’s alll Wanda

    14. J-rated

      Whoever the cameo is i dont think that it is going to be from x men franchise

    15. DrSladic

      M = Magneto?

    16. BreakingPlaid

      'Tyler' is an English name derived from the Old French tieuleor, tieulier (tiler, tile maker) ... It also holds the meaning of "doorkeeper of an inn" or "owner of a tavern" derived from its use in freemasonry as the name of the office of the outer guard. 'Hayward' is an occupational name for an official who was responsible for protecting land or enclosed forest from damage by animals, POACHERS, or vandals; from Middle English hay 'enclosure' + ward 'guardian'.

    17. Arcade 1511

      Paul bettany and Benedict Cumberbatch have worked together in the movie called creations so........ You know he said that's someone with who he has never worked

    18. Reese Miller

      What if it was nightmare

      1. Reese Miller

        Think about it every single person in westview is felling some sort of pain causing nightmare’s powers to grow

    19. PS2 Gamer


    20. The Protagonist

      You cant really blame Hayward after everything he has been through. His loved ones turned to dust, the world fell into darkness and the avengers weren’t there. Clearly in the five years since the snap, Earth has become more vulnerable to existential threats, so of coarse he has to use darker measures to protect what’s left

    21. James Pickles

      in episode 2 when vision flys and wanda makes a rope to hold him up that reminded me of ultrons line "there are no strings on me"

    22. Patrick Lange

      I would crap my pants if Huge Jackman is the big cameo they are talking about!

    23. pro

      He's a****** he

    24. pro

      F tyler hayward

    25. Peter Skorec

      Thought you gonna say booom. Barf is close enaugh

    26. Peter Skorec

      Thought you gonna say booom. Barf is close beauty

    27. cadisafa

      If he can brainwash, so is it professor X ?

    28. kevin sopha

      Sorry deleting channel

    29. La Steamin


    30. Jeffrey Kotei

      This sounds like a really credible theory

    31. Jose Porter

      Heyward is Mephesto!

    32. Jackolus Gamer

      This is like a modded Among Us game in the MCU: Woo: I can't see my informant on admin. Hayward: Sorry Monica, but your mother who was killed five rounds ago ordered everyone to stay in the cafeteria. Monica: Why are the lights only off in storage? Voss: Hayward is imposter.

    33. Boots Busang

      If this is right, SHIELD has the worst screening process in history.

    34. Jann Elliot Provido


    35. Chris Duque

      It’s obviously Keanu Reeves as Dr Doom.

    36. Ms.Bubs4fun

      I think the huge cameo will be Xavier (X-men) in the finale.

    37. Nathan428

      Those face cloaking things from winter soldier have to have something to do with this

    38. Leonardo Morato

      I don't know if there is anything to it, but to mention, i just noticed the coffee cups on the hands of the cops outside westview are printed on the same pattern of jimmy woo's coffee on episode 5. Probably they just bough from the same place, but the pattern are similar to the end credits.

    39. Devin Laye

      What if Hayward is Ralph?

    40. S S

      Hayward is a skrull

    41. Atomic Muffin

      What if Ultron is behind this? I mean Vision was many things and ppl, and also Ultron....could it be Ultron??

    42. Pixel Cult Media

      At this point it seems to be leaning towards Professor X wiping mutants from the MCU timeline via global amnesia. God I hope it's actually something smarter than that.

    43. Franky Bedo

      HAYWARD >>> HYDRA + AW ??? 🤔

    44. podcastbard

      Wanda is a magical threat or concern at the least. I wonder why Dr. Strange is not involved. Could Wanda be working with Dr. Strange to bring out the real magical threat? He did look into the future and he likes to tie up loose ends.

    45. Dark Matter

      Darcy is Agatha Agatha is Darcy Finkle is Einhorn Einhorn is Finkle. 😳

    46. Joe V

      Hayward is always wearing blue, and seeing as how super powered beings tend to dress in colors similar to their costumes; one could suspect he is the Grim Reaper.

    47. Dark Matter

      Haywards always has a red light or item behind him. There's also when he walk into the building, a set yellow lights from a vehicle outside that look like yellow eyes over his shoulder. Darcy is also part of Mephistos plan. She's evil. You heard it here first.

    48. Yes indeed

      I'm still thinking the cameo will be tobey maguire because idk who's really on par with childhood hero that everyone loved until now other than tobey

    49. sl1138utube

      Hayward's gotta be a skrull...

    50. David Durant

      Surprised no-one is suggesting that Hayward is actually Loki given we have his series starting up soon...

    51. Isaac Melendez

      I think M is Herb because he knows he’s trapped and was completely normal and Norm was stuck in the illusion until Vision touches and he starts to freak out and was in pain

    52. Kyle T

      Just imagine the big name actor surprise is Keanu Reeves

    53. Tony Green

      I'm still convinced that the surprise actor is Hiddleston as Loki,as the missing person.

    54. Corry Williams

      This screams Magneto

    55. Chris Renzella

      What I want to know is what Nick Fury's role is in all this.

    56. ssaajjkkoo

      Malekith, Mandarin, Magneto...

    57. DragonDez07

      "Refocused on robotics, nano-tech and AI." - I wonder if this is going to lead to the events of Armor Wars?

    58. Luis Quinones

      Director Hayward is a Skrull. He is making the situation worse so he can destroy/sabotage the country/world from the inside. I mean the scene at 10:38 in Episode 5, Darcy says “Hayward’s a..” and then its sharply cuts to Hayward saying “terrorists”. They are literally saying it straight to our faces. If this is true, then it could tie into the future Skrull series: Secret Invasion.

      1. BigFoot

        The skrull seems more like allies in the mcu.

    59. Topher

      Paul Bettany says the big reveal rivals Luke Skywalker, and that it's an actor he's always wanted to work with. I would be shocked if it wasn't Patrick Stewart. But if not Patrick Stewart I'd be even more shocked that it isn't Ian McKellen.

      1. photodude24

        I think its going to be fellow Englishman Ben C aka Dr Strange

    60. Nathan Wolfe

      Hayword is suss. He's too eagar too villainize Wanda

    61. Ryan Daniel

      What if the cameo is Patrick Stewart!!!??

    62. somatl nergal momo

      Is kang or immortus the other future kang master dimentional limb

    63. Stephen Mcgrath


    64. Alexxxnder

      No way Hayward isn't scroll

    65. NobodyOfKnowhere

      I kinda wanted hayward to be sword's coulson (since feige absolutely refused to canonize aos) and was disappointed that they turned him into an asshole but its just me i guess

    66. Vivek


    67. Erik Frausto

      Am I the only one who felt the drone Wanda brings out of west view looked like a mini X-Jet

    68. Leonardos Markakis

      What if M actually controls Hayward? Or worse... WHAT IF M STANDS FOR MONICA, the real Monica, while this unaged Monica is actually.... A SKROLL!??! *mindblown* boom, 2 theories linked into one, thanks bye

    69. Unknown Man

      Mephis sister

    70. jace

      "constantly mentioned if screen husband" they haven't mentioned him in like 2 episodes now 💀

    71. Eddie Galin

      Hmmm I wonder what that "M" stands for. Hmm is Erik trying to tell us something? Hmmm M is for...

    72. bk starkey


    73. Logan Buhain


    74. Jim Boh

      I don't know if its because im just stoned or what but at 0:22 when he was talking about him walking in with a punchable chin 😂 i was no more good Lmao 😂💀

    75. Insane Supercars

      Charles Xavier can brainwash people

    76. EVOOO

      Who’s here after quicksilver from the fox universe came to wandas door

    77. Eriberto Solano

      When I hear “big bad M” I think “big bad MF”

    78. tyebakincake

      Cmb is a real thing in real life from the actual Big Bang

    79. Conner Frederick

      I think Heyward is under the control of Mafiesto

    80. Edward Bolton

      I hope you’re washing that shirt Eric

    81. Alberto Arredondo

      M could be Mastermind, but I'm betting the big reveal is Mordo

    82. Tanner Lippold

      The actor Paul Bettany wants to work with us Dr. Strange. They never shared screen time during Infinity Way and it would only make sense that they met.

    83. J.Edlyn Ortega

      M? Magneto? Maximoff?

    84. LeAndrew Thomas

      It was just a recast. No biggie.

    85. Stuart Reid

      Ralph will be mcavoy proffesor x and boom xmen exist in the MCU

    86. sqeeto2000

      I’m making a prediction here. Tyler Hayward is a Kree that came out of his sleeper cell like Talos said in far from home. He has no emotions, very militant and you can’t help but to think he is evil. They control Captain Marvel’s mind. I’m sure they could do the same to Wanda

    87. wiljan motion

      Is he maybe Magneto?

    88. Nancy Bolivar

      eric is just haywardphobic

    89. David Teel

      I know I am late, but I think it will professor X. Seeing that Pietro is from the X Men.

    90. Curlene Reamy

      My "SPIDY SENSE" tells me, "Do not trust TYLER HAYWARD"...!!!

    91. Áine Colquhoun

      The missing person is not necessarily responsible for his associates not knowing him; that’s only one possibility. An outside actor/third party could be responsible, covering their tracks for abducting or otherwise using the missing person as part of a scheme.

    92. cedric boykins


    93. cedric boykins

      Hey easter egg in esp5 the machine they used for Monica had scarlet witch helmet on it

    94. Kestrel

      M could be Mojo, the reality TV obsessed villain from the X-Men books......

    95. val zubiri

      it can't be hayward because monica said he aged over the 5 years of the blip

    96. Donald Thomas

      Aloha, The more you know about the Marvel comic book Universe, the more it helps you with possible answers. In Civil War the comic book, Peter Parker revealed his identity to the world. After the end of Civil War, Dr. Strange "mind wiped" the world so that no one would remember he did this. Unless we are talking about an actor that has never appeared in the MCU, I think Dr. Strange( Benedict Cumberbatch) will be the big reveal at the end of the series. Since their both British actors, it would make sense that BC would be someone that Betanny observed as an actor and wanted to work with.

    97. John Ponte

      Heyward is a Skrull lol

    98. Tyler Shelton

      Grandma and Captain marvel but marvel never showed hence Monica being sour!!!

    99. Mahgor Stark

      Maybe m is mira taggert

    100. JohnnyLiftIt

      Cosmic microwave background radiation, CMBR, is actually what causes static on your TV. Hayward knowing about it doesn't mean much, cutting off Darcy was the real offense.