WandaVision Infinity Stone Radiation SIDE-EFFECTS? Mutations Explained! | BQ

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    WandaVision's Westview Anomaly is caused by radiation... but what other side-effects did the Infinity Stones have on the MCU? Get Honey for FREE today by visiting joinhoney.com/bigquestion ! Go to babbel.com​ and use promo code BIGQUESTION to get an extra 3 months free!
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    WandaVision follows directly after the events of Avengers Endgame, in which Infinity Stone cosmic radiation from Thanos' snap or the Blip reversal from Hulk spilled all over the MCU. As we see Wanda's pocket reality aka the Westview Anomaly warp reality as a possible portal to the Multiverse, how is this radiation warping the anatomy of people IN the MCU? In this episode of Big Question, Erik Voss and Tommy Bechtold explore the radioactive side effects of past events in recent MCU history, and how that radiation could result in mutants, new superheroes, and the plots of titles like Thor Love and Thunder.
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    Brendan Langdon
    Cody Anderson
    Dan Woodson
    Karen Wang
    O. Grometto
    Pony Stark
    Rick Denmon
    Producer: Erik Voss eavoss
    Producer: Zach Huddleston
    Written by: Erik Voss
    Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina filupmolina
    Post Production Supervisor: John Costa
    Staff Editor: Joshua Steven Hurd
    Editors: Devin Cleary, Aaron Carrión, Jeremy Alvarez

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    1. Brad Daigle

      Ross did not get dusted, he had 5 years to work on his on big plan

    2. Taylor Gayhart

      FYI Armie Hammer isn’t just being accused of saying things about cannibalism, but also rape, abuse, and grooming. It’s “funny” how the media is only reporting on the cannibalism part that everyone is joking about, but not the abuse and rape.

    3. Zach Chadwick

      Erik and frank renolds are one in the same

    4. Xanaly Lee

      So I have a question how would you use the 6 infinity stones like I just see ppl snapping but that doesn't really explain much

    5. Josh schaeffer

      To be honest I hope your cancer theory isnt true. My dad is dealing with cancer and loves the MCU, were tired of cancer being a lazy sort of thing writers use to get an emotional response from the audience. We just want to watch a fun movie and not be reminded of his terrible disease in literally every single movie for the sake of easy sad points.

    6. George Field

      Erik Voss must love Easter

    7. ocelot113

      $$$ DOUBLING DOWN $$$

    8. Ricardo Magdaleno

      I was eating chili cheese fries when you talked about CMBR and BARF..and then the effin exorcist scene pops up and I gagged and had a accident Thank you for that Erik!! Lol

    9. mysterious H e r o

      Please do egg theory and egg break downs. You mention when one is seen and we'll see if it grows into something.

    10. Gabriel Alcoba

      is wandavision set after spiderman: far from home?

      1. Joshua Williams

        But let's see what MCU gives us lol

      2. Joshua Williams

        @Gabriel Alcoba presumably after Far From Home which is after Wandavision

      3. Gabriel Alcoba

        @Joshua Williams so how about the multiverse of madness and the spiderman crossover ?? that's gonna be a confusing thought, you know.

      4. Joshua Williams

        3wks AFTER Endgame, 7-8 months BEFORE Far From Home

    11. guerilla360gam r

      That reference by the cranberries was SLIIIICK

    12. Nebulus Adventures

      I had the same realisation about the space stone "tesseract" not melting the metal lunch box. But I have a theory as to why it didn't melt through the box. In Cap Merica first average person film, the cube had recently been activated and used. there for it was pumping out that sweet sweet radiation an heat melting threw the aircraft in a active state. When it was in Cap Marvel it was in an idle/non-active state, there for not producing as much or enough to melt said lunch box. Plus metal lunch boxs are made out of aluminium. so basically what they did was wrap it in tin foil allowing heat to get caught inside the box an not leak out. Same as when you cook something in tinfoil you can generally pick up the tin foil without burning yourself or have the hot food fall through it. But mainly the active non active thing the aluminium was just a nice fact to put in along side it lol

    13. Marielys Adriana

      30:43 I laughed so hard jesusss Christ

    14. Shalashaska 994

      I guarantee the people in the hex will have had their DNA rewritten and will be the the first mutants.

    15. Grae Maer

      I wonder if the Missing Astronauts will be the fantastic 4 and they get their powers from when Thanos destroys the stones and releases the wave that destroys their ship.

    16. Kristopher Stewart

      I don’t think it’s inconsistency with the stones. The tesseract was active moments before it burned through the plane. It wasn’t active at all during captain marvel

    17. The Canadian Gamer


    18. RELAXcowboy

      I bet being a carrier of the reality stone will be what causes Jane to get cancer.

    19. RELAXcowboy

      Im calling it now. Wanda will House of M the whole planet leading into Dr. Strange. It will end and the people who were dusted SPECIFICALLY will find that they have powerful abilities. This will give rise to mutants. This will probably be in the end credits scene. Something like a child doing his thing then out of no where his his eye start hurting and he falls to his knees, covering his eyes, then yells out and shoots optic blasts into the sky. Cut to black. The power stone was also on earth for a long time so you can still have back story for people like Logan being a mutant who’s older then the rest

    20. Xavier Glass

      My totem would prob be a bic!.!....🤣🤣

    21. Baracuss

      It's about time vision gets the respect he deserves

    22. Darthmaster52

      Wait isn't Deadpool non x-men timeline like an alt xmen timeline

    23. cenamontana1989

      The tesseract chose red scull to protect the soul stone and chose the be lost since it wasn’t hidden, since hydra had it in one place doing evil stuff it stays and takes over tonys fear

    24. James Bolton

      "Groundgog day"

    25. ModelsNed

      Maybe only the dead people wandavision cannot control

    26. David-Henry Bennett

      Mariah aint dead

    27. MJ

      Voss looks like a failed child actor on the verge of crying

    28. Ashe Marlow

      What if all of the infinity stones are "alive" in a way, Vision said in Infinity War that he could feel the stone talking to him, so what if the space stone (and consequently the tesseract) knew what was happening, it decided to send the Red Skull to Vormir and maybe it decided to melt through the ship but not the lunchbox because it knew that it could trust Carol, but decided that it couldn't trust the Red Skull anymore

    29. twiceRed

      What if the people who were blipped when they were brought back their genes were changed by the stones power and thats what causes the x gene so the half of the world that disappeared will be mutants.

    30. BMP Teconomy

      Oooh we could have loki create mutant

    31. Sethisclutch


    32. likesiriewhine

      Someones a frat boy!

    33. Sage Schleicher

      Watch deadpool come into play because all the mutants get introduced into the avengers universe and he didn't at first. Then he just appears and says something like wow you invite all the loser people but not me. IDK Something along those lines though.

    34. Jorson Roctel

      I just want fitzsimmons

    35. alainmgs

      The cut to Orange County hahaha

    36. João Lucas

      29:06 what about cloak and dagger?

    37. Timothy Freeman

      Inactive mutant powers resulted in a cancer in Deadpool.

    38. Timothy Freeman

      I commented about the stones supposed distraction on one of Cosmic Wonder’s videos. Energy is not destroyed but transformed. I mentioned that the powers of 3 Stones, Time, Space, and Reality could have caused the particles of the stones to bombard susceptible life not just in the precent creating mutations. Among those susceptible are those snapped or fragmented. Their particles which initially appeared as dust were still around and I think they may have even moved to another plain of existence like the quantum realm. Which, if I recall correctly showed an uptake in activity during the snap. And remember based on Ant-mans experience times different there and seemingly no time had pasted for does snapped. Also I think Wanda may have also gained a power boost from that radiation.

    39. PIE Files of the Paranormal

      I think the astronauts on the ISS were ejected because dust can mess with your oxygen intake so they would eject it and save themselves and so when they came back they died again

    40. shadowchu419

      I have been saying this for a long time now but I 100% believe that the radiation produced by the Infiniti Stones as well as the leftover radiation likely still existent in the universe after they were reduced to atoms is in fact the MCU version of the power cosmic from the comics

    41. Timothy Freeman

      There was a parity on the reverse snap of people falling after they came back without a plane. Now I wonder if it was right.

    42. Pesky Brother

      Certain types of radiation on the electromagnetic spectrum that can give you cancer so that might have something to do with it.

    43. Paradox G

      Drinking COFFEE causes CANCER....

    44. Sara

      I want to know more about the egg thing...

    45. jonathan Davis

      At the end of the first Avengers, we see Thor use the tesseract in a device to get back very similar to the bifrost

    46. Duncan Thomas

      your editors deserve a raise lmao they're hilarious **wolverine strokes picture**

    47. mike santini

      The celestial have a cancer Ray like in harley quinn

    48. Sir Death

      I Now the future

    49. Gustav Tegner

      Runaways can be seen on Disney+ now... so maybe on it's way to be cannon?

    50. Kyle MacLachlan

      Agents of Shield can't really be in the MCU timeline/universe as of the time-loop season that preceded Infinity war.

    51. Donovan Silletti

      If I take anything from this video, EGGS. 🥚

    52. RedwoodTheElf

      Yeah, Tony Stark totally killed himself for no reason. He only needed to use the Reality stone, since he wasn't trying to affect the entire universe, just Thanos and his goons. He could have turned them all into talking chipmunks just with the reality stone alone.

    53. shaun brown

      A “celestial glaze”.

    54. Britta Link

      I giggled so many times in this video you guys are the best

    55. its my toast

      I'm surprised y'all missed what could be Storm in the Falcon and Winter Soldier trailer.

    56. Jabberwocky Slayer

      I've always wondered, why a snap? Why was a snap necessary for the "wish" to work. The stones don't need a snap or anything else to work normally. So why does everyone need to snap when using all the stones

    57. rsgreenwell

      Wouldn’t “expanding the bubble to create mutants” be the same as Magneto’s plot in the first X-Men movie?

    58. Travis James

      Maybe Wanda has activated Monica's mutant gene?? And other peoples mutant genes as well.

    59. Brian N

      When is wandavision happening? After end game or in between infinity wars?

      1. Joshua Williams

        3wks after Endgame

    60. yonah ayoli

      I think that since the MCU Infinity War was based on the 2015 reboot it would make more sense for these random characters to be showing up due to an incursion replacement. I.E. because you can’t put the Soul Stone back because you can’t take the Sacrifice back time is unstable and the multiverse is collapsing in on itself causing pieces to end up inside the MCU universe.

    61. M. T. McCoy

      The Maharaja story So wholesome 🥺🥰🥰

    62. John Brown

      Random Observation: Is this your card magic trick ended with Vision saying “of course I did the trick right, I’m Illusion” but it sounds like he is saying of course I did the trick right, I’M AN ILLUSION”

    63. Brett Bouet

      #6 Is GroundGog? Where's the explaination of them all? :-)

    64. Jordan S

      thinking about it in all the other mcu stuff so far it has shown everyone getting thier loved ones back. wandavision shows that wanda was feeling left out and that the happy ending shown before wasent the case for everyone

    65. Mayah

      can you do a disney plus giveaway or share and account

    66. Kevin Hall

      Who’s to say that Wade Wilson’s cancer was not caused by the snapping or the blip of the infinity stones? It’s not as if marvel always releases movies chronologically in the MCU timeline. That could be an interesting retcon on their part.

    67. Nacho Santillan

      🇷🇺🇷🇺Hey Eric Voss with NewsRockstar . I have a bite size question. We are never told that Bucky is healed from mind control. In Black Panther ,Shuri says fixed. Is he still able to become the mind controlled Winter Soldier?

    68. Khead Studios

      That lunch box was made out of lead. Remember

    69. jf Viramontes

      Dead Pool is just a drugged out cartoon character in a fictional universe. For all we know his stories are just being imagined by a high af Watcher, who hasn't realized what he's watching is crap, but not really happening.

    70. austin sylvester

      The Fan4stic 4 were about to hit lightspeed and right as they did the snap happened and they were sent to a different place like the place that dr doom was trapped in and they develop powers and dont age and return 5 years later

    71. austin sylvester

      If its recently used then it becomes hot and burns thats why the lunch box could contain it

    72. austin sylvester

      Every Human has the X-Gene because they are descendants of eternals, If the mindstone can unlock your X-Gene causing you to become a mutant, then all the stones producing a massive universe wide poweradiation surge would definitely effect the unsnapped humans

    73. 100% Navy

      I think the barrier is weak when Monica was thrown away. Maybe, Monica will be getting powers in other time with the help of the side effect. Now Wanda fortified the barrier now will make any person mutant.

    74. ShortShanks27

      Eric talking serious about radiation is all I've ever wanted.

    75. New Game Plus FTW

      Doesn’t Magneto control electromagnetic energy? The same Magneto who is the father of Wanda Maximoff? Ijs...

    76. Cord Billmont


    77. Lorenzo Aparicio

      Wait so since the infinity stones can basically do anything COULDNT tony have also brought vision to life Pinocchio style and turn him into a real boy while he was snapping thanos away

    78. Corry Williams

      Thanks for the starwars history

    79. Corry Williams

      Remember Colson said he is the glue

    80. Corry Williams

      Very possible

    81. Corry Williams


    82. Corry Williams

      Did this anomoly effects Namor and the submariners

    83. Corry Williams

      Could this create mutants and mutates

    84. Patrick Caprood

      The tesseract only burned or was harmful when it had been activated previously...

    85. Youpooper

      Wanda: Squaaaaaaad!

    86. ClassicalFreak74

      Affected. Not effected.

    87. SanFranFan30

      Let's not disrespect Cloak & Dagger

    88. ravenwyld

      And he was in what we do in the shadows. He was a necromancer 😅

    89. Newbee

      Omg I hope they remake the runaways and then they can meet up with the young avengers

    90. Suchart Boontid

      WHat if everyone who got dusted and came back somehow became mutants?

    91. eli

      Everyone inside the west view anomaly becomes a mutant

    92. Supreme Kai

      "The EGG" is a beautiful video. Couldnt suggest it enough. Its a cleanse

    93. CJ32 pull2

      All I’m hearing is cancer verse

    94. CJ32 pull2

      Just like MTV they removed the Snooki punch 😂

    95. Kaptain Cheese

      29:00 I love how he has purged Inhumans from his mind

    96. ollie Hux

      I can’t wait for deadpool 3 where I hope he gets shocked by being in the mcu

    97. Maynardo Lalo

      Guess its because the epicenter of 3(?) of the 4(?) Snaps happened on Earth so the infinity stones radiation is stronger triggering mutant genes activation, waking up the Inhumans, and irradiating the FF4? Nuff said...

    98. Dee L

      Whatever happened to regular humanoids not being able to even touch the stones?!

    99. Mark Bee

      Tesseract has a will of its own!

    100. Zane Coppedge

      Bananas emit a shit ton of gamma radiation...