WandaVision MCU TIMELINE! Avengers Endgame Post Credit Scene REMOVED?

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    Why is WandaVision set during / immediately after Avengers Endgame (2019), and BEFORE Spider-Man Far From Home? 🕹 Download Battle Legion for free here: battlelegion.onelink.me/aV2q/47904b74 Thanks Traplight for sponsoring the video!
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    WandaVision Episode 4 revisited the timeline of events from Avengers Endgame -- the moment Hulk snapped all the dust victims back into existence. This confirms that WandaVision is surprisingly set shortly after Avengers Endgame in the Marvel timeline, and months before Spider-Man faces Mysterio in Europe in Spider-Man Far From Home (2019). Why did Marvel Studios decide to place WandaVision between these two titles? What did Wanda Maximoff do between her Avengers Endgame final scene and her Westview crisis three weeks later? Erik Voss breaks down the updated MCU timeline from Avengers Age of Ultron, Captain America Civil War, Thor Ragnarok, Avengers Infinity War, Avengers Endgame, Spider-Man Far From Home, and now, WandaVision. What was the Avengers Endgame deleted post credit scene featuring corpse Vision that would have set up WandaVision? Does WandaVision taking place before Far From Home confirm that the series will set up the Multiverse in the MCU as well as the Skrulls for the upcoming Secret Invasion event?
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    Producer: Erik Voss eavoss
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    Written by: Erik Voss
    Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina filupmolina
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    Staff Editor: Joshua Steven Hurd
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    1. New Rockstars

      Download Battle Legion for free here: battlelegion.onelink.me/aV2q/47904b74

      1. Andre 3000

        I'm here just to say 1 word sir: Zodiac.

      2. YT Saamaan

        Wanda said "they both do" = Special Cameo = Dead Black Widow

      3. Jazzy Jas

        The scene with many drawers reminds me of your break down in Loki. Hmmm....

      4. Mr. Wicked




    2. Moot Point

      You mean Hayword and SWORD are continuing with the work Trask started? And those morgue drawers are filled with hacked up mutants they've been collecting? Far Out!



    4. Furisticc

      I'm sorry but did you just say **when** vision awakened norm? Did you not watch the episode or something? 12:23

    5. TRX

      I hope that going forward, timeline continuity it’s given more care so we don’t have as many issues as we’ve had before

    6. TRX

      But how do you know Far From Home takes place in June of 2024?

    7. McOreoTims 250

      What if black window makes a cameo in Wandavision?

    8. PS2 Gamer


    9. Nachiket Jadhav

      0:27 Eric is like ..... Ughughhhh??😆😆😆😆😆

    10. Peter Skorec

      Havent heard Booom in a while

    11. Andre 3000

      SwordMorgue-A-Broad! Multiverse of imagination

    12. Andre 3000

      I just went in on my Disney+ Marvel titles; there's a animated series "Avenger" from 1999, that has the main villian as Zodiac the group... Too much for me to propose but please look into it smarter ppl.

    13. Ben Miller

      If the pilot of a plane blipped midflight, what happens to them when they come back?

    14. Daniel Petri

      Are we forgetting about the mind stone

    15. McNulty's Sober Companion

      I don't understand thinking "dead Vision" is "gross". He's a robot. It's like looking at a tv with a kicked in screen and thinking *it's* "gross".

    16. Magus TheGreat

      I like to go to these videos that came out before the latest episode and lord over everyone with my secret knowledge of the future.

    17. friend Ship

      Spot on

    18. Charmaine Gael

      Why is Monica angry with captain marvel?

    19. mint 163

      Vision is literally my favorite avenger so I don’t care how he’s back, I just care that he is

    20. 88cameras

      oooooooooooooooooooooooo....... DR. strange season finale ending credit seen?

    21. Joss Whedon

      I thini youu arre hater nyhi ynhi

    22. Roger Agnew

      Wandavision might be taking place in August 2023... Just saying

    23. Nancy Cartagena

      Wanted to point out a couple of things! 1- in episode 3 there are 2 cribs in the baby room 2- in episode 4 Darcy says they watched the “first the 50s, 60s, and 70s” We never saw anything from the 60s! That could be missing episodes! I am a really BIG FAN!!!! Love you Erik Voss!!!!!!!!

    24. ajsexton

      Erik, I love how you laid video ob that sliding timeline! Any chance you can make something similar for the whole MCU timeline?

    25. Mirage Uchiha

      "Mmm, and then three weeks after this, Wanda is doing this shit..." Lmao 🤣 Dunno why that was so funny, but it was.

    26. Jon A

      I really want WV to be how they introduce x-men so I'm ignoring how accurate you've been so far and all of your pesky evidence so that I can think West View NJ is really West Chester NY.

      1. Sauce dealer

        Now we got Quicksilver

    27. Jake_Lavigne

      What if the missing person case was actually for Vision? If Wanda does go to SWORD and get his body, that would also explain why Hayward sent Rambo to Westview. Also with the timeline explanation I think the surprise cameo could be Fury, before he goes into space and gets replaced in Far from Home

    28. OG JOSH

      "and wanda is doing this shit" lmfaooo

    29. Junnie Soda


    30. Kovy Kent

      Why are y'all so obsessed with Vision's boddyyy

    31. Wing Kwok

      The worthless ice seemingly check because baker scully afford below a previous prison. equable, acceptable cloakroom

    32. Wyatt Russell

      Rumors of cameo MCU Fans _Bring us MAGNETO_


      The gabby half-sister naturally count because country surely employ unto a tawdry writer. female fertile, voracious business

    34. Steve White

      This is Eric Voss doing Marvel Homework.

    35. kevin mokaya

      And three weeks later wanda was doing THIS shit in Westview🤣🤣🤣🤣awesome eric

    36. Deon Sampong

      the gloves wanda was wearing in the assumed heist of visions dead body matches with the arm from SPM4

    37. Ian Mbugua

      Is Flipup Molina - Alfred Molinas son? may be part of the timeline... pls let Me Know.

    38. UnknownDayglo

      pretty warm looking November in Jersey

    39. Gabe Flanagan

      What if Hawkeye makes a cameo because there is supposed to be a big cameo at the end of Wandavision

    40. Jose Ramos

      The flyin bots that go into west view are the same mysterio uses for his illusions or am I mistaken

    41. Nick

      Could we all agree NR has a scriptee leaking info to their channel and go absurdly in-depth on all the visual clues from a 2 second trailer (Loki) to a 1.5 min trailer? At the end of the day, I'll continue to watch their videos and have my mind blown. 🙌🏾

    42. Dawn Dawnster

      I've been thinking this is somehow linked on how J Jonah Jamison is in Far from home too 🤔

    43. Nick

      Upgrade your heroes with *Power Stones?!?!*

    44. Remy Blas

      I think Harward went back to HQ on that scene to check on where they stored Vision's body, since it was right after seeing Vision on the TV and Darcy saying he was dead.

    45. Kory Briggs

      What about the Halloween episode, Oct. 31st....

    46. Buhhrierr

      Hayward could be a skrull. Makes sense since he called off sword space programs and started working on nano and ai🤷‍♀️ who knows

    47. Adam Dubberly

      Surprised you didn't mention that Wanda messing with the multiverse (before Far From Home) would explain the Spiderman J Jonah stinger.

    48. Calm and Blissful

      This whole multiverse saga gonna set up the X-men and mutants.

    49. julian t

      "no one processes computational forms quite like you pal... you're like a walking computer...." even though this was said in the first episode, it plays again in the background of episode 4 "we interrupt this program" vision IS a program. i believe shield will use some form of computer programming to hack into visions program, interrupting it and waking him up. something similar to woo getting through on the radio, but this time directly into Visions "brain"

    50. G Miller

      The helicopter in the background when old cap comes back is carrying vision away

    51. Marquis Hester

      And 3 wks later Wanda is dooooing this shit! 😂😂😂😂

    52. Victor Cervantes

      I'm sorry Voss, but Peter's reaction to the multiverse made it seem like nobody knows about it. I say only the higher ups like S.H.I.E.L.D would know.

    53. TerrorMau5

      "They dont turn out visa's to weapons of Mass Destruction" -Tony Stark 2016. Tony knew what Wanda could do or become.

    54. Jean-yves Thiboutot

      still thinking that Vision is mixed with Pietro. They put a lot on emphasys on the fact that Vision power is speed

    55. RykertheRuler

      I think this has maybe something to do with starks glasses, maybe wanda has them on and the thing is a hallucination/hex

    56. Mr. Wicked


    57. sonsofsparda22

      Monica wakes up and then a day later after the battle with Thanos, and after Tony's funeral, spiderman far from home happens. Kevin Fiege said so.

      1. sonsofsparda22

        @SpiderYouth "Pascal said the film would begin "a few minutes" after the conclusion of Avengers: Endgame." Far from home takes place over the course of a year and a half but...

      2. SpiderYouth

        Far from Home doesn't happen until 2024.

    58. Jerm Jerm

      next avengers big bad is the multiverse collapse ala hickmans Secret War and run-up. The collapse of the multiverse. DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMM

    59. Chaster33

      When hulk did the snap to bring everyone back it took five years for it to happen in the universe Monica is in

      1. The Video Plug

        Hulk did the snap 5 years after infinity war though 🤨

    60. Emma Ward

      So is it possible that Wanda is being influenced by the modern day and so the calendar in the kitchen is actually for 2023? Even though the events take place after Endgame in October, the 23rd August in 2023 is also on a Wednesday. This is literally the definition of me reading into useless facts.

    61. HarshVardhan Raghuwanshi

      why put "?" in every Video titles? atleast have some Authenticity.

    62. darthbuzz

      Wow! Mind well and truly boggled.

    63. Colby Lovins

      In the best way possible, Erik Voss reminds me of a Multiverse variant of Nikocado Avocado that stopped himself before his life went out of control.

    64. llama Cucumber

      Ok, so I have this major question that needs to be answered. How come the only color shown in the black and white episodes was red, and how come in the endgame trailer, when it was black and white, the only color shown was red. Are these connected or something???

    65. DerkLeeComics

      You look like nikocado avocado. Not like actually, just to me you look like niko

    66. Jerren Johnson

      In age of ultron when nick fury is at the farmhouse you can see that when he was cutting his bread that he cuts it diagonally and in captain marvel he says that if toast is cut diagonally he cant eat it and said it was a detail that a skrull could never replicate and some believe that nick was a skrull in age of Ultron

    67. Tejas Wandile

      How does Vision drink in Ep 1 in the scene of dinner with the Harts?

    68. Théo



      Wouldn't SWORD also have had starks body and his nano suit at some point?

    70. R Martin

      West view is probably a city full of people in witness protection.

    71. Monkey Beast

      Then they could make the white vision that is in the comics

    72. Adam Williams

      Bruh, that flash of undead Vision almost made me cry😢

    73. Kevin Howard

      Are the blinking spots on the 3D globe in Far from Home, the same locations on the table in the SWORD base in Wanda Vision..??? hhmmmm...??????

    74. Josh Osborne

      I talked about the multiverse mention in Far From Home being inspired by the events of WandaVision in my comms on the last vid!! ... another win!!!

    75. Illogical T.A

      Why are they not calling mcu mcm bec now its gonne be all multiverses (Marvel Cinematic Multiverses)

    76. rsims7

      This theory erik has makes sense. BUT....What if they are using Visions corpse to "Caluclate and run numbers?" I remember mr heart and his co workers saying that in one episode. What if they are using visions mind like dr zoeller and keeping him alive that way for whatever nefarious reason. Wanda found out and then protected him from sword. Just a huge plot twist haha

    77. Fisher Theadore

      8:22 *Copyright Infringement*

    78. Tony B

      Sooo.. Wouldnt that make Vision (corpse) the missing person that Jimmy is talking about??????

    79. Kyle Buffkin

      Wtf dislikes this? Seriously, the Russos?

    80. Nico Pinecone

      I know I've said this in all your videos, but I still think this was originally meant to me an October series, culminating in the Halloween episode lining up with actual Halloween.

    81. Ruudz official YouTube

      Could the witness be Helen Cho? DR. Helen Cho, excuse me.

    82. Jefferson, The Creator

      every time i see vision i just see geoffrey from knights tale

    83. Kayne Magrath

      I love you guys

    84. Chuck Eaddy

      quicksilver is the missing person from the multi verse and woo coworkers didn't remember him

    85. Jiro

      Wanda is necrophiliac.😯

    86. Toby Russell

      Wakanda morgue. Calling it.

    87. Leo Vargas

      Theory on how X-men will be introduced in the mcu: They have always been there but Charles Xavier has been blocking that knowledge from everyone’s conscious. He is the most powerful mind in the world.

    88. Joshua Miller

      It would make sense for movies & shows between now and 2023 to either be "prequels" or dense coverage of post-endgame activity. It would be complicated to keep the movies 1-2 years in the future of real time

    89. iFuriouse

      Maybe thats why the director asked for a transport back to base immediatly when he was vision, to check if hes still in the weapon facility

    90. General Obi-Wan Kenobi

      Okay, watching WandaVision alone at 1am and seeing dead Vision?? Damn, that almost gave me a nightmare.

    91. rajackson50

      Remember Stark is dead too. Any Vision is Tony’s greatest creation! If I was a Government agency I would want that technology! And would make a pact with the Devil to get it

    92. Max Savage

      Ordering my wandavision shirt tomorrow woot

    93. Amy Cabano

      @erikvoss - I just rewatched Civil War and those files/drawers are in the Siberia location where Tony v Cap fight. Go check that out for comparison, please!!

    94. Senior Vendetta

      I think there is some connection to Kree as we can see lots of hexagonal form in Kree's tech in Captin Marvel. Kree's AI also got a lot of hexagonal theme

    95. TheVlad1616

      If the undusted returned where they got snapped, Spidey Strange, etc would’ve returned on another planet. Plus anyone flying, driving, etc would likely be dead once returned.

      1. Terrel Taylor

        They did, that's what we see in the portals scene of endgame

    96. Jonathan Mora

      Evan Peters is in the WandaVision cast!

    97. Winn Schott

      That WandaVision credit scene makes no sense to me. Wouldn't Endgame tease Falcon & The Winter Soldier first rather than WandaVision? Considering FATWS was supposed to release before WandaVision pre-covid?

    98. Michael Sansivero

      Btw.....seeing Darcy be a bonafide Astrophysicist was absolutely magnificent!

    99. allisaurus

      Does no one think that Mysterio would have something to do with WandaVision? Not saying he's behind it, but maybe they call him in to help since his whole schtick is faking realities? Especially since WV takes place before Far from Home...

    100. Michael Patrick Miller

      Wait. If the missing dude’s associates cannot remember him, then how does Jimmy Woo remember?

      1. evanharnett

        Plot hole!!