WandaVision Mystery "AEROSPACE ENGINEER"? Fantastic Four, Skrull, Shuri, OR...? | RT 206

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    WandaVision Episode 5 Monica Rambeau's secret engineer friend explained! Is this a Fantastic Four Easter Egg, or someone else? Thanks to Blue Chew for sponsoring Rogue Theory. Go to bluechew.com and use the code ROGUE. Visit expressvpn.com/ROGUE right now to get an extra three months of ExpressVPN for free! Thank you to Stereo for partnering with us. Catch us live at stereo.com/newrockstars
    As we wait for WandaVision Episode 6, one major mystery remains from last episode... who did Monica Rambeau text as she reached out to an offscreen "areospace engineer"? While Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four came to mind as a possibility, later clues pointed to this engineer being female. In this episode of Rogue Theory, Erik Voss, Shaun Diston, Angelica Trae, and Eric Owusu explore the mystery character about to be introduced to the MCU. Will Riri Williams Ironheart make a cameo in WandaVision? Is Monica friends with Shuri of Wakanda? The panel also explores the question of the breach alarm audible at the end of Episode 5. Who was entering or exiting Westview the moment Wanda came face to face with Pietro Evan Peters?
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    Brendan Langdon
    Cody Anderson
    Dan Woodson
    Karen Wang
    O. Grometto
    Pony Stark
    Rick Denmon
    Producer: Erik Voss eavoss
    Producer: Zach Huddleston
    Written by: Erik Voss
    Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina filupmolina
    Post Production Supervisor: John Costa
    Staff Editor: Joshua Steven Hurd

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    1. Robbie Casablanca

      NORMAN OSBOURNE!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Authenticity Is Key

      Is Beast from X-Men the engineer?

    3. Anthony Chavarin

      I think it’s either Charles Xavier or nick fury (talos) or magneto

    4. Capo J

      22:17 Booyah!

    5. Christa Stein

      I think it’s FitzSimmons from Agents of Shield.

    6. Ada's workshop

      Well i think this mysterious engineer is blue marvel

    7. Rifat Bin Rashid

      Do you feel stupid now ?

    8. Nite Spike

      Didn't age well...

    9. thebenergy

      This video did not age well.

    10. C J

      I love that it was nobody

    11. windfalljohn

      Blu Vision would NOT be a Luke Skywalker moment! It would be a HUGE dissapointment!

    12. Woe Doe

      Some nobody😐

    13. theclayishone

      Yeah if that person we saw Monica talking to in episode 7 is the mystery engineer then it's a huge letdown. Huge.

    14. Shadow Strike

      turned out to be no one...

    15. Wibbly Wobbly

      We all got our hopes up for nothing lol

      1. Shadow Strike

        yeah it was a massive cop out. Although maybe Goodner is that Skrull friend Rambeau made in Captain Marvel.

    16. Prabhnoor singh

      It’s Howard the Duck

    17. tunde a

      Fitz, Abigail brand, riri williams, blue marvel. Those are my top pics

    18. - Ataraxy -

      There is another laguage where it actually said the engineer was a male so we can't assume whether they are female or male yet.

    19. Dackary McDab

      Dane Whitman....

    20. Hack successful

      Ok so I just found out Monica Merges with vision in the comics 👀👀 also blue marvel what

    21. Micah Chaney

      "Boom! You lookin' for this" How did the panel miss that Ultron throwback?

    22. This Guy

      Wasn’t the original Vision made from the body of The OG human torch ? What if the MCU reverses this and makes WandaVision a sorta origin to the Fantastic Four

    23. Dan Jorge

      Wreck it Ralph!!

    24. Dboy 2786

      Sheldon from Big Bang Theory

    25. Darby Rojas

      My favorite part: "People watch me chew my blue chew" 19:13

    26. Mattie Clegg

      Blue Marvel?

    27. Baby Head

      Crazy theory what if the Monica we are seeing is a scrull? And the engineer is the actual Monica? 🤷‍♂️

    28. TheeFrenchToast310

      It’s dr doom

    29. Damion Ceniccola

      How did Wanda find the "top secret" location to collect Vision anyway?

    30. Amanda Shook

      i think the alarm went off bc for a cameo coming up for up coming shows

    31. Kbjpj824

      Hey everyone its Blue Marvel because he s black in the comics 👍

    32. Kbjpj824

      Darcy dropped the first f bomb 💣 in the MCU... Que the Avengers theme

    33. Felix Alvarez

      Hank "Beast" McCoy is the mystery engineer.

    34. Sheikh Imam

      ITS captain marvel or Monica’s mom

    35. ratliffjoseph71

      Like how you snuck in that “whose line” reference. “And the points do matter” lol

    36. Arjun Wali

      i saw a cool theory that it could be adam brasher AKA blue marvel which would be so cool! Ive been meaning to get into the Ultimates but Blue Marvel is so badass and would be a sick addition to the MCU

    37. Rabia Yamazawa

      Rockett is an engineer

    38. Liam


    39. Ninjajp247 ozunu

      I'm thinking Wendell Vaughn. No reason not to at this point. you guys know you're immediate guys to be thinking of and none of them were even aerospace engineers except for Tony. But guess whos also an aerospace engineer besides Tony? Quasar....Wendell Vaughn was an aerospace engineer that worked for shield and came upon the quantum bands. Which are based on the nega bands used by mar-vel and kree

    40. D

      I love Shaun Diston. His characters on Comedy Bang Bang are some of my all time favourites.

    41. Joshua Ramirez

      Blue marvel

    42. Marc Kalloo


    43. William Holden

      The blue marvel

    44. OTAKU DUKE

      Monica said "HE", why are you guys naming female characters? And also science is not general, you should have a specialization, your naming astrophysicist, then why not Darcy then. Probably this guys are the same guys hating on the bigbang theory.

    45. Matthew Singleton

      Wasn't one of the clues "fireworks" ..one of the last scenes in Endgame has Scott and his daughter and Wasp and there are fireworks above them....

    46. cody scott

      yikes at the witchcraft slurs :(

    47. Ingrid Steinbock

      My best guess is Shuri or talos’s daughet

    48. Robert Dell

      Prediction: Wesley Snipes as Blue Marvel

    49. scott taylor

      Pretty sure it’s Professor Erik Selvig can’t be that hard to work out lol

    50. Ardi Meçi

      I really hope is blue marvel.

    51. Peter Annis

      Umm - DId I miss something? What happened to Jane?

    52. iheartstuffmusic

      Darcy probably would likely would have called jane before monica

    53. iheartstuffmusic

      Wasp? A-force ?

    54. Boomboxboi

      Hank McCoy aka Beast is the engineer buddy. Hes an avenger and an xman.

    55. B. Molina

      Magneto was in the ep 7 promo so I wonder if iann machelan would make an appearance as that aerospace engineer

    56. MAYA DORAN

      Ok but I really want the engineer to be Natalie Portman’s Character. Jane 😅

    57. Don Alex

      Isn't Ben Grimm a.k.a "The Thing" an aerospace Engineer?

    58. Miles Saucerman

      Hank Pym?

    59. Tow Dow 3

      Okay so you cant say approach the fantastic four in a common sense way and NOT have a family of 4 white people. having a family of 4 white people is quite literally the most common sense way to approach the fantastic 4.....

    60. OZZYBOI

      Wild Theory: Amadeus Cho

      1. Dboy 2786

        Somebody thinking out the box 👍

    61. Christopher Graves

      Yep... big bank Hank migedy mac daddy coy.

    62. MrColonm033

      The phone says I'll be home in an hour

    63. Gerald Miller

      I think some of the agents are skrull

    64. Spencer God of Fire Erickson

      Phil Coleson

    65. Tornike Komladze

      It's Rocket

    66. Will Haroldson

      It could be professor Hulk???

    67. Joshua Mitchell Jackman

      the skrull is probably their but in human form

    68. Sagar Kulkarni

      mystery person of Monica Rambo will be that baby Skrull from captain marvel

    69. hiShalycee

      Boom. U looking for this?

    70. Rage D'Brickashaw

      WHY DO YOU GIVE A S*** IF IT'S "FOUR WHITE PEOPLE AND A FAMILY"? THAT'S WHAT IT WAS!!!! Enough with the "woke culture" bs "my poor whittle feelings" let's change everything so everyone feels evolved! Are they going to do the same for BET? The award shows just for black people? Affirmative Action? No. Never. So stop changing s*** just to look cool to a minority that actually truly HATES YOU.

    71. DC Music

      Dr. Doom of course.

    72. Eduardo Robles

      What if instead of the big cameo being Reed Richards it turns out to be Victor Vin Doom?! To me this would be a better approach to flesh out villains better before a movie comes along.

    73. bishop0001

      The crazy theory is the kid from Ironman 3, Since he was there at the end of endgame.

    74. Andrew Tredway

      Really ready for X-MEN to be introduced in the MCU . only good thing about fantastic-4 is. DR. DOOM.

    75. Choppa City47

      Nick Fury

    76. Chad Tarver

      When would Monica have met Shuri though?

    77. Evan Thompson

      It’s gambit

    78. Derrick Chester

      Could be a villain who hasn't become full villain.

    79. Derrick Chester

      Dane Whitman (Black Knight) inventor, masters in physics and appearing in Eternals

    80. Hurry Hurry

      Morgan Stark. and im all-in. Also Tony always saw Vision as a son. so would Morgan see Vision as a brother?

      1. Eric Wildcats

        morgan is like 6 and never met vision tho

      2. I am Holo

        Would Morgan not still be too young?

    81. CollattaQuad

      Lylla, Rocket's alias!

    82. CollattaQuad


    83. CASSIO

      on Brazilian Portuguese,Monica says friend on female gender (yes Brazilian Portuguese almost every word has a gender)

    84. Jeremy Perry

      Biggest stretch theory: the engineer is a skrull. Reasons provided below

      1. Jeremy Perry

        X-men are not slated to be added for the next couple of years so hank is off the table.

      2. Jeremy Perry

        If the cameo is compared to Luke skywalker then it is a canon character of some sort.

    85. Richard Yocum

      Surely hope its NOT ghost. AKA worst mcu villian

    86. NOLA NERD

      Sue storm being the daughter of rambeau...is sooooooo STUP!D. Its a dumb theory to even mention bc one has nothing to so with the other. They can not screw up FF again like Fox did. Fanfourstick is one of the worst movies ever ever ever filmed.

    87. moochydacat

      Blue Chew the female hero who gives men confidence, thats who wanda texted.

    88. iamamogka

      Could Dr Strange disguised himself as preitro?

    89. Nick Rios

      It’s hank macoy

    90. Dr. Simple Beauty 300

      I loved Tim Story’s F4, but I’m interested to see what Feige does with it.

    91. GIJOE

      I’m thinking Hank McCoy as well

    92. Justinspokemon


    93. EPBF1

      Shuri definitely would be awesome

    94. Chodi Foster

      The vehicle that penetrates the hex looks like the Martian rovers from the movie Martian.

      1. Chodi Foster

        Which makes sense if they're taking it from the engineer [astronaut] who took it.

    95. Matthew Dunham

      Amadeus Cho!

    96. Ava Davis

      My theory is the beast in X-man? He is a great engineer.

    97. Random Things

      I don’t think it’s a skrull

    98. So Picky Gamer

      The Monica’s engineer friend could possibly be Beast/ Hank McCoy 🤔

    99. DFUNZ

      Ok here we go.... Special apperence person 1 Dr Strange 2 Professor X 3 ? Aerospace Engineer 1 Reed Richards 2 Scroll friend 3 Hank Mccoy "Beast"

    100. Olivia Gordillo-Phane

      These are my people....