WandaVision NEXUS COMMERCIAL Explained! Episode 7 Q&A | Inside Marvel Bonus

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    WandaVision Episode 7 Nexus Commercial Deeper Meaning! Is Wanda about to launch the MCU Multiverse? Try 5 pairs of glasses at home for free at warbyparker.com/NEWROCKSTARS Home Try-Ons are only offered in the US.
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    WandaVision Episode 7 features a commercial for the anti-depressant drug NEXUS, an Easter Egg referencing Wanda Maximoff Scarlet Witch's role as a "Nexus being" in the Marvel world, an individual capable of detaching from their reality and creating a new universe. In this bonus segment from #InsideMarvel, Erik Voss and Jessica Clemons answer the big questions (supplied by listeners on Stereo) about WandaVision Episode 7, "Breaking the Fourth Wall," which reveals Agnes as Agatha Harkness in the amazing "Agatha All Along" sequence and empowers Monica Rambeau as Photon.
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    Brendan Langdon
    Cody Anderson
    Dan Woodson
    Karen Wang
    O. Grometto
    Pony Stark
    Rick Denmon
    Producer: Erik Voss eavoss
    Producer: Zach Huddleston
    Written by: Erik Voss
    Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina filupmolina
    Post Production Supervisor: John Costa
    Staff Editor: Joshua Steven Hurd
    Editor: John Costa

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    1. JJ's arkade

      I find it funny how when voss mentioned raven Symone I understood exactly what was they were talking about before they did 😭

    2. Micah Glesmann

      Wandavision ended perfectly!!!!!

    3. Ryan Wilson-Wilhite

      27:37 their reaction is great. 👍

    4. DarthNoah2099

      When I first saw the cicada I thought of the human fly from the comics

    5. Elvin Mateo


    6. Srikar reddy

      back in the age of Ultron Nexus: Trying to Find a Needle in the Worlds Biggest Haystack (Data centre)

      1. Franky Bedo

        Yea, I just rewatched it, Nexus was the hub where they made Visions body and they found out Ultrons evil plan.

    7. Lord Vika

      Why do y'all keep calling it the darkhold when no one has said it is that. Like it could literally be any book of magic in the world. I mean there were books in Dr Strange that had the same covers and none of them were the darkhold.

    8. friend Ship

      Barkley Large

    9. Clark Hoard

      0:02 why is there a bite???

    10. Daniel Dall

      I want to see Voss with an actual background like everyone else!

    11. Psy-op83

      was thinking the same thing about Dottie

    12. Kimberly Jeanne

      I just want an Agatha spinoff telling us EVERYTHING

    13. Savannah Williams

      The missing person is Evan Peters 🤣🤣

    14. Perry The Platypus

      For the pills that wanda takes, im pretty sure there is a 'Wa' on the pill bottle 0:45 . I think it might just be what Eric said, it is jsut some antidepressants or pills, possibly from Agatha

    15. Tyren McElwee

      Dottie and the other witches are doing to for the children to somehow bring their husband back?

    16. Cameron Macdonald

      Agatha = purple magic Dormamu = purple magic. coincidence, I THINK NOT!

    17. BaronRoaster

      I think they did bring Fox quicksilver in, multiverse style, and he's being puppeted via magic

    18. Adgeatic

      That last question 🤣

    19. Cammy Crunch

      theres gonna be a rick and morty mcu crossover just like they did the simpsons

    20. Francesco Quibranza

      Erik's impersonation of Kurt Wagner was dope.

    21. XanBcoo

      The Haunting of Bly Manor also had a penultimate flashback episode

    22. Hakim Givens

      The little kid asking about Sparky at the end BROKE ME

    23. Anthony Saunders

      I like the Barkley Large.

    24. Jake Nash

      Take a shot every time erik says nexus

    25. Reína Latina87

      Of The Glasses You Shared The Barkley Large Are The Way 2 Go. ❤ 😎 👍 💯 ~ 1 Amor

    26. Ari Arutiunian

      was Agatha bliped?

    27. Suzanne Hipkins

      if you watch Doctor strange from 2007 you will see the nexus is where the sanctum is on our earth (our dimension) where all dimensions merge..

    28. Chodi Foster

      @EAVOSS Agatha killing the dog is a total Wizard Of Oz reference. "...and your little dog too!"

    29. Chodi Foster

      Barkley Large looked best.

    30. Chodi Foster

      Don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger.

    31. Jose Ortiz

      What about the part where Jessica was still on for about 10 mins after the podcast ended 😂

    32. Chris Ellinger

      My theory is that the mailman is Doctor Strange. Agatha is wary of him and he seems to be keeping an eye on Wanda.

    33. bssalinas1

      Barcley Large!

    34. Jeremy Morris

      Hayward wants vision yet he didn't help him out

    35. SciFi Author B.L. Alley

      Wanda isn't taking Nexus. Whatever it is looks like it's branded as "Wanda" something.

    36. Rob Wood

      Sunglasses #4

    37. iao

      Barkley Large it up, Erik.

    38. Olivier D

      122822 on the licence plate above the letters "WANDA" is a nod to the late Stan Lee

    39. vex and blitz

      “I think he’s just gonna bomb the shit out of it”

    40. How We Got Here SB

      I just wanna say, I think Jessica has the prettiest face ever....anyways, thanks for all the nerd talk. im so here for it!

    41. Digital Networker

      Voss Barkley Large is the best on you

    42. Digital Networker

      You need a big bad since Thanos is gone who would that be

    43. L. Christianson

      The cicada they used in Wandavision isn't one of the Magicicadas that has the 13, 15, or 17 years brood times. That was either an annual or dog day cicada that we see every year.

    44. VIncent Ochoa

      Hayward and Agnus made a deal. He wanted Vision and Angus wanted Wanda. I think they found a way to make it work

    45. Barb Wright

      8:53 Mailman's shirt "just" said Delivery? Umm, babies??

    46. Jess Koenig

      I want to throw this out there, could this Nexus introduction be the connection to the M'Kraan Crystal? If so, could that be one of the connections to how Xmen Quicksilver is now in Wanda Vision? . Also, another theory, Dottie is Arcanna Jones.

    47. newyorkmeable

      no.... kurt has to see where he's going only as a safety precaution... like he might end up in a wall sorta thing... atleast that's how he has explained it in some comics, but maybe they changed it?

    48. npbevo

      I think there is a chance that what Heywood does expands the hex to the universe.

      1. npbevo

        Wasn't there set photos of Katherine Hahn(in the which outfit from Agatha all along) at the Salem witch trials?

    49. Young Grandpa

      Erik do be rockin the landy tho

    50. A-Swizzle 884

      Barkley Large. I think those look the best on you!

    51. Dante Faust

      I might have missed something but how did Darcie know about the events of Infinity War with Wanda destroying the Mind Stone in Vision's head and Thanos rewinding time? And how did they know Wanda and Captain Marvel nearly killing Thanos in Endgame? Was there a news coverage where the events of Infinity War and Endgame presented to the public in detail?

    52. Jessica Scriver

      That mailman is SUS

    53. danteelite

      IF Hayward bombed Westview, theoretically Vision would be the only thing to survive. Just sayin....

    54. Food Reacts

      i love elizabeth olsen

    55. Kurt Gavin Ponce

      Everybody is gangsta until Erik Voss calls out all of the assholes from Hell

    56. Food Reacts

      jessica is soo coool

    57. knight ebuka

      I think Agatha wants Wanda to bring someone back to life

    58. yashasvi singh

      One reason why Agatha played along the warping scene with Vision was to make Vision believe that Wanda is the only one in control.

    59. Paulina Dikeakos

      Fletcher but one size up. Fits your head the best. Modern. Age-appropriate. Cool. Second choice would be Barkley 👍

    60. Landon Ujimori

      “And i killed sparky too” *Sharpens pencil with malicious intent*

    61. Stephanie and Stephen Van Zant

      Different mailman outfits, might mean something

    62. Vexxe Legacy

      what if nexus is referring to nexus war from fortnite prob not

    63. Joseph Lopez

      One thing that I noticed that Agatha looked curious about was talk of resurrection of the dead!

    64. William Blackwell

      The big cameo is magneto

    65. Jon Schiesser

      What if the mailman is Dr Strange

    66. Trey Boyd

      I think Director Hayward is Ultron and He wants Vision back to possess his body to come back

    67. Profane Arcane

      Agnes, Agatha.. Jermaine and Jack?

    68. kvpish

      I wanna see the fantastic four to pull up

    69. KingCharmanDre Vibez

      Nexus was also mentioned by Nick Fury and Bruce Banner in Age of Ultron

      1. KingCharmanDre Vibez

        As the worlds internet hub in Oslo, every byte of data flows through there according to Banner.

    70. Rafininja tv

      if sparky death will eventurly help wanda on agatha skeme then he will get a proper senfdof

    71. Francesco Falcone

      Why there was an alarm for someone entering/exiting the hex when Pietro arrived to Wanda

    72. Michael Griep

      What if when vision was outside and getting pulled apart it’s not cuz vision is dead outside but because west view is trying to pull him back in. Maybe they figured out how to bring him back and that’s why they’re tracking him

    73. Arthur D'Addario

      Did FURY dust? When Nick n Hill dusted, that should have been Talos.

      1. Kimberly Jeanne

        It was? I thought it was the real Fury? 🤷🏻‍♀️

    74. Overkill Junior

      Barkley Large definitely

    75. Boogieman X

      Kang is Tony Stark's grandson?

    76. K.M. Mahmoud

      Mailman: Ralph?

    77. Christian Luczejko

      I Yeah I think the mailman the rabbit and Evan peters are the same being. Nicholas Scratchie-boi.

    78. Megan

      Have they not watched Agents of Shield?

    79. Zach Craig

      If it is the darkhold. That means we can get absolute carnage, like maybe in the multiverse of madness?

    80. gary boulton

      The MCU is known for taking different comic book characters and combining them into one like Ego and the gardener. in MCU ego was a mix between both. Could Evan Peters be Agatha's son and be a mix between nicholas scratch and nightmare

    81. MD Milk

      Its senior scratchy senior meaning old so I think it is old scratchy aka mafista

    82. Anthony Vincent

      What happens if you dig underground under the hex and come back up like a gopher

    83. Miguel Messina

      Poor kid

    84. Shoshana Loomer

      That kid at the end had me laughing so hard I started crying

    85. Walter Coombs

      I think the mailman could be someone who will fight against Agatha. He might be laying in wait, trying to sort everything out waiting for the moment to reveal

    86. Jamie Ruhland

      I'm still hoping Nic Cage is the big cameo as Ghost Rider

    87. Someone Alt

      Large Barkley

    88. SlimJim • 23 years ago

      They made it VERY clear to people that the mailman is master pandemonium. Martin Preston. Dottie jones can be MOST likely to be Arcanna jones. Just like agnes their names are just wordplay from their real names.

    89. Antonio Assunção

      Isn't Presto the mage from the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon? (I think I always confuse him the paladin)

    90. Nathaniel McDonough

      Watch Hayward brings in Tim Roth's Abomination to rip a hole in the Hex and try to take out Wanda.

    91. Matthew Ragudo - Retirement Planning Resources

      Voss drank some BANG ENERGY!! I buy Bang because of Voss!

    92. F-2PO

      Barkley large was the only pair that fit your head, sorry bubba. Size up on the other ones?

    93. Reel Reeviews

      The second to last pair suit you more Eric

    94. Bill Chamberlin

      Also maybe Agatha’s powers come from the purple Power stone?

    95. Jim Ranke

      Does anyone else think S.W.O.R.D (Sentient Weapon Observation and Response Department) is going to be the origins for the X Men Sentinel Program? And that is why Director Hayward is anti super heros?

    96. Jessica Jones

      Is it bad I want a Maury episode where Vision learns he is not the father? Goes into why he's more okay with leaving the kids and letting the good ole XY chromosome of whoever Evan Peters is playing take the dad role.

    97. Matthew Schauman

      Remember in the classic x-men, night crawler used banshee’s echolocation

      1. Matthew Schauman

        He doesn’t need to see

    98. Glenn Sweeney

      I really hope that Haywards secret weapon is a revived Ultron. Kind of like a Villain on a leash, that Hayward was able to reconstruct through studying Visions body

    99. Matthew Schauman

      I thought it was a roach

    100. Anthony

      I reckon hex is powered by visions body