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    What is Wanda doing to Vision's dead body? WandaVision creepiest moment explained! Go to trycaliper.com/rogue to get 20% off your first order when you use promo code ROGUE! Get up to $200 off your mattress at helixsleep.com/roguetheory Thank you to Stereo for partnering with us. Catch us live at stereo.com/newrockstars
    WandaVision's latest episode revealed that Vision might not truly be back from the dead, but remains a walking corpse inside the sitcom reality of Westview. Has Wanda only resurrected Vision as a hallucination, and if so, what is currently happening to his actual synthezoid remains? Did Wanda exhume Vision from a morgue or a graveyard? And how long can Vision survive outside of Westview? In this episode of Rogue Theory, Erik Voss, Jessica Clemons, Laura Sirikul, and Chris McGowan go rogue on creepy Zombie Vision in WandaVision Episode 4. A little later in the episode, we discuss all things SWORD, and Director Tyler Hayward's possible connections to the Skrulls and other secret operations.
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    Brendan Langdon
    Cody Anderson
    Dan Woodson
    Karen Wang
    O. Grometto
    Pony Stark
    Rick Denmon
    Producer: Erik Voss eavoss
    Producer: Zach Huddleston
    Written by: Erik Voss
    Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina filupmolina
    Post Production Supervisor: John Costa
    Staff Editor: Joshua Steven Hurd

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    1. Mike Adkins

      so glad Wanda isn't abusing a dead body

    2. Isaac Edelkind

      Witnessed Mr.hart

    3. Jose Medina

      The angry grip traditionally bake because america inexplicably curl amidst a warlike father-in-law. nutty, lackadaisical toad

    4. John Marx

      So we think bova will make an appearance?

    5. John Marx

      If Monica gets powers from going through hex then maybe lay episode the hex gets destroys and explodes sending the red hex throughout the world creating all the mutants

      1. John Marx

        Last episode *

    6. ItzDougie

      I bet you they will use Wanda to get nat,cap and Tony back aswell

    7. Brendan

      Damn, maybe Vision is Wu's 'Missing Person'

    8. hear & listen

      If Vision is dead and no longer has the mind stone how is he able to touch norms temples to snap him out of a trance?

    9. Matt Sabin

      The entity is Ultron.

    10. Iron Man

      vision is sus wanda is sus Why would wanda have vision keep his memory of pietro...

    11. Gilbert Ruiz

      Team Immortus

    12. Nacho Santillan

      🇷🇺🇷🇺Hey Eric Voss with NewsRockstar . I have a bite size question. We are never told that Bucky is healed from mind control. In Black Panther ,Shuri says fixed. Is he still able to become the mind controlled Winter Soldier?

    13. antony dartnall

      Hi Guys, it’s probably nothing but I’ve noticed something about Vision. I stumbled across a SEprom Channel called Kindaculty, in one of he’s latest videos is a still of Vision, however I don’t think it’s Paul Bettanys Vision. Anyway, Paul Bettanys Vision clearly has the outline of 2 devil horns on his forehead. They are more prominent than in the Kindaculty video. Could this be something 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

    14. Martin Phipps

      Sorry was the question what kind of noise gets my rocks off?

    15. Martin Phipps

      Hayward: "It broke my heart to put that tumor in your mother's nrain" Monica""What?"

    16. Martin Phipps

      Rambo is a slave name. John Rambo's family owned slaves. Mind blown.

    17. Martin Phipps

      I can understand his motivation but I can't see how what he is doing is going to get him in Monica's pants.

    18. Jo Bursch

      Im still thinking its nightmare since he was rumored to be a villain in Dr Strange

    19. Omar Justin Smith

      S.W.O.R.D. tore him up. She's helping him.

    20. Patrick Morris

      What if the cameo was Mark Hamill as Ralph, or the missing witness? That would be a Luke Skywalkeresque cameo.

    21. Qoku

      Do you think it's possible for SWORD to be using Vision to build the sentinels???? 😱

    22. Angel majorjoy

      Perhaps Monica's mother didn't want Monica to go into space because of something that happened with Captain Marvel? As well for Monica's safety.

    23. Kym Nadal

      My theory is Agatha, the Witch, is Agnes and she's working with Mafesto, Hayward, controlling the outside world. I believe they are manipulating Wanda and will create a great nemesis of the MCU. If anyone can destroy all the good guys is Wanda.

    24. Breezzee Shoulders

      With Pietro showing up and Sword studying Vision's body, this can be the introduction of Sentinels

    25. SincereduhkingUnknown

      The Walking Vision where the apocalypse are ruled by Zombie Vision Wanda : Reanimation Jutsu !!! Vision : what am I doing here

    26. Help me Killer

      I think the missing person is wonderman and wandavision is using him for the vision. The vision got his personality from wonderman in the comics. And we saw the grim reapers helmet who is the brother of wonderman so hes pissed off and coming for revenge maybe.

    27. Shantae Zon

      Wanda is Vision’s Iron Lung 😂

    28. Shantae Zon

      Westview is a Zombie Orgy

    29. King Nocz

      The Rebirth of Ultron maybe 🤔

    30. cody milmine

      How they got the id's is a good question

    31. dab7547

      How did they get access to their IDs?? S.W.O.R.D. has access to the RMV, duh......

    32. Joseph Caringella

      What if ultron got ahold of visions corpse?

    33. BeastMastre aka NinjaDar

      What if the missing witness is Grim Reaper? Hmmm...

    34. Lyric Crawley

      Hayward is a Skrull

    35. Jeigh Tee

      I think Maria's protocol for returning Snap victims wasn't geared specifically towards Monica. If someone came back and realized they missed 5 years of history, they'd have a bit of catching up to do, and I could totally understand not wanting someone like that to go immediately into space. They might not be in the right headspace, or maybe the tech had advanced too far, and they'd need to relearn it.

    36. Dante Scholar

      Did Tony give Vision a penis or did Wanda generate one? 🤔

      1. Sky Florentino


    37. WnderBoy

      Erik. I know you excited, but let your guest get their points across before you cut them off. (Especially the ladies. Don't let the TERFs come for you)

    38. Lupin788

      No one is asking why Tony Stark even allowed S.W.O.R.D. to take possession of Vision's body.

    39. Eric Hall

      I loved seeing Laura on the panel!

    40. Michael Kniolek

      Infinity stones were made in big bang and the town is surrounded by big bang energy the hexagon shape is a portal (the the is shown many times in these movies for space travel in guardians of galaxy) so the mind stone energy is flowing thru the portal Wanda made to keep vision alive

    41. Brenna_Boop

      Voss reminds me of an English teacher leading a discussion in this video

    42. Kidd Felony (TMNS)

      Every Naruto fan knows Vision is under Edo Tensei. 🥴 He can't leave the Hex or he'll fall apart.

    43. Piemz Utah

      What if Hayeward is Ralph?

    44. Stephanie and Stephen Van Zant

      " who's the popcicle?.. he is seen by QS as dead, and on that note, could all these or at least most of WestView be dead also? Missing persons.. Dead ect.

    45. Bryan Tan

      Vision is just the world most advanced A.I. dildo

    46. Liza Cantu

      Why does Jessica have a plant in the middle of the floor lol

      1. Angelica U.

        Background decor queen lol

    47. Kevin Wright

      Hayward totally getting Mad Eye Moody'd.

    48. Thierry Alonce

      I am anxiously waiting for your video on Episode 5!!!!

      1. Thierry Alonce

        @NerdFanGQ101 It's up!

      2. NerdFanGQ101

        me too! hopefully everything is ok

    49. MrFresch Unfiltered

      Is the beginning weird or are my headphones broken?

    50. Saitoubosh

      Nerdy sounds are better ASMR than those mouth-clicking sounds some of them make.

    51. Average Sinner Repenting

      My whole theory is that this is Mojos doing and Agnes is Spiral.

    52. Daniel Martinez

      OH MY GOD

    53. Rocket Boy

      how long it take ya to post the reaction for the episode today 😐

      1. CoolBoy Kamo


    54. Jacob Dean

      What the hell... where's today's video!?

      1. dave derosier

        Ikr im over here knowing he talks about it on fridays

    55. Marc Bailey

      Seems totally logical to me that the head of an organization that sends people into space on a regular basis would know what cosmic background microwave radiation is. I find plenty of other things suspicious about Heyward, but not that.

    56. LiberianGirl AmericanWorld

      Woo's witness was a SWORD whistle blower. SWORD (specifically Hayward) went against Vision's wishes to try to reanimate/reactivate his body. Wanda found out and reclaimed his body.

    57. David Schmidt

      Eric sounds like Twiki from Buck Rogers when he says 'CBD'

    58. Charlotte Dobbs

      ive just been scrolling through the comments all day waiting for the video on episode 5 cause EPISODE 5 MADE ME SPEECHLESS

    59. Talim Palomino

      The sex dolls of 2050

    60. Kevin Kroger

      Interesting beginning to the video

    61. Aaron Daay

      So who else is in the comments waiting for the ep 5 video to drop 😭

      1. Brandy Engdal

        Im actually kinda shocked they havent posted one yet

      2. Charlotte Dobbs


    62. Salroth

      Xmen xmen xmen xmen xmen xmen!

    63. Xavier Scott

      Y’all must be shocked too, never took y’all this long for a Easter egg vid😔

      1. Adam Lanza

        They come on Saturday's now

    64. Ronaldo 7

      Eric have you checked the fifth episode It has a surprise for you!!

    65. jorge dorbecker

      Waiting for today videos.....Wan the F...

    66. Frijoles Ricos

      AGatha harkNESS= Agness

    67. Arthantos

      Ahhhh...Phase 4 is clearly about integrating MCU with Fox Marvel assets - clearly guys! Come on! 💰💰💰💰

    68. Adam MacLeod

      Hurry up with the next vid folks!!!! I’m jonesin for some Voss!!!

    69. Charles Wright

      If you haven’t realised in the latest episode (ep 5) everything has a tint of red in the sitcom!

      1. Charles Wright

        @Dobby The Free Elf ikr ;)

      2. Dobby The Free Elf

        Yeah lol I saw that and I was just like "maybe it's just a coincidence?"... but there is no such thing as a coincidence in the mcu... 😏 😏

    70. DeadMeatFan JAJ

      Please post your video on episode 5 today 🙏🙏🙏🙏 PLEASE 🥺

      1. Charlotte Dobbs

        ive been waiting too lol

    71. Cameron King

      Not even 2 minutes in and Eric’s dropping bombs like, “Dead Body Banger” and I’m HERE for it

    72. Dominick Bennett

      Your ID is totally on file. Very easy to find if you have some pull.

    73. Timothy A Daaé

      Hi Guys Just watched WV ep 5, In the scene where Wanda takes Vision from the lab does it not look like he is in separate parts and being tested on??? Perhaps that is why Hayward is shitting himself and trying to vilify Wanda? Maybe that is why Wanda is broken mentally!! Hayward is the true EVIL HERE!!!!

      1. Young Weathers

        Yooo true

    74. Yahya Atif

      Quiksilver is Alive 😂

    75. Andy B

      Hey how do I get into the discord?

      1. Cory McD

        They have a Patreon what you have to sign up to get into the discord

    76. True Savage

      We need you nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww it’s gone down I can’t wait until Friday

    77. Showtime 209

      The mind stone has been found. Lil Uzi Vert has it 😂

    78. Gage Crusan

      Is Pietro the whole OTHER ONE FRON THE XMEN?

      1. Gage Crusan

        @Crypto Linn marvel does a lot of sneaky little stuff that matters alot so who knows it could be like idk why they would cast the same actor. For marvel it seems like its wouldn't be " just a recast " also the dr strange movie is supposed to be called " multiverse of madness" and it is confirmed that it exists so this could be the first look at the multiverse ( mysterio was an imposter )

      2. plxnet

        @Crypto Linn I'm pretty sure that he's gonna be the same person but just the actor from Xmen

      3. Crypto Linn

        I don’t think it’s the X-Men quicksilver I am pretty sure it’s just like a reference and he’s just playing a version of the MCU one

      4. plxnet


    79. Pratyush Bhagat

      "Who's the popsicle?"

    80. Luis Feliciano

      Where are you! You are my go to person for Marvel.. we have to talk about episode 5!!!

    81. Ladell Allen

      Who’s the popsicles

    82. vicki friedfeld

      I want “you can grieve in space” on a tshirt!

    83. DatBoiVell

      This video seem short today

    84. Me Me


    85. Jaden Tharpe


    86. TheNew Draco

      Lagos from the episode 5 the paper towels are supposed to symbolise the mess that happened in civil war my theory

    87. Nick Thornton

      Holy shit Jessica nailed it right on the head

    88. Jonathan Lamas

      Broooooop when are you drop a video for episode 5 that ending was dopeeeee

    89. Airzoneeagle

      this isnt related to wandavision but why was hank pym at tony starks funeral because he didnt like the starks did he

      1. Saben Schulfer

        @Airzoneeagle either way hank could of simply gone to support scott

      2. Airzoneeagle

        @Saben Schulfer ye BUT scott lang was the one who was able to even come up with a theory that they could bring everyone back

      3. Saben Schulfer

        he did help bring him back to life and end the threat after all pretty sure those would help him change his mind. also, he’s scott’s mentor and was supporting him and wasp losing a valuable avenger if anything

    90. paul varghese

      After watching the 5th episode ... Erik is DAMN good

    91. Darth Arbiter


      1. Charlotte Dobbs


      2. Jetta Battista



      Spider alert Peitro is back

    93. GGLezt TV

      Stop Pietro being Memphisto theory and let's make another one! What if? Pietro Maximoff "Saw this is coming" so Quicksilver travels through time and space to save his sister from being corrupted or controlled by Memphisto?

    94. Michael LaSumiso

      My guess is that Wanda saved Vision from Sword tearing him apart

    95. Sub-Vader 20-17

      Sometime I get the feeling that Vision is Wanda’s conscience and Agnes is the one using Wanda to control everything.

    96. Dr D Scott

      Wanda was like Nettie from The Color Purple, ‘nothing but death can keep me from you’… lol

    97. Dr D Scott

      Vision was not murdered; he was destroyed, because murder only takes place between two or more humans by dictionary definition. He’s just a damaged machine / sex toy without a battery at this point.

    98. Damon King

      Agnes is the female Loki in disguise

    99. GrowWith Nasharra&Nate

      Where the video going over episode 5 👀

    100. Bragzz


      1. Melanie Tang


      2. Tyler Golightly

        YOOOO WTFFF🤯

      3. pyro-cat


      4. bat_98