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    WandaVision Episode 3 mystery: why would Geraldine / Monica Rambeau wear a SWORD necklace if it made Wanda see her as a threat? Thanks to Blue Chew for sponsoring Rogue Theory. Go to bluechew.com and use the code ROGUE.
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    Does Westview "mark" or "brand" intruders from SWORD? If not, why would Monica Rambeau out herself by wearing SWORD flair that Wanda could easily spot and use to eject her from the pocket reality? Erik Voss, Tommy Bechtold, Marina Mastros, and Tom Michelsen explore the strange properties of the Westview bubble, and how exactly it warps the people inside -- both those who do belong, and those who don't. Also, what is the deeper significance of the hexagon imagery that keeps showing up in WandaVision?
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    Brendan Langdon
    Cody Anderson
    Dan Woodson
    Karen Wang
    O. Grometto
    Pony Stark
    Rick Denmon
    Producer: Erik Voss eavoss
    Producer: Zach Huddleston
    Written by: Erik Voss
    Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina filupmolina
    Post Production Supervisor: John Costa
    Staff Editor: Joshua Steven Hurd

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    1. Erik Voss

      Btw here's the egg thing I was talking about at 33:19. "The Egg" by Andy Weir, animated here by Kurzgesagt In a Nutshell. (I read it as a Reddit post a while ago). seprom.info/clone/video/y5mblbGXloKLw4E.html

      1. Rafininja tv

        thanks erik

      2. Line Lundager

        Ahh I've only ever read this story, it's still so fascinating

      3. Hentjim

        Well then hello me's, or us?

      4. Shawn Meade

        When Voodoo Child played at the end of ep. 4 I got chills! Also, alright Voss it’s time to go into a lyrical analysis of an LSD-fueled song. Hear me out... “Standing next to a mountain, chop it down with the edge of my hand.”

      5. Mykie Clarke

        What if westview is the city in the quantum realm. Westview (W'ander V'ision with tv in joining them) play on words.

    2. Reaper Vapes

      Erik Voss what if this isn’t wanda but dr strange knowing that Wanda was going to do something destructive and is using his magic to prevent it

    3. Average Sinner Repenting

      Am I the only person who thinks this is Mojos doing and Agnes is really spiral??

    4. blak238

      Hexagons are the bestagons

    5. Wilson Ruleman

      Its called a totem but yes

    6. Beethoven

      What ever happened to the beekeeper

    7. Justin Rolon

      Multi verse spider verse ..collider hexagon

    8. Charlie Dempsey

      Here's a crazy theory. The hulk snapping everyone back creates the mutants because he is a mutated monster.

    9. somnus75

      Anyone looking at Phil Jones? He seems to have a few connections to Marvel.

    10. Tod Robinson

      Really why is no one talking about the two blood curdling screams coming from Wanda when Darcy first hooks the tv up

    11. Thomas Henderson

      Monica wearing the sword symbol is The MCU'S WAY TELLING "WE " The Fans that The Government Controling Branch Is On The Job👍

    12. Kevin Reid

      Monica's plan was to find out what was going on. Step #1 Dispatch the drone. Step #2 Check the point when drone disappears. Step #3 Attempting to touch the field. Step #4 Wanda changes everyone in the bubble. Wanda didn't know Monica was in the bubble.

    13. Beyond the Obvious

      Can we talk about how sexy and beautiful Monica is.

    14. Chris Willis

      the Hexagon is in Endgame when they travel in space to kill Thanos. about 15 mins in. Please explain. I cannot sleep. Must have answer.

    15. Ethan Bondick

      The clever pump undesirably fold because broker july bump midst a adhesive male. garrulous, dramatic zoo

    16. Jose Delgado Lopez

      Hydra infiltrated SHIELD, Hydra could have infiltrated SWORD

      1. ARandomPerson

        That’s what I’ve been thinking about. Some of the people from sword could be working with hydra. If they are I bet Hayward is one of them.

    17. Jose Delgado Lopez

      “SWORD” is trying to brink back Vision

    18. jackie warren

      Voss says same sh** every video. Now has all these “employees” who always comment “yeah boss I agree”. So much “diversity” thats says with wet hair in their bedrooms “yeah I think you’re right, boss”

    19. Steven Cook

      The SWORD facility has a road around it in the shape of a hexagon! 🤔

    20. hollabigT

      Everyone PLEASE learn how to say this word: "Hexagonal" = hĕk-săg′ə-nəl it's not "hexaGONal". it's "hexAGonal"

    21. Ben Mazur

      It's because hexagons are the bestagons.

    22. James Keel

      Theory: vision is really wonderman. He and Grim Reaper are using Visions body as a conduit to bring him back. Wandas babies are tied into it also and that magic is used to revive wonderman. And this allows MCU to introduce Paul Bethany as Wonderman instead. Also wonderman power set is very close to Vision and includes super speed!

    23. Jair Morales

      Someone leaked episode 5 footage look it up if y’all want

    24. Pedro Perez

      To say introducing AIM while be muddy, did you not see episode 4 a lot going on smoothly for a 30 min episode.

    25. hhholsteiners

      Flip Wilson was the first Geraldine!

    26. the numberonebeaner

      Well... this discussion didn't age well...

    27. dcrijo

      Is it just me or was Agnes left out of the civilian search? And was that done because Agnes has something to do with this mystery? 🤔 great video!!

    28. joe691020

      30:40 Ding, Ding, Ding Ding, Bingo

    29. Octave Thomas

      “Special k” 😂

    30. Teanna Byerts

      swords, hexagons... IT'S A D&D GAME!

    31. Don Dee

      wndavision ep4 s1 shows the blip and the dead vision...... how come wanda can say to Thanos in End Game "You took everything from me" wanda v thanos then after that created "westview".... during and while mcu characters are fighting thanos?

    32. OwnLight

      They are Hexagons bc wandas Magic is called Hex Magic

    33. Kevin Hinson

      I feel like Wanda is manipulating the reality around Vision's dead body and esstentially just puppeting Vision's dead body around.

    34. Will Sinclair

      Okay like one of the episodes made me rewind because I thought my internet is skipped but did y'all intentionally put a jump cut at 5:15

    35. Jaxson Dav

      MAYBE! Maybe this pocket dimension is like the immune system, and whenever there’s something there that isn’t supposed to be there- it teaches Wanda to see things differently and as a threat. Eh, maybe not

    36. Gamer House

      I think they should call Bruce Baner to help. And send Hawkeye in because him and Wanda have a little of a relationship.

      1. ARandomPerson

        I doubt SWORD will call either of them because Hayward doesn’t seem to like superhero’s but Darcy Jimmy or Monica might try to contact them.

    37. Anthony Alvarez

      In the Avenger game, hexagons represents AIM in the game! ! LOL 😎

    38. Aidan Fu

      I think your hexagon theory is right because Wu even wrote down “why hexagons?”

    39. vrusmaxus

      The lanyard changed thats all

    40. Crib Cozy

      Did you notice that Vision collar one is in sweater and the other is outside meaning.....?

    41. kiori_ yakeru

      Might I point out they said in the episode that someone was censoring things so it might not be Wanda broadcasting

    42. favi

      How r u guys not talking about how darcy acknowledges hydra but says nothing

    43. jerekoh18

      ya'll think the hexagon is connected to the bee keeper ? just a thought that honey combs are in the shape of hexagon.. just 2 am thoughts..

    44. Dan Spencer

      Totally knew the egg reference. Good video.

    45. Basicallyabush


    46. Jance Rojas


    47. Draug Heim

      Not sure if this nerdfest is the best place to advertise for viagra, lmao.

    48. Kenneth Locklear

      Am I the only person that noticed that the SWORD H.Q. launch pad is in the shape of a hexagon!!!!

    49. Grey Water

      That’s such a good theory about Wands’s subconscious marking the threat

    50. Lia Duarte

      hey erik Voss my dad does not understand wandavision how do I help him understand?

    51. Jojo490

      I think Erik is pushing too hard with the "let there be mutants" theory.

    52. JustinTheDragonKing

      The Egg was beautiful

    53. Kp SA

      She's a queen bee. That's why homeboy changed to a bee keeper. Amd the rest of the community are engaged in a hive mind

    54. ABC 123

      waiting for y’all to talk about episode 4 lol

    55. Charlie Talbert

      “FOR the Children”, Wanda or Manifesto very well could have done something to the children... in order for all to be obedient?

    56. XI frankSTAR IX

      Episode 4 just obliterated almost all of these theories

    57. Tee Jay Miller

      Watching this after Episode 4, it seems like almost all of the theories were off except Erik's.

    58. Toby Riecke

      Jimmy Wu has turned into the MCU Erik

    59. TheShnitzel

      WHERE ARE THE EPISODE 4 VIDEOS??? I need it!

    60. Ian Baker [Student]

      Is anybody else waiting for them to talk bout episode 4 😂

    61. JordanFett

      Literally just finished the episode, so good

    62. Neil Schnepf

      I'm in on the containment idea for idea. Also, if they're moving Wanda more towards magic and since hexes are spells/curses.... a hex-agon makes a nice parallel. ;) It also serves as a nice double easter-egg as someone else noted that the Mind stone is fairly close to being hexagonal in shape as well.

    63. SquanchMaster1


    64. Byron Davies

      Episode 4 was epic!!!!

    65. Mář çųş 7777

      When's that wandavision episode 4 easter eggs video come

    66. Andrew Peters

      Has anyone pointed out that the mind stone is a hexagon?

      1. Walk 2 Please God

        That's a great point.

    67. Botz Acosta

      It'll be mind-blowing if at the end of the series they reveal Magnito (Sir Ian McKellen) is behind all of this.

    68. camille lehmann

      guys the credits pretty much revealed every thing to me when i wanted to really pay attention. I realized that every thing was red but glittery and i thought it looked like wandas powers then I realized that some of them mix together and shoot up into the sky then wanda and visons house gets destoyed and there is another part when one of the green blue and red pixel thing turn completely red and crashed into the rest of them and every thing expoldes ithink that was like something from west view that effected every thing out side and changed the real world. my mind is completely blown if you beleive me or agree and you think it should be seen plz like so they can see it 😁

    69. Lunga Biyela

      It's Wanda. It's all Wanda.

    70. Vasu Chauhan

      Hey guys is everything ok ? Wheres the ep4 video, i've been waiting for hours

    71. Ruby A

      Isn’t the mind stone held in a hexagon setting?

    72. M.B. Read

      Wanda vision episode 4 was amazing!! Can't wait til episode 5! It was so cool to see what was happening on the outside during the episodes 1 to 3!

    73. abel alvidrez

      Where’s. Easter egg video ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️

    74. Davis Wiker

      No SWORD would have figured out the Hex layout of West View by now if that was it. They wrote "why the hexagon's?" On the board so they don't know what the Hexagon's are either. I'm with you that it's not AIM, I think it's Wanda's Hex magic, I'm sure.

    75. ChapoThaJuiceGod TTV&IG

      How come there hasn't been a video yet I'm still waiting patiently 🤔🤔🤔

    76. A -

      Episode 4 review when

    77. kingbagel_playz

      watch episode 4 it.......

    78. JW

      Well now we know that Monica was definitely not undercover and entering on purpose.

    79. Rocky Randle

      The Wandalorian, " FOR THE CHILDREN!"

    80. Jayden Ferreira

      Ep 4 reaction video??!!

      1. Gideon Ssemu

        @R L lol. But did you see all that info on the whiteboard. I'm not taking anything less than in depth. Also, I'm refreshing every 5 minutes

      2. R L

        @Gideon Ssemu But we want it now now now. The restless mob needs must be fulfilled.

      3. Gideon Ssemu

        There's A LOT to decompress. Let them do their thing lol

    81. Davis Wiker

      I think I actually got this one figured out. Haven't start d watching, so let's see: People who were in EASTview at the start when Wanda took it over, have no carry over trait. No pendent, no "thing" that stays with them through the "decades." People who entered through the "dome" retain an item to mark them as an "outsider." So, Rambo, the drone, the bee keeper, and AGNUS! They are all OUTSIDERS that's why they carry a brand, the sword logo for Rambo, the drone and the bee keeper, and Agnus' pendent. So that means Agnus was not there when this reality formed, but instead either stumbled in like Rambo, or found it on purpose like the drone and bee keeper.

    82. AX1D3NTPR0N3

      They (Rogue) literally did not address a few things mainly one company. Hydra. They have been popping up in the episodes so maybe its Hydra but if its A.I.M. Then why are we seeing Hydra stuff?

    83. Warren Kramer

      Mabe wanda made a deal with hella

    84. Pratyush Bhagat

      HEY, WHERE ARE YOU?!!! THE EPISODE CAME OUT AND WOAAH ,GODDAMN it needs some explanation :)

    85. Anthony Devlin


    86. Mike Bassett

      Seems like everyone is forgetting about Doctor Strange. He’s gonna pop up in everything like Ironman did

    87. The Benny Fire show

      Hi Eric really big fans of you could you please give me Benny and my daddy Chris a shoutout on your next video we’re really really big fans we watch everything you do.

    88. Christopher Benton

      What happened to Phillip?

    89. DeShadrian Dismuke

      Im glad its been revealed that Monica's earrings were OCTAGONS

    90. LuckyOwl777

      I'm very interested that when S.W.O.R.D. was figuring out all the people who they saw in the sit-com, they didn't mention anything about Agnes. Not even something like "We don't know who that is. Keep looking" or something.

      1. vincent groen

        Oh and I think that director Chow (that’s his name right?😂😅) was looking for here in Oakland. (That missing person case)

      2. vincent groen

        If you look carefully you can see here on the board, but you can’t see like a ID card or something just here head.

    91. Chris Bohinski

      Maybe Wanda has put a Hex on the town???

    92. A Watts

      IMDb lists 6 people with what appears to be multiple roles. The secondary roles are not listed though. Wanda, Monica Rambeau, Director Hayward, Dottie, The Beekeeper, and a tactical sword agent

    93. Cain Dunlap

      WestView will End up being the name of a Cemetery. WestView Cemetery.

    94. Inspirer

      Is it just me or I can't wait for him to point smth about ep 4? Lol can't waitttt

    95. Rusty Cox

      Isn’t the display on old televisions made up of tiny hexagons? It could just be a reference to the in-universe broadcast of what’s happening inside Westview

    96. jawbeater

      WestView = WandaVision? Coincidence? I dont think so!

    97. JAE WOODS

      Wait, so if whatever Wanda visions in this world becomes real in the real world, that would mean this could bring Vision back to life

    98. Watermelon Watermelon

      I have a theory that black widow may be in Wandavision

    99. metalium


    100. Alex Herrera

      Where are you?!?! 😭