WandaVision: WHY CAST EVAN PETERS?? Quicksilver Or Not?

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    WandaVision Pietro Evan Peters mystery: is he Quicksilver from the Fox X-Men films, and if not, why cast Evan Peters in this role and not another actor? Go to petalcard.com/NEWROCKSTARS to find out more and get started today!
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    WandaVision Episode 5 introduced Evan Peters as Wanda's brother Pietro, an apparent crossover from the Fox X-Men franchise, since Peters played Quicksilver in X-Men Days of Future Past, X-Men Apocalypse, and X-Men Dark Phoenix. But then in WandaVision Episode 6, Peters' Pietro seemed less attached to his Fox X-Men character, but rather, a deceptive and cruel intruder with a spotty backstory and a suspicious interest in Wanda's hex magic. So, if by chance Evan Peters' character IS NOT a multiverse crossover from the X-Men movies, then why did Marvel Studios cast Peters to play this particular character, and not any other actor to play the part? Erik Voss breaks down the clues of Evan Peters Pietro's secret motives, why it's likely he's NEITHER his X-Men Quicksilver character NOR a recast of the MCU Aaron Taylor Johnson Pietro, and what Marvel Studios & Kevin Feige's intention is with this perplexing cameo!
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    1. Memilicious

      They casted him for a boner joke

    2. zureska

      Bonher.... Ralph Bonher.

    3. Memilicious

      they casted him for a boner joke

    4. MrFreakface999

      It's someone radically messing with aspects of multiverse, similar to J Jonah Jamieson being the same actor from the Raimi-verse. It probably is the villain of Dr Strange 2 doing this.

    5. Zee x

      if casting evan peters was just a meta-joke i’ll start a riot against MCU

      1. Memilicious

        Bruh you predicted it

      2. Magic Cookies

        Yep exactly that and a dick joke

    6. Niq Gooch

      Everyone is talking about Mephistopheles and Nightmare. Why is no one considering Mojo? He’s a major X-men adversary, he’s extra-dimensional so he could be aware of other dimensional (ie Fox universe) X-men and he is obsessed with television shows and ratings. He seems like a good fit to me

    7. xx206FresH206xx

      Yo Erik Voss I need to to direct message me on Twitter like honestly it’s really important my handle is tsunamisteph like it’s vital

    8. xx206FresH206xx

      Yo Erik Voss I need to to direct message me on Twitter like honestly it’s really important my handle is tsunamisteph like it’s vital

    9. Oliver Grant

      Ever thought the whole reason of casting Evan Peters was to cause this kind of confusion?

    10. RespawnActual

      it should be mentioned that after learning that Agatha was controlling Pietro (what he said and what he heard) this video is basically obsolete. It 100% still could be the Fox x-men quicksilver

    11. Kit Slagle

      I don't like the MCU Quicksilver. He seem dull in comparison to the Fox version.

    12. Jason Phillips

      It's like Evan Peters is doing an impression of Quicksilver doing a really bad impression of Jim Carrey's Ace Ventura.

    13. Black Hat Cinephile

      petal, pedal, peddle

    14. Lil animal cracker

      I haven’t watched Wanda vision yet but it definitely sounds like they recast on purpose

    15. Chase1.9

      Why can’t it be Aaron Taylor-Johnson?! I like Evan Peters as the character, but Aaron is the best version of the character in my opinion

    16. DerHannes

      Easy guess: Just to eff around with your brains... simple as that! :D

    17. Maggie Greene

      Maybe He Heals Like The Wolverine Just Don't Know It Yet Until He Wakes Up From The Ground ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

    18. RD Nowlin

      Simple - He played the character the BEST!

      1. Slim Kim

        No. Btw Say hi to Ralph for me. 😂😂😂

    19. Jhonnas Siena

      We are forgetting that Wanda vision is a set up for the multiverse. Anything will and can happen.

    20. Marvel TV Shows and Movie Clips


    21. Sabaah Jauhar-Rizvi

      I think he is Pietro from another universe.

    22. John Gresko

      Misdirection and fan service

    23. Josh Brice

      The protected witness

    24. Hapsetshut

      i loved that little 'kick ass' line they snuck in there lol

    25. Realist Jerk

      Evans Peter is a sign we're getting Bully Maguire in MCU

    26. Walter White

      Wandavision can explain the recast of war machine and the hulk

    27. Chris Domingo

      But shouldn’t Quicksilver remember Vision? I thought they fought together in Age of Ultron.

    28. Carly Pierce

      Three words: agatha all along

    29. Churly Bear

      Im from the future. Its Agatha all along. Agnes.


      "PIETRO" could be a skrull BECAUSE captain RAMBEAUS mother had a fight against skrulls and "Pietro has a interaction with rambeau at the end of ep 7 "

    31. Bennett Slavin

      Why is no one talking about the fact that they confirmed that ALL the x men will be recast for future mcu things

      1. Ryu Dameron

        Where did they say that ? Any article or where did you find that confirmation 🤔? Just curious!

    32. PoprocksVR

      But...the Fox Quicksilver’ name is Peter Maximoff...

    33. IgnizNova

      but what if they just cast the same actor cuz ppl loved him so much & for bein "the actor" for that particular character just like J. K. Simmons? *illuminati confirmed*

    34. jasper budiono

      it's multiverse xmen, just look at the upcoming spiderman where he probably gonna meet spiderman from other fox movies and another dr strange movie which rumored to have multiverses madness. fan wild prediction that dr strange couldn't block the upcoming dormamu invasion, so he traveled to bring galactus to face Dormamu.

    35. Faith Gore

      I honestly don't think the writers and Kevin Feige were stupid enough to put Evan Peters' Quicksilver in there without considering the implications and repercussions. It's all for a reason.

    36. buster b

      Give evan peters some credit, he's a brilliant actor that can play any role, quicksilver or not

    37. Shaquille Greene

      “Who’s the popsicle?”

    38. Christiaan Scott

      I said it all along, Eric? That Mojoworld hint I gave you a few weeks is starting to make sense??

    39. Amy Ochoa

      Hes probably a cheap hire. Its not like he's ever had a lot going on as an actor. Plus he was well accepted in XMen

    40. Against corruption

      The whole of the mcu and extended and such are coming together from the first

    41. Against corruption

      Pietro just gave it up, that he thought it was Wanda that wanted the stir-up but it was actually Agatha, and Pietro is half under Agatha control. And acts like xmen quicksilver

    42. Joel Perales

      Evan Peters is way better as QuickSilver

    43. Teefsh

      "Don't Need?" What in the line up is anyone here looking forward to minus Wandavison and maybe Loki?

    44. Peter Skorec

      Why is gamora?!! Booom

    45. Michael Morley

      Snooper's Gonna Snoop line felt very Quicksilver to me...

    46. Jim & Laurie S.

      This Pietro MAY actually be Mystique (who would have only known Quicksilver in that form) - Loki would also be a possibility (based on multi-verse theory). But let's just throw in a different option that Agatha Harkness is using as a substitute "Quicksilver" (can you say SPEEDBALL) ?? Oh the webs Marvel weaves (Spiderman easter egg)...Hmmm

    47. Multiplo

      Multiverse of Madness.

    48. RedC Gaming

      Who else is watching a bunch of explains and who is Monica Rambeau videos? I cant get enough and im bummed theres only 2 more episodes left.

    49. Richard Sipes

      Watching this after the most recent episode be like

    50. Griffgames

      Might be legit Quicksilver plucked from another multiverse reality and crushingly mind-controlled by Agatha on arrival. Since Wanda is a 'Nexus' being, she's a multiverse constant and compatible with alternate Quicksilver (with a few inserted memories via mind-control). He sounds callous and irritated with the way his MCU Quicksilver died ("for no reason...") because his Quicksilver would have easily danced around the bullets and saved Clint/child.

    51. jokkei1

      Why is gamora? I spit out my coffee😂😂😂😂😂

    52. mangakamaiden

      Cos Evan Peters is awesome

    53. Daniel Ashby

      Idk this theory feels weak. I feel like mcu has more foresight that.

    54. Gustavo Aragon

      Erik you are so full of shit. Two episodes ago you were trying to convince your followers and your self this was pietro from the Xmen now with no shame you're trying to convince your self and your followers this is not pietro from the Xmen with the same arguments.

    55. trixxter84

      He actually is quicksilver and is being controlled by Agatha to pretend to be Wanda's brother

    56. Tusk aurora

      They cast him as a nod to the past movies and to tease us fans . This ws not how the xmen are to be introduced . They will be seen in a bout 4 weeks in the falcon winter soldier

    57. azel

      kinda looks like another episode of ahs lol

    58. mandrilla psycillah

      Thanks, you say it!

    59. Bondedbrushbeetle

      He’s different completely he’s Peter maximoff in xmen

    60. AdamAykhaan95scorpio starkkilianhovey

      X-Men vs the avengers

    61. Thomas

      sounds legit, and fine as long as the reveal,explanation is done well

    62. Eliza Eggplant

      I really really hope Evan Peters sticks around

    63. AJ Lane

      So, I don't care what Kevin Fiege says, Agents of Shield and Agent Carter are MCU cannon, just like Daredevil, Punisher. They are loosely connected but connected none the less. FIEGE is just a puppet, he is not the MCU.

    64. Rex Joseph Glorioso

      They placed him as fan service.

    65. Doll Mallory

      I think he's the Green Goblin

    66. Senior Ricketts

      By acknowledging the recast we know its not a recast Another similar thing, Darcy asking: "Why does it keep switching time periods? It cant be purely for my enjoyment." Im asking myself: "Why Evan Peters? It cant be purely for our enjoyment."

    67. Ahsoka Tano

      Agnes made him

    68. Ahsoka Tano


    69. Sky_DragonX777

      You wouldn’t do something that would send a literal tidal wave through fan base, only to say ‘nah, fooled ya. Just a cameo’ There would be outrage, and a potential drop in sales. There is no way they didn’t account for fans taking this as concrete evidence, Marvel aren’t stupid. I think the attention to detail in the films proves that point.

    70. Maddie

      When he said why is Gamora I just started laughing

    71. Glenn Gutenberg

      Because it’s a multiverse I don’t necessarily think Kevin would need to keep track of every plot point as it could be argued minor discrepancies are the result of the dimension jump. He would just need to avoid any major discrepancies

    72. Glenn Gutenberg

      We are dealing with a multiverse and a magical reality bending hex so I think it’s fair to stay that it pretty much opens the door to any explanation. Ie Dimension jump plus hex = past x men memory deleted and fuzzy mcu memories implanted. Or whoever is controlling the hex is actually puppeting him and telling him what to say to mess with Wanda. And when he leaves the hex he will regain his x-men memories.

    73. Bernkillededdie

      Thank GOD it’s just Erik💙💙

    74. Trick Treat

      There's only one Quicksilver that's deserves to be canon and that's Evan Peters!

    75. Natdeservedafunural 13

      it 💃 was 💃 agatha 💃 all 💃 along 💃 and i killed sparky 😃🔪🐕

    76. Silly Bunny

      Y'all picked up on the "Kick Ass" reference right? Aaron Taylor-Johnson was in it.

    77. John Fischer

      And aaron taylor johnsons pm doesnt hold a candle to evan peters. By far.

    78. John Fischer

      Tired theory: xmen movies are sooooo bad 😒

    79. John Fischer

      Arj quicksilver is dead. Incapable of being revived. Just like black widow tony stark etc etc. Peter maximoff is still alive. Thats why hes in this.

    80. modsoul1

      Maybe the snap didn't bring everybody back perfectly and snatched some people from other timepoints and universes. Boom. Nailed it.

    81. Phrogkage

      Snoopers gonna snoop

    82. Meme Lord

      Cause it's the lAw

    83. Liz Baena

      I just rewatched the X-men and saw mojo. That would be THE BEST.

    84. Justin Steinman

      Evan Peters is definitely the best quicksilver but honestly not BEST KNOWN for playing him you are ignoring years upon years of ABSOLUTELY AMAZING ABOVE acting in ahs and how dare you say that's his best known role

    85. Silly Bunny

      Ultron will be back... If you read the comics, there was multiple Ultrons, Vision was an "iteration" of him...

    86. Desmond brown

      Mojo would be genius. Too complicated for normies, but perfect.

    87. Everyone_Knows_It's ButtersThatsMe!

      Evan P was better as quicksilver.

    88. MrOldPal

      Because Evan Peters Quicksilver is way better than Aaron Taylor-Johnson Quicksilver.

    89. John White

      Why are they confusing us, well it’s Wanda Vision. It makes good tv.

    90. Leximus Maximus

      As a diversion, was it that hard to figure out?

    91. alfie sykes

      Hi I'm from the future and agatha harkness is why pietro is there

    92. Kevin B

      Because stunt-casting is a TV trope. I swear it's like people are trying to not understand it.

    93. Crasher 47

      BUT WHY?!

    94. Pinoy Bio

      "Who's the Popsicle?" -- Quicksilver

    95. Hartwell Soledad

      Seriously!, this is not the Pietro Maximoff that just died in avengers: age of ultron this must be something else.

    96. Thomas Enright

      “Snoopers gonna snoop” - Uncle P

    97. Atsumi Marak • 15 years ago

      why is gamora

    98. John Steve Sarino

      Episode 7 was just released and bruh.. rockstar was always right

    99. TONYROCKZ818

      Why do they keep saying “peters” name as “peAdro”

      1. Kyoka

        Because in the xmen movies he was known as Peter maximoff, and in the mcu the characters called him Pietro maximoff when he was introduced in age of ultron

    100. I Am Rocque

      He's going to be in Multiverse for sure