WandaVision X-Men Crossover: Which Mutants Will Come Back? | BQ

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    WandaVision introduces Evan Peters (Quicksilver from the Fox X-Men movies) as Pietro... but who else will Marvel Studios bring into the MCU? Amazon Prime Members get free 2-Day delivery and save on prescription medication when paying without insurance by going to amazon.com/BIGQUESTION
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    Which X-Men besides Quicksilver Evan Peters and Deadpool Ryan Reynolds will join the MCU, and which X-Men movies are "essential viewing"? In this episode of Big Question, Erik Voss and Inside Marvel co-host Jessica Clemons review the 13 films of the X-Men franchise: X-Men (2000), X2 X-Men United (2003), X-Men The Last Stand (2006), X-Men Origins Wolverine (2009), X-Men First Class (2011), The Wolverine (2013), X-Men Days of Future Past (2014), Deadpool (2016), X-Men Apocalypse (2016), Deadpool 2 (2018), Dark Phoenix (2019), and The New Mutants (2020). Which titles must be seen to understand how Marvel will merge the X-Men into the MCU? Which mutant characters might be brought back into a future MCU title?
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    Brendan Langdon
    Cody Anderson
    Dan Woodson
    Karen Wang
    O. Grometto
    Pony Stark
    Rick Denmon
    Producer: Erik Voss eavoss
    Producer: Zach Huddleston
    Written by: Erik Voss
    Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina filupmolina
    Post Production Supervisor: John Costa
    Staff Editor: Joshua Steven Hurd
    Editors: Devin Cleary, Kelly Joule, Jeremy Alvarez, Joshua Steven Hurd, John Costa

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    1. Sophia Wilson

      Bring the Olivia Munn back as Psylocke.

    2. M Nuncio

      Magic needs to join

    3. Jeremy

      Logan was by far the best of all of these films. A classic... "ITS NOT WATER" :,0

    4. Michael Tang

      The absorbed desk immunocytochemically request because cat methodically turn amid a few fierce sailor. handy, level clover

    5. Ami Berg Jallow

      Any movie with Michael Fassbenders Magneto in it is essential 😌😌😌

    6. Irving Zarazua

      13:46 lol that editor is funny lol

    7. Aperture Alpha

      you guys gave a kinda to the only xmen movie i walked out of. The Wolverine. its TERRIBLE.

    8. Mark Walker

      Wet myself at your WandaVision Wolverine cameo.

    9. talia_coppola91

      Mystique could literally be anyone

    10. Maria T. Perez Centeno

      Don't crossing the Xmen with MCU bring the Rogue/Captain Marvel situation?

    11. Joshua Hendrixson

      Do you think Gambit could make a reappearance to the MCU?

    12. RavensEagle

      Just realised both xman days if futures past takes place in 2023 similar to endgame 2023. Wonder if it's intentional choice by mcu to choose that 5 year time skip. 17:22 did you mean back to restored timeline of 2023? I think I heard you say 2003.

    13. Magical Rooney

      My favorite thing about the first Deadpool movie was it was HEAVILY marketed around Valentines Day and like there was a ton of memes around then of partners asking one another if they wanna see this cool romcom without the other actually knowing what it's about

    14. Benjamin Swain

      The Endgame time travel logic was totally understandable. Actions taken in other points in time when travelled to from another creates alternate branching timelines that don’t directly affect the timeline that was the origin point. It goes off of the many worlds logic. -A singular line that someone drew and then drew other lines skewing off of it at different points after they got to a point they weren’t fully satisfied with the original line DoFP and DP2 logic was easier to digest but is also paradoxical like Terminator and BttF. Actions taken in the past when travelled to from the future completely changes that future all within a singular timeline but paradoxically the original sequence of events in that timeline still had to happen in order for the changes to exist. -A singular line that someone erased the not totally perfect parts and redrew on top of

    15. Nick Zezza

      Not sure what it means, but the only X-men movies available on Disney+ are: the original X-Men movie, X2, Days of Future Past, and X-Men: Apocalypse. Essential??

    16. LIFE OF YIAM

      I think they would use magik

    17. sandollor

      I have kids, so we definitely go to a grocery store or something to get candy before going to the theater. We don't have $150 to drop on every movie we go to.

    18. William nichols

      Always watch the credits you lost my respect

    19. Tara Grant

      Ah yes Kevin Feige is Mystique

    20. Ben Stanley

      In Deadpool 2 - they also use a wrist device like in endgame Also isn’t the orphanage in Deadpool 2 the Essex House?

    21. Jimmy fingers

      Disney is very fond of catering to those concentration camp opening pieces of s***

    22. Rosie Bennett

      The lush lunchroom immunocytochemically protect because yam accidentally pinch concerning a tiny rocket. wary, low cylinder

    23. wizz turk

      Okay I have to bring this up why did Dr strange if he can just age an apple in place why did he not just age Thanos in place into an older Thanos that couldn't do anything kind of doesn't make any sense that he's a master of the dark or the mystic arts and he could not age Thanos with the time Stone but they knows can rewind time to bring vision back

    24. CharronBlue

      I think they are going to tie in the X-Men into the MCU not only thru Deadpool, but using X23 and the Young Mutants in the Young Avengers... possibly with Wanda's twins.

    25. Sarah Cheney

      I enjoyed the younger actors in Apocalypse. I do not like the make-up on Raven or Nightcrawler. Especially the latter; he's supposed to be the fuzzy elf, not covered in scars!

    26. Max Mielke

      You should do a big question with your official ranking on the mcu movies

    27. Tree Ninja


    28. Hasc

      13:46 I couldn't agree more!!!

    29. Lai May

      Regarding the cap merch and reference to Cap, is that why Kevin Feige is wearing a cap so that no one can recognise him? And he's the mystery character in the final episode of WandaVision LOL

    30. Shockwave_ INV

      It’s been Agatha all alone

    31. Jonathan Hofstrand

      Love the low-key shoutout to Steins;gate

    32. The Fifth Eliot


    33. The Fifth Eliot

      *cries in Darwin*

    34. valeree

      1:12 me :'v

    35. The Enigma

      Deadpool 2 should be essential for the LGBTQ rep alone

    36. Trev 2x

      Apocalypse himself is important tho cause he’s the first mutant

    37. Waximilli Davis

      Patrick Stewart isn’t dead

    38. Tony Pearson

      I could see Monica and the FBI knowing what happened. However, Darcy and Agness knew intimate details also. Like Darcy knew that Wanda killed the Vision and Thanaos rewound time and killed him again, and this all happened in Wakanda that is shielded from normal viewing.

    39. Thomas Knight

      i didn't read the comics................................i wasn't born yet 😁

    40. Michael Graham

      Ryan Reynolds IS Deadpool.

    41. macdie2001

      Much well Structured

    42. Mr X4n

      I love how the 'BOX OF SCRAPS!' transitions are getting more and more cursed

    43. Prittish Mandal

      This bi*** shows sponsored content every time

    44. procreature

      Mandatory upvote for 13:45

    45. Adam Flayman

      I hope there is a Loki and Deadpool crossover. I swear it would be a better crossover than Endgame

    46. J Rodriguez

      Apocalypse looks like OLD GREGG ! 🤣🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♂️

    47. Charlo Rivard

      As long as they bring fAssbender's Magneto, I will be happy.

    48. Buddha Tha Skitzo

      Standing in line at the movie theater was fun for me too.. My wife & I had a game we played where we’d both stand in different lines & see who would get to the cashier first... Loser paid for food

    49. David Sevilla

      I feel like Erik is the only one who's truly knowledgeable about what he's talking about when it comes to these stuff. All of the people that he has hangout with with these podcasts are just basic, mediocres tryna ride the hype train as they go along.

    50. Sebastian Perani

      The only one who could tell he doesen't age is Beast, because in First Class, when he test mestyque's blood, he shot himself with "the vaccine", and THAT turns him into a blue beast. And he explicity said that the mistyque's cells age slowly. The rest of the cast, yes, false aging.

    51. guitar slingrr

      Logan is my #1 favorite Marvel movie of all time. I pray X-23 comes to the MCU with Dafne.

    52. Kyle L

      I can't watch Logan again because I legit started sobbing at most of Patrick Stewart's scenes. Really good movie though.

    53. casey b

      NOBODY has an attachment to Aaron Taylor Johnsons Quicksilver. The only thing memorable about him was him dying "like a chump". Bad forgettable characters get baleeted.

    54. Sebastian Magelius

      Peapouls mind is controld of Wanda. So what if the cameo was Charles Xsavier. He can safe peapoul from Wandas mindcontrol. He can get Wandas control out of there heads. 🤯

    55. guitar slingrr

      I have a 98 minute detailed script I wrote myself about Deadpool being the cause of the fucked up Fox X men timeline. It pics of directly where Deadpool 3 leftoff. It involves Deadpool being chased by the TVA as he is causing all types of plot holes in the timeline. Loki also has a small role in the movie.and you walk to the watcher also has a scene as he warn't Deadpool of his actions the plot will retroactively fit Deadpool into the MCU as it loose adapts Deadpool kills the Marvel universe

    56. AJ S.

      Days of Future Past was the first X-Men I ever watched back in 2015, and Apocalypse was the only one I'd seen in cinemas. I also had seen, Deadpool, Logan, and Deadpool 2 after they been released on DVD and I'm just getting around to watch the other X movies this year.

    57. William Henderson

      Would really like to see Storm in Black Panther

    58. Michael Gudger

      I just saw the ray Johnson medical file u missed that

    59. CarrEternal

      I believe Patrick Stewart said like a year ago that Feige approached him to reprise the role and he turned it down

    60. Isaac Flores

      Agnes is short for agatha harkness

    61. Killingglorie

      why did Vauss diss January Jones? 13:10

    62. raok

      Want Magik to get pulled into Deadpool 3

    63. DD

      What if they say the first class movies were jumping in decades because of their Wanda? They could say that their Wanda hexes the world and thats why they jumped in time but no one aged.

    64. Jey Val

      Wait you said see you next week at the end? Aren't you going to make a video for WandaVision Episode 7 tomorrow?

    65. Myster_G

      Fun fact: Brad Pitts cameo in Deadpool2 is the worlds shortest cameo i think hes on screen for 36 frames.

    66. Ben Burkhardt

      the animated series

    67. licia987654

      SHOUTOUT! To the editor who put that lil blurb In there stating what I’ve been thinking since I first seen that movie!! I was so annoyed! How you indestructible and last two secs 🙄

    68. Castro Coop

      Theater pop corn comes in a bag

    69. foolish0ctis

      I need Gambit.

    70. Mrs_G_Needs

      Wolverine is basically the Sean Bean of the xmen universe

    71. Dante Monier

      I'm sorry, the DoFP apocalypse year aligns with the MCU blip??? Come on dooooown, mutants

    72. Leandro Del Rosario

      I think it's safe to assume that many forms of time travel exists in the MCU. Different methods would absolutely have different rules and outcomes

    73. Jan Wouter

      Y u hating on January Jones ):

    74. Joel Martinez Jr.

      “Waiting in line in movie theaters” is a thing of the past 🤣, at least at AMC, just pay the $15 a year or $25 a month(come with 1 free movie a week and all the perks of the $15 sub) but these members have their own line, which is much shorter, and they get priority over the standard line, there’s also mobile food purchases so you don’t have to wait in line at all.

    75. Joel Martinez Jr.

      My theory about how sword or Woo and Rambeau know about the events of Endgame is that the Sokovia Accords should still be a thing, so I’m almost sure those who signed them have had to debrief the events of endgame to the UN or the American Government.

    76. ChrisPowSey

      Magneto will make his first appearance in the next episode, and it will be played by none other than Michael Fassbender, you've read this first here.

    77. Matiar Shahri

      32:49 he’s dead

    78. okami fang

      "TO ME MY XMEN!"

    79. Sir Toonz

      chris evans is captain america & johnny storm also josh brolin is thanos & cable but since they merge how does that work because they are in same world now..?

    80. V. Ward

      Jessica looks with or without glasses 😍🔥

    81. GunnSmith

      Not to play the race card. But how u black and not rocking with magneto??? Magneto is literally based on Malcolm X. ProfX is based on Martin Luther King JR. Basically Techalla vs Killmonger. We on boff sides!!! Boff = ebonics 4 both 🤣

    82. Kendra Frederick

      15:50. Trask industries. Stark industries. Anyone else notice how trask and stark are just a teensy bit similar? I have a good feeling how all of this will be tied together. Move around letters and shit becomes a bit more clear.

    83. buttahp

      Jessica is so beautiful!

    84. Corey Rogers

      Also agents of shield had time travel, and they did A LOOOOOTTTTT of timetravel in that

    85. The Beret Ranger 28

      Stop making so many theories

    86. The Beret Ranger 28

      They are gonna get Deadpool into the mcu Andrew Garfield and tobey and scarlet witch because the all cast members of doctor stranger 2

    87. The Beret Ranger 28

      If u listen to what quicksilver says here to have trouble with kids husband and give Wanda grief it’s a special episode Kevin won’t do anything with the X-men at all he doesn’t wanna get into that it will just be to much for him making all these plots

    88. Rae Lynn

      While I love Deadpool and Logan, and a couple of the other movies are pretty good, in the end the only ones that are essential are the 2 Deadpool movies because Feige won't likely acknowledge any of the other ones in anything other than cute easter eggs

    89. Corey Rogers

      I watched all the x-men movies again on the weekend🤣

    90. Edward Corby

      Aerospace engineer is Phastos of the Eternals!!! Think about it!!!

    91. Liquid Freeways

      You two have the BEST chemistry I love watching!

    92. J. Blaque

      Jessica Clemons it’s great, but I don’t think we’re watching the same x men films.

    93. John Faust

      Will Keanu Reeves be Wolverine???

    94. John Faust

      We need all the XMen

    95. Mike Burgess


    96. Brandon Cobb

      I dont want the x men cast back, except Even Peters and the Deadpool cast, but X-23 should probably stay the same actress.

    97. m mongiello

      Cold. The movie popcorn is always cold.

    98. Nick

      Good to know! I might just end up watching all the X-men movies but I know now which ones to pay extra attention to :D

    99. Ella Barrett

      Latest trailer has what looks like magneto....... Also he appears to be messing with vision

    100. Faith Gore

      I think Apocalypse deserves at least a "kinda", especially if you want to get more of Peter/Pietro's story - I know he doesn't get much screentime but there was that whole "Magneto's my father I don't know how to tell him" subplot they had going there