WandaVision X-MEN QUICKSILVER Evan Peters Crossover Explained!

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    WandaVision Episode 5 introduces Evan Peters Quicksilver as "Pietro"! Is this our official X-Men MCU crossover? This video is sponsored by Privacy.com. Protect your financial identity online using virtual cards and get $5 off your first purchase at privacy.com/newrockstars.
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    Evan Peters just cameoed in WandaVision as Wanda's brother Pietro -- an apparent "recast" of Aaron Taylor Johnson, but played by the same actor who famously played Quicksilver in the Fox X-Men franchise: X-Men Days of Future Past, X-Men Apocalypse, X-Men Dark Phoenix, and a cameo in Deadpool 2. Is this confirmation of a Multiverse in the MCU that connects to separate film franchises, or something else? What is Quicksilver's history on screen, and what how does Evan Peters' appearance in WandaVision rewrite the rules of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
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    1. will_ da_man_

      If you've seen the final episode of WandaVision... just why Marvel? WHY?!😭

    2. Business Clank

      Wandavision is definitely setting up the X-Men, multi-verse and more epic movies

    3. Elijah Simeon

      He’s just Ralph dammit

    4. zara zaharah

      Maybe hes not quicksilver xmen ..but he still play as quicksilver

    5. ruhaan premi

      march 2021 - whole theory down the drain.....:( The last theory tho.....spot on

    6. SilvrLightning

      If they find a way to make evan peters a returning member of the MCU, idc how thwy do it but i don't think it'll be multiverse, he will be my favorite hero

    7. Autobot Cliffjumper

      Evan Peters should have been quicksilver in the MCU from the start, except the dying part

    8. Tanzil Hassan

      What if at the time Wanda vision event was going on Dr strange ended up going into the multiverse of madness?

    9. RD Nowlin

      Marvel - Fix Fox's Fantastic Four!!!!

    10. nathaniel amaya

      It was Agatha all along...

    11. Hap Hoppy

      It isn’t the xmen quicksilver they tell us this in the office episode.

    12. GRIM ONE

      Lol. And it was Agnus that brought this pietro to confuse Wanda.

    13. Smackin it daily wiwa

      Doctor strange is responsible for quick silver being here, im calling it

    14. Elizabeth McCollin

      Is it just me who’s confused in age of untron in died and now he’s in dark Phoenix and Wanda vision jeez I really wanna see how the X-men meet the avengers in mcu it wouldn’t make sence

    15. Hunter I Gatherer

      Imagine seeing Wanda Maximoff and Jean Grey meeting in the future. 😭😭😭

    16. John Clifford Bobier

      Its because they are introducing x-men in the mcu, and wanda is the closest character to connect with it.

    17. Josh Kim

      11:45 that aged well 😂😂

    18. Moodymongul

      Evan Peters rocked as Quicksilver. And, he's a great actor too. His move into MCU is a must, imho :-)

    19. Avocado Miley

      how isnt he dead

    20. Deth_scull 2006

      I think Toby maguire will be in the knew doctor strange move. Its a very high chance.

    21. bcvbb hyui

      Vision: Pietro your sister is trapping people by controlling their minds Quicksilver: Que the sweet dreams song XD

    22. Deadsoul

      I wish I paid this much attention to my lectures😶🥴

    23. nur sabrina

      Thanks for this explanantion

    24. The Greatest Reality Show Ever

      Wtf ... This is now messing with my gray matter. Hes a twin, their parents died, but his dad is magneto. Hes changed his face. Where were all the mutants when thanos attacked? I mean this is getting ridiculous now.

      1. bcvbb hyui

        Imagine when quick silver saves everyone sweet dreams start playing

    25. The Cool show

      I’m so happy that they did Evan peters instead of the of mcu quicksilver

      1. U. Mateusz

        Me too :)

    26. Cooper Foster

      I love Evan Peter's slomo scenes and have seen all of his appearances. But, honestly with the one movie he was in and what he had to work with. I want more Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Maybe that's just my love of Kickass talking.

    27. sheldorf

      I'm very much a subscriber to the "mutants have been here all along just behind the scenes" theory, getting really tired of all these cosmic events to explain everything, and I really hope they just keep it at that. Lore wise, I believe Xavier might've just used his mind powers to keep the mutants out of the public eye until maybe sometime soon. As for why evan Peters is now quicksilver, I really hope it's just a recast for maybe some fan service, I really don't want the x men movies to be Canon to this continuity.

    28. Bryan Lim

      Disney: I want to capitalize on every heroes we bought! Figure it out! Scriptwriters: Bring in the big boys! We present to you, the "Multiverse"! Any bad movies were just a bad timeline, delete!

    29. kolim jone

      Vision: Pietro your sister is trapping people by controlling their minds Quicksilver: Que the sweet dreams song XD

    30. Moddable

      I think it's just a cameo appearance unfortunately. Agnes is probably just changing Pietro's look to mess with Wanda.

    31. Javier Otero

      I think that what the Russo brothers said about "the next crossover film will be even bigger than endgame" means that it will be not only a multiverse crossover (multiverse caused by the time heist), but one in which each universe is a different superhero adaptation that was not created to match to the MCU: X-Men, Spiderman...

    32. DCM

      Just imagine if this version of quicksilver was in infinity war or endgame, he would have snatched the gauntlet from thanos and it would be over so quickly

      1. kolim jone

        So the multiverse is now starting??!

    33. Comp

      He was only moving at hypersonic speeds in that scene with sweet dreams not “god level speeds”

    34. jasper budiono

      how did he get there? by running. duh!

    35. Master Builder

      Answer: it was Agatha all along

    36. Super Mario Is a plush

      It’s been Agatha all along

    37. Sean

      “How *did* he get there?!” “Idk Morty, just stay away from that vending machine”

    38. UnkommonKing

      Imagine when quick silver saves everyone sweet dreams start playing

    39. GovindisLive

      So agnes casted pietro! Agnes Is so FU****G CLEVER

    40. Wesley Draves

      He was a puppet of agetha

    41. God1st

      I’m sure EVERYONE just wants to see Hugh Jackman, Toby McGuire, Tom Holland, & Ryan Reynolds in the next DEADPOOL movie as Wolverine, SpiderMan, and Deadpool.🔥🔥🙏🙏

    42. Cwhv

      So fox fucked Disney with there X-men movies

    43. Emilio Leal

      It just keeps getting better

    44. HyperDood

      I’m waiting for the day Disney buys Dc/Warner Bros and we they make the DCAU good

    45. JoJo99x

      Something is telling me Disney is gonna be like buy n large 👀

    46. bubu yaya

      So the multiverse is now starting??!

    47. Kirkmus prime

      It was once theorized that Professor X had used his powers to erase the knowledge of mutants from the world at large and that could still hold true. Or a build up to a secret war movie.

    48. Toonventive

      I don't think I'm going to like this

    49. Shaun Smith

      Radiation from 13.7 billion years ago that turns up on old TV's? A bit far-fetched for me.

      1. Kyle H

        WAY more far-fetched than mutants and super humans who can travel between dimensions...

    50. Namaste Crypto

      Cap + Wolverine in a WW2 setting? Would be the coolest thing ever!!

    51. Fabian Gracia

      I don't give a crap about him being a false MCU Quicksilver because all I care about is if he's the Fox X-Men Quicksilver period and if he'll eventually get his memory back and be like "omg where am I?"

    52. Peter Skorec

      Quicksilver running so fast that he creates sonic BOOOOOM! Right Rhodey?

    53. Ned Flanders

      "How Did He Get Here"? My guess is a coffee machine at an alien hospital

    54. Who want Lasagna

      They say that evan peters playing as quicksilver wasnt a recast. If that's the case, how does Wanda even recognize him???

    55. Erron Black

      Hope we get to see some magneto vs red skull action

    56. THE BUS OF SUS

      PETISION TO GET Hugh Jackman IN X MEN

    57. Russell Rawlins

      Am I the only one looking for Deadpool clues

    58. Jasesolo

      This is Dr. Strange’s doing

    59. Parvis

      Why does this video feel like it’s 30 minutes long

      1. Ned Flanders

        Change the play speed to 1.5x

    60. Sydney Leonard

      can we also take a minute to acknowledge that x-men quicksilver's name ISN'T pietro??? it's PETER!!!

      1. Evo Crazed

        Lol well it means Peter in Sokovian.

    61. Ibrahim Javid

      Glad the MCU has the x-men and Fantastic four now. It'll allow for more fan appropriate story telling and super hero team-ups like, the comics.

    62. b k

      Rambeaus scans are not "pure light", they are all white - white usually means dense tissue, like bones and the like. Or something that is not as easy to penetrate by the rays. Just a nitpick.

    63. Dennis Dexter

      Ran so fast ended up in a different reality

    64. Erik Forsgren

      So "Kick Ass" has some odd meta conjunction of Quicksilvers from varied universes....with imaginative alter egos like "Dave" & "Todd." DP3/RR....do your wall-breakery thing. Please.

    65. Madison Weisbrod

      So basically Disney owns everthing

    66. Sage Detective65

      Nooo i want Quicksilver to be good

    67. Izuku Midoriya

      My god even Peters doesn't age at all

    68. Abriam Contreras

      If the other Pietro showed up in the door I feel like he would've said "What?..you dint see that coming?"

    69. eioshen boboi

      Futurama got it from something else.

    70. ReppdOut

      So will we see the original Fantastic Four Jonny Storm

    71. Acenuz Drakhan

      I think pietro was sent by xaivier

    72. under forever

      Duh, quicksilver is fast enough to run through dimensions.

    73. Varun Kapoor

      He reminds me of Kevin Owens

      1. eioshen boboi

        “...this Quicksilver, might be a trick.” Tricksilver lol

    74. Willma26

      Magneto is their father, so mutants must've existed in some way previously, unless they also came from a different reality 🤷‍♀️

    75. THEMaNIsWOrTHit


    76. Jigitaetsa

      Jesus Christ it's minute 4, get to the damn point, I'm not watching the rest of this shit

    77. Jason Reeves

      Aron Taylor Johnson is way better than rip off version

    78. Stephie K

      your theories are pretty similar to mine

    79. Caleb Villalongo Official

      I think those two theories work but the second one might work a little more because what if pietro never died and just never came back to his sister?

    80. Nerdboss3000 gaming

      Does nobody care that wandavisions quicksilver said he has the "same XY cromozone"!!!!!

    81. Z

      Hes the only non dead quicksilver thats why its not the age of ultron quicksilver well he is but doesent look like him

    82. Meyana Mio

      Wanda literally made a real life Sims game

    83. Aj Wiley

      RIDICULOUS!!!!! they should have used the same character from Age Of Ultron!!!!!!!!!!!

    84. K1n9P1n Phoenix lofton

      What if Wanda and pietro weren’t the only kids experimented on and there are more out there like them 😲

      1. K1n9P1n Phoenix lofton

        @Web made but in the mcu hyrda experimented on them with Loki’s staff

      2. Web made

        Wanda and Pietro are not experiments their father is Magneto 💀

    85. Plucky Pluckster

      well wait in the oldskool comics did marvel and xmen exist together? i thought they did or at least wovlerine did.

    86. Plucky Pluckster

      3:20 "Center of the Nerd movie Universe" LOL

    87. Colonel Dirk Urkel

      “...this Quicksilver, might be a trick.” Tricksilver lol

    88. oiuet souiu

      Pietro showed up at Wanda’s door like: “boom you looking for me”.

      1. John Clifford Bobier

        I love this war machine joke

      2. Lumine Supremacy

        “You didn’t see that coming”

    89. Theo Delaney

      Dark Phoenix wasnt great? How about you aren't great

    90. Michael Herrem

      They are going to follow the story of “fear itself” and it will be Thor’s uncle controlling Wanda out of fear to get young and take over Thor’s earth since there is no more “true”Asgard.

    91. jamie silaban


      1. oiuet souiu

        According to episode 6. Definitely not the multiverse fox quicksilver everyone keeps thinking.

    92. Shannon Gillespie

      I would like to think that the X-men (mutants) are there/have been there & we just haven't been shown the story from their perspective. If not then Quicksilver is Mafesto (E. Voss says so) 😅😆

    93. Inmy_bag

      Disney owns 40% of the film industry and no one finds that shady 😅

    94. Rise Above Deception Music

      Glad they brought him in as Quicksilver. His character take way better than the other one.

    95. Jvezo

      Sweet dreams 💙💙

    96. Me And The Bois YouTube Channel

      Hear me out , what if he’s his character from kick ass-

    97. Brilchan

      DONT mind me, just using words the algorithm favors, like: great, life-changing, brilliant, insightful, and incredible. Thanks for the vid gonna try and post some smart and insightful comment but for now, I wanna feed the algorithm gods

    98. Say Lo

      Wandavision looks great, but the way Disney is gonna introduce the X-Men into the MCU sounds like a mess.

    99. Ahsoka Tano

      If they arent born mutants they are inhumans....